The Greenwaldiest Greenwald Headline Ever

From Greenwald’s column at The Intercept:


Come on, Obomber: Can’t you drone some Presbyterians or something?

Open thread.

Open Thread: Starve the Beast


Seeking to save money amid budget constraints since 2012, the Secret Service decided not to fully staff its uniformed division, which is tasked with protecting the White House complex. The agency is authorized to employ 1,420 officers but has been down between 40 and 100.


Filling vacancies has been difficult in part because the agency director agreed in 2012 and 2013 to cancel all but three Secret Service academy classes. The classes, which handle 24 students at a time, create a ready pipeline of recruits — but the cancellations have restricted the flow.

Morale has plummeted as uniform officers are routinely asked to work on their off days; they complain of not being paid proper overtime for the extra shifts.

I blame Obama.

Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Autumn Again

… or Spring, if you’re reading this from the other hemisphere. Happy shift season, either way.

Best Wikipedia edit of the week, via NYMag:

mitch mcconnel otherkin

Professor Krugman, on “Life in Belle Epoque America“:

The Atlantic has an article about a website that sets up “mutually beneficial relationships” between wealthy older men and college students. Yes, it’s prurient, and I’m probably a dirty old man for even linking to it…

But there is some economics here too. Thomas Piketty tells us that we’re living in a new Belle Epoque — and he’s right, in some ways contemporary society feels more like that era than the cruder, more hypocritical American Gilded Age — and one thing extreme inequality brings is, yes, a courtesan class

However, shatters the dreams of straight men everywhere by classifying the rumor of a bodymodded three-breasted Florida woman as “false”.
Apart from such frivols, what’s on the agenda for the day?

Late Night Open Thread: Douchecanoe Competition Is Fierce This Week

Last week, TBogg reported that Lanny Davis had shown up to defend “embattled overpaid NFL head and penny-counting situational ethicist Roger Goodell”. Now Deadspin investigates “The Political-Messaging Huckster Behind Roger Goodell’s Awful Presser“:

Roger Goodell was talking, but the words weren’t his alone. “That speech was all Frank,” says an associate of pollster Frank Luntz, lord of the dark arts of political messaging, who frequently works with Goodell and the NFL. “As soon as I heard Goodell’s intro, I was laughing.”

The part that got him giggling was the line “We will get our house in order first.” The NFL commissioner used that same phrase minutes later, in response to a question from a New York Post reporter about whether he would resign. “That’s textbook stuff that Frank uses all the time,” says the source…

As it happened, Luntz himself was watching the press conference, in his capacity as a Fox Sports 1 talking head (he moonlights as a Fox News commentator and analyst). Not long after the commissioner left the podium, Luntz gave his review.

“This,” he puffered, “was language perfection.”...

As a consultant, Luntz is probably most famous for having framed the GOP’s message on the estate tax (or “death tax”) and global warming (or “climate change”). His first noteworthy communications job came as a pollster for Pat Buchanan during a 1992 run at the Republican Party’s presidential nomination. That campaign was one long open appeal to the racist, nativist, homophobic fringe of the right…

In recent years Luntz has begun to move his dial-turning focus groups into the realm of sports. The source, who says that away from work Luntz is “the nicest, most generous man you’ll ever meet,” claims the consultant would never work another campaign if he could get away with it.

So what does it look like when Luntz mixes his passion and his profession? He helped NHL owners craft their propaganda during the 2012 lockout… More recently, Luntz has done some focus-grouping on behalf of Dan Snyder during the owner’s disaster of a campaign to save the Redskins nickname…

It’s likely not a coincidence that three owners with whom Luntz has worked very closely—Washington’s Snyder, Carolina’s Jerry Richardson, and the Bears’ George McCaskey, for whom Luntz emceed a 2012 Veterans Day event in which ex-Bears and military veterans discussed concussions and brain trauma—were among the first and few owners to publicly support Goodell after TMZ released the second Ray Rice video and put the NFL in its current state of crisis…

So… any bets on the next Grima Wormtongue to speak professionally in Goodell’s defense? Karl Rove? Grover Norquist?

Because I Love You All So Much

I really wish I could describe how much I like this, but here are iconic portraits throughout history recreated with John Malkovich:


Sounds great! Who the fuck is John Malkovich?