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Open Thread: Summer Re-Run — The Great Lewinsky

monica cant find a job rall

It’s the Silly Season, when entertainment television goes on hiatus and Hollywood roots around the back lots for earlier years’ failed tentpole productions. Occasionally they discover a cult classic that might be remade on the cheap in hopes that a new generation might be charmed by the vintage-osity of it all…

Here’s NYMag’s Maureen O’Connor on “the Righteous Good Girl” (if we’re talking tv, should that be ‘the good side piece’?)

… Sixteen years after Interngate, technology has managed a neat trick: It’s now possible to have a sex scandal that’s simultaneously more chaste in its execution and far sleazier in its aftermath. Anthony Weiner never got laid, but the woman who sank his mayoral campaign nevertheless made and marketed a Weiner-themed porno….

Capitalizing on notoriety is easier than ever. During Monica’s decade of silence, it actually became a viable career: In the aftermath of Tiger Woods’s sex scandal, porn star Gina Rodriguez founded a PR company dedicated to monetizing what she called “mistresses,” a catch-all term connoting not sexual contact but mere sexual notoriety. For clients ranging from Weiner’s sexters to Woods’s prostitutes to the adultery partners of Mel Gibson and Jesse James, Rodriguez has organized “mistress” nights at strip clubs, “mistress” photo opportunities, and dating-website endorsements

Some of Monica’s relative classiness may, in fact, be a matter of class. When employment was hard to come by, Lewinsky writes that she fell back on “loans from friends and family.” She was, after all, the kind of twentysomething who worked at the White House, a distinction nobody in Gina Rodriguez’s “mistress” club can boast…

Now 40, Lewinsky is no longer a naïf playing at stardom. She’s one of the first adults to have gone through the modern gauntlet of mass sexual scrutiny. The impetus for her essay, she says, is a desire to aid the victims of cyberbullying and to help dismantle America’s “culture of humiliation.” I believe she is genuine in that desire (in the depths of her misery, Lewinsky says she contemplated suicide), but I also can’t help but marvel at what may be That Woman’s savviest self-branding decision yet: In the age of Sydney Leathers, she is aligning herself with Tyler Clementi. Monica’s legacy will be about sexual politics, not celebrity…

Open Thread: UMPEECH!

Paul Waldman, at the Washington Post:

If you’re looking for some beach reading this summer, you might pick up a copy of this soon-to-be-released book: “Faithless Execution: Building the Political Case for Obama’s Impeachment,” by National Review writer Andrew McCarthy. It’s hitting bookstores at the perfect time, just as John Boehner has appointed a select committee to investigate Benghazi, and will no doubt be required reading on Capitol Hill and at the Fox News studios.

Is it reasonable to surmise that a move to impeach Barack Obama is a realistic possibility?…

To be clear, this doesn’t mean that Boehner or the party establishment he represents want impeachment, not by any means. They realize what a political disaster it was when they did it in 1998, and they understand that the effects would likely be similar if it happened again. But there are multiple Republican members of Congress who have at least toyed with the idea, and the committee’s hearings could build pressure in the Republican base for it.

How would that play out? The select committee hearings will provide an institutional pathway and the requisite media attention necessary to air all sorts of dramatic allegations against the administration (supported by evidence or not)… Spurred on by their media, base Republicans will begin pressuring their representatives, in phone calls and emails and town meetings and wherever those members of Congress go. And remember that your average Republican member comes from a safe Republican district, where the only political threat is from the right. While it may be too late for the 2014 election, potential primary candidates for 2016 will start popping up, saying, “Congressman X didn’t have the guts to impeach Barack Obama, and he won’t have the guts to go after Hillary Clinton. Elect me, and I will.”…

Way I see it, Chairman Boehner helped set up this new! improved! now with x-tra added ingredients! Benghazi committee to get the anklebiters off his carcase during the silly season — and to swap Darrell “Grand Theft Ambition” Issa for Trey Gowdy, who at least sounds like a competent person. Should the easily riled actually manage to whip this witch hunt into something approaching an impeachment hearing, it will be a big-time bonus to Democratic get-out-the-vote efforts come November… and further proof that President Obama is, among his many gifts, supremely fortunate in his enemies.

Open Thread: “… Turned Me Into A NEWT!”

Apart from Decline & Fall, what’s on the agenda for the evening?

A devil moon took me through the alley

Just as libtards are the real racists, Galtians are the real victims. The Big Dog:

You could take Lloyd Blankfein into a dark alley and slit his throat, and it would satisfy them for about two days. Then the blood lust would rise again.

Part of me dreads having the Clintons back in the White House, but it sure beats the alternatives.