Obamacare just won’t die, but US Bishops’ ethical failings keep going like zombies.

It’s like a Walking Dead zombie wearing a motorcycle helmet or a well constructed law, or something.

From Reuters:

U.S. justices decline to hear another Obamacare challenge

The court rejected a petition filed by Liberty University, a Christian college in Virginia, which had raised various objections to the law, including to the key provision that requires individuals to obtain health insurance.

By rejecting the Liberty University case, the justices left intact a 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals of a May 2013 decision that dismissed the claims made by the college and two individuals, Michele Waddell and Joanne Merrill.

The court will hear two cases which challenge the constitutionality of a requirement for corporations to provide health insurance that includes contraception.

With the House of Representatives only scheduling eight working days between now and the holiday break, any change in the law would have to wait until the new year, which puts the Republicans in the unenviable position of voting to take away people’s health care.  I’m sure they’ll do it on what passes for ‘principle,’ but it’s going to look even worse if they do (and if the Dems have the courage–always a questionable prospect–of calling them out.)

In more news on the Women’s healthcare front, the ACLU is suing a the US Conference of Catholic Bishops  on the grounds that their religiously based rules caused a patient to suffer a miscarriage.  From NBC News:

The American Civil Liberties Union and the ACLU of Michigan are suing the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops on behalf of Tamesha Means, 30, of Muskegon, Mich., according to a lawsuit filed Friday in U.S. district court in eastern Michigan.

The lawsuit aims to highlight what ACLU calls the “trauma and harm that Tamesha and other pregnant women in similar situations have experienced at Catholic-sponsored hospitals.”

The suit claims that the hospital knew that the fetus was not viable, and witheld medically indicated care due to restrictions placed upon them by the Conference, and that further those restrictions also prevented the hospital from telling her the truth about her condition or the restrictions themselves that prevented appropriate care.  The hospital in question is the only hospital in the county where the patient resided at the time of the events in 2010.

When my daughter is able to make decisions for herself without consulting me, then I will have done my job as her father.  When she chooses to consult with me even when she doesn’t have to, then I will have done my job well.  I resent the living shit out these people who are trying to run my family in a way that does not comport with my beliefs.  I have said before that Pope Francis is saying the kinds of things that I needed to hear before I would consider returning to the Church.  Well, words without policy are like faith without works–dead.  (James 2:14-26)

Also too, open thread.

Open Thread: Emergency Munchies, Via Skynet

Kevin Roose, NYMag‘s finance blogger:

So far, people seem to think that Amazon’s incipient drone-delivery program, which was announced to great fanfare on 60 Minutes last night, is either a short-term publicity stunt designed to draw attention to Amazon on Cyber Monday, or a long-term publicity stunt meant to convince us of “Amazon’s indomitable spirit of innovation,” while not actually requiring Amazon to do anything yet. (Since, by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’s own admission, there’s no way the FAA will allow unmanned aircraft to deliver Amazon packages before 2015.)

Instead, I think Bezos is up to something much more practical. By unveiling a huge drone program in progress, he’s sending a message to the FAA regulators and Senate committees who are currently considering how unmanned aircraft can be used commercially. And that message is: Don’t even think about getting in our way. By floating a teaser about the drone program, and allowing the public to freak out about it, he’s showing regulators how popular such a scheme would be, and how much backlash they’d face if they outlawed it….

Mid Day Open Thread

The Thanksgiving feast was consumed both at home at VA ER.  The leftovers safely ensconced in bowls and freezer bags, and then taken out for turkey sandwiches and a turkey-vegetable casserole that I managed to throw together as an experiment that turned out rather nicely, I think.  The Christmas decorations were brought down from the attic and tossed up around the house, so that nightmare is over, thank God.  The Soonerson managed to get hired at the new Dairy Queen opening up a couple of miles away by the Home Depot (THE ONLY DQ IN THE OKC METRO!!!!), and the Christmas shopping is DONE, so that nightmare is over with as well.  All online, and none of the Black Friday nonsense.  We did drive around Thursday evening and Friday morning, mainly so we could point and laugh.  Yes, we’re bad people.

My Broncos won and WTF Alabama/Auburn?  Wow.

There’s other stuff on my mind, but my lunch break just got cut short because some doctor whined about something.


They Call It Cyber Monday, But Tuesday is Just as Bad

Racism ended yesterday, and Amazon will drone in your purchases soon. I don’t know how things could get much better. I got nothing, except for Kathleen Geier’s round up of 10 vicious negative reviews. Open thread.

Back to work Open Thread

So how was your holiday?

Here are my highlights:

  • Helped three dinner companions sign up for health insurance; two on Silver out of pocket assistance plans and one for a Gold plan.
  • Was the safety captain for the major college football rivalry in the family — no one hurt on the last second shocker.
  • Drove half an hour each night at 1:30 in the morning to get Kid #2 back to sleep — teething sucks!  However, I’ve been playing Lullabye Metallica so hopefully when he is 17, horny, broke and pissed off, he’ll want to take a nap instead of punch something/one when he listens to music that is great for pissed off and drunk 17 year olds.
  • Ice skating without ice skates is a great way to tweak an already stressed out Achilles…

So who else does not want to go to work this morning