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Here is a shiny new one. I am going off the grid for a while.

Friday Scenes from the TunchCam 2009

Some almost live action shots (from the last five or so minutes):

An explanation for the series. I turned around and saw him cleaning himself and decided to take a picture or two. He then noticed that I was paying attention to him, stood up and shifted himself and proceeded to stare me down.

At any rate, what are the big Friday night plans for you all?

Some Tuesday Pet Pics

I have been deluged with pet pics, so I better start working through them or they will never all get posted. Here are a couple dogs and then one “alternative” pet:

Claim your kids.

Things I Don’t Understand

An incomplete list:

1.) Why anyone is paying any attention to Meghan McCain.

2.) Or Glenn Beck, who really seems intent on cornering the “batshit insane” market niche.

3.) Why I continue to get invitations to join the AARP, when I am nowhere near retirement age.

4.) Why the NY Times doesn’t realize stories like this make them seem out of touch, and why the people in them can’t find a happy medium in between extremes:

It is a sign of the times when Sacha Taylor, a fixture on the charity circuit in this gala-happy city, digs out a 10-year-old dress to wear to a recent society party.

Or when Jennifer Riley, a corporate lawyer, starts patronizing restaurants that take coupons.

Or when Ethel Knox, the wife of a pediatrician, cleans out her home and her storage unit, gives away an old car to a needy friend and cancels the family Christmas. “I just feel so decadent with all the stuff I’ve got,” she explained.

There is a wide range of consumer behaviors in between $10,000 cocktails and “OH SHIT LET’S CANCEL CHRISTMAS.” Also, if you have “old cars” just lying around that you can give away to friends without blinking, chances are you are still well off enough to explore that range of behaviors without too much hardship.

5.) Why we have to go through this nonsense with the Chinese in the first few months of every administration.

6.) Why the Republicans are so easily distracted. Stem cells- distraction. Limbaugh- distraction. Not to mention, how much attention do you really need to chant porkulus and talk about capital gains tax cuts?

7.) Why it is talking down the economy whenever Obama addresses the recession, but the media is silent when prominent Republicans glibly discuss bank failures.

8.) Speaking of Richard Shelby, when did everything to the left of him become socialism?

9.) Why anyone reads this website. Viewing the comments, it is obviously so they an pick on my poor cat. Bastards.

*** Update ***

Oh, goody. Lou Dobbs just promised to bring me two of the finest minds to discuss religious issues. Who could possibly be wingnutty enough for Lou Dobbs (who I am now convinced is completely insane) to consider them “fine minds?” I am gonna guess Tony Perkins and William Donohue.

Woo- the Kitty Pilgrim piece was rich. Apparently she and Lou have the vapors because we have not bombed China yet. Loved the inclusion of “most agree” and “some say” and “many think” in that report there, Kitty. Well played.

*** Update #2 ***

Am I amazing or what! I was right, the guests are Tony Perkins and William Donohue. There was no announcement they would be on the show, no hint of who it would be. My goodness this show is a joke.

Fun With Language

Take the headline “George Galloway stoned in Egypt” and replace the name “George Galloway” with “Christopher Hitchens” and it takes on a whole different meaning.

Consider this an open thread.


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