Boxer Beatitude, Midterms & Open Thread

Here’s Patsy Marie looking particularly beatific (and also fat):


Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see Dog.

Also, someone (and by that, I mean someone who is not ME) needs to replace that board in the potting shed.

Please feel free to discuss whatever since this is an open thread. But I have an observation and a question: Every time the topic of the 2016 presidential race comes up, particularly in connection with She Who Must Not Be Named, at least one or two commenters deplore the fact that we’re not focusing on the midterm elections instead.

It’s a good point; we’ve all seen the consequences of allowing a pack of ravening teaturds to take over the House. But is it really surprising that a forum that includes people from all over the country and observers of US politics from around the world wouldn’t cover* local races all that closely, unless it’s a high-profile campaign with national implications or a local manifestation of a movement with nationwide impact, like Moral Mondays?

I’ve kinda assumed that politically aware folks like the commentariat here are plugged into their local races. I’ve also assumed you don’t particularly give a shit which appalling yay-hoo Python Swamp, FL sends to Congress, but maybe you do? What are your suggestions for improving midterm coverage here at Balloon Juice?

*And by “cover,” I mean discuss in a bloggy fashion. I don’t pretend to be a reporter.

Friday Morning Open Thread: Fighting Back

“This isn’t magic. We know how to do this… “

I do so love my Senator Warren — not least when she’s pushing back on Matthews’ manic-depressive parroting of Repub lies. Still assume she means it when she says she’s not running for president, but if she keeps this up, she’s absolutely going to push the Democrats who do run towards the people and away from the Point-Zero-One Percenters!

Apart from the battle, what’s on the agenda as we wrap up the week?

Late Night Open Thread: Reviewing the Steelers’ Pittsburgh

Now that Cole’s toddled off to bed, I can share PFT Commentor’s brilliant (satirical) Terry Bradshaw concert review at SB Nation:

Pittsbugh Pennsylvania and the Pittsbugh Steelers in particular embody every thing thats right about how to play football and every thing that use to be great about America. Its a hard nose blue collar town that loves there Steelers and commits to the running game and stopping the run except the whole city must take pretty poor angles of pursuit on every one whose over 20 years old thats trying to escape…

This was a very diffucult weekend to be a Pittsburghian (Pittsburger? Pittsburgionian? Pittsburghite? No one knows.) As weve all heard by now, Coach Chuck Noll had passed away on Friday night, the day before I flew in to town. ICYMI Chuck was a oldschool coach who packed more lunchpails then Philip Riverses wife and more rings than Elizabeth Taylor!!! He was never a flashy type guy but he got his team to work I guess you could say he was the Ronald Reagan of Coaches accept Noll instead of tearing down a Iron Curtain he built a Steel Curtain to prevent Patriots from Russian on him! (USSR reference) Chuck Noll was a great coach and the entire town was in a state of mourning when I arrived. The line at Primanti brothers was only a hour long so you knew that somthing was off…

Terry Bradshaw is what they call in Pittsburgh “A Lambert of all trades.” The man can sing dance, tell jokes, forget his train of thought, win championships, and make out with Jay Leno all in one lifetime. He was putting on a live 90 minute show called “Americas Favorite Dumb Blonde” at a casino in Gods country 30 mins outside Pittsburgh in Washington, Pennsylvania. They named the town after George Washington because your max bet at the Casino is a one dollar bill and most of the people who go there voted for him…

There are pictures of the shrine to Coach Noll at Heinz Field, and it’s the most pathetic thing I’ve seen since the last time I ventured over to Redstate.

Open Thread: Readership Capture

First the happy news, from commentor BGinCHI:

I have been keeping this close to the vest for a year since I sold it, but my debut novel comes out today… It is also, by very happy coincidence, Juneteenth!

The end of slavery is no guarantee of freedom. When Clayton McGhee journeys north with his parents and grandparents in search of a new life, they must build a homestead with their own labour and defend their right to own land from powerful vested interests and deep rooted prejudice. Thirty years later, Clayton is still forced to defend his livelihood and his family’s safety from racism and greed. But life is more complex now, as the men of influence in this increasingly mixed community find to their cost. When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloomed is a riveting adventure story about fathers and sons and the difficult moral choices which resound down the generations as America moves slowly towards freedom and equality after the death of Lincoln.

Here is a link to the publisher and the book at their site, in separate links.

It comes out today simultaneously in the UK, Ireland, the US and Canada (despite the date on Amazon which is incorrect). It is available as a paperback and an e-book.

Next, on the “All knowledge is contained in fandom blogdom” principle, commentor Muddy has a literature question:

I read this story as a kid, and as it took place in the South Seas or such, I thought that maybe it was Robert Louis Stevenson. But I can’t find this story from him.

It was a short story about a British (or similar) guy, living a totally drunk life on some island. One night he is kidnapped by some local tribesman, and taken to sea. He goes though terrible travails sobering up of course, is really sick and etc. Wants the native to just kill him. I forget the details except that there was a lot of suffering.

But finally he comes through it, and he is back to himself. He doesn’t know why this guy has done it, but he’s saved his life! Turns out the native tribesman wanted him to get his soul back before killing and eating him, as it would not be a good sacrifice else.

I have searched high and low for this, but my internet finding skills are not the best. I wondered if you could ask this in an open thread to see if anyone from Balloon Juice knows the story, if you don’t know it yourself?

I’ve looked for this in a desultory way previously, but I really need to find it now because my Russian Blue tuxedo cat Ailill is suddenly gone, and it immediately made me think of this, it reminded me of him.

Finally, via a number of commentors, Jim Henley at High Clearing could badly use some financial assistance:

As part of my GoFundMe campaign (note: recent updates to summary and dollar goal) to underwrite exploring and now undergoing treatment at the University of Chicago for my recurrent tongue cancer, I offered blogging-to-specification as one of the rewards: donor picks the topic; I pick the opinion. So far many more people donated at that generous level than have redeemed the claim, which makes me worry that people no longer care what I think about things. But then, who’s fault is that?…

Thursday Evening Open Thread

(Mildly) NSFW

Via NYMag. What’s on the agenda for the evening, as the rest of us scrabble to catch up?