Tournament Open Thread

Laura W., thread moderator, has informed me that we need one.


I have been informed there have not been enough pet pictures this week, and it is true. I have been preoccupied with other stuff. Here are a few for you:

Not sure what I am going to do this weekend.

*** Update ***

BTW- the PJ adds come down next Wednesday, and google adsense is killing me. It refuses to accept my existing google account info when I try to fill out the damned form. Going through this and trying to figure out blogads again reminds me of why I liked PJ ads in the first place.

Also, the easiest way to support this website is if you use Amazon, to click through before you shop.

Open Thread

Picked up Quantum of Solace, which I did not catch when it was out, and watched the first ten minutes during an early dinner, and I can say that he is in my opinion the best Bond ever. I really hope they make a bunch more Bond flicks with him.

In other movie news, has anyone seen The Foot Fist Way? I sort of have been sucked into Eastbound and Down, which is just a train wreck in so many ways, and am curious what you all think of this other Danny McBride work.

Finally, it has been a while, so here is a picture of freshly furminated Tunch:

He loves being furminated so much that he doesn’t even mind when I yank him off the window sill where he is sunning himself, just so long as the brushing starts soon.

Open Thread

I don’t know if anyone has mentioned it or not, but in the video of Gutfield and the rest of the Red Eye morons that DougJ linked to last night, one of those involved in the little flap was comedian Doug Benson.

That would be the same Doug Benson who got stoned for thirty days and filmed it and then sold the results in a movie called Super High Me. And, I will also note, it was a pretty damned funny movie.

So while Red Eye may be the worst hour of television out there after Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs, and while Gutfield is still a jerk, it is probably worth noting that the people who made all the snotty remarks about the Canadian military are comedians and morons.

Late Night Open Thread

I couldn’t sleep, and earlier in the day I promised my friend Gigi a thread in her name, so here it is.

BTW- there are times I think I should get another cat to be a friend for Tunch, and then there are times I think what he really needs is a boxer.