Late Friday Night Open Thread

This season’s cheesy kegger Halloween costume: Jasmine Tridevil.

Because Tha Kids are not old, or geeky, enough to remember Eccentrica Gallumbits.

There’s Our Girl

Quick Holly update (my friend who had the aneurysm), not only did she move back here and started teaching again, but she was engaged over the summer and they chose to have a simple wedding in NYC. That was yesterday, and here is the picture:


Such a good looking and nice couple, and I just love that outfit. It’s just so, well, Holly.

Open Thread: The Vampire Squid Pwns Its (Supposed) Regulators

Well, I joked first thing this morning about a Friday doc-dump, and (as commentor Cat pointed out) then this happened, per Annie Lowrey at NYMag:

ProPublica and “This American Life” are out with a blockbuster story, so blockbuster they got none other than Michael Lewis to tease it. It is the tale of one Carmen Segarra, a former regulator for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. A compliance specialist, Segarra was embedded in Goldman Sachs to ensure that the megabank followed the rules.

For instance, in an incident that seems to have contributed to Segarra’s firing less than a year after she started on the job, she questioned whether Goldman had an adequate conflict-of-interest policy, ultimately determining that it did not. Her superiors pressured her to change her finding. Soon after, they canned her.

Of course, Goldman strongly disputes Segarra’s version of events, as does the New York Fed. And of course, Segarra is not an impartial observer — she’s a disgruntled former employee. But the brilliant thing is that we do not have to take her word for any of it. Shocked by what she saw, Segarra snuck a recording device into work. There are two days’ worth of tape supporting her version of events…

There will, I hope, be a lot more discussion about this over the weekend and into next week…
Apart from confirming all our worst fears about the new Gilded Age, what’s on the agenda for the start of the weekend?

Friday Evening Open Thread

The rain just keeps coming here. I hope you’re enjoying more pleasant weather wherever you are. Open thread.

ETA: Here’s one for the “self-awareness, lack thereof file” — “Rand Paul blasts Obama as arrogant ‘autocrat.'” Jesus H. God. That’s like Donald Trump criticizing, well, anyone’s hairdo.

Another One Bites the Dust


It’s been awfully rainy here. The ground is completely saturated, and the ditches are brimming with standing water. When that happens in Florida, insects will seek shelter in your home, no matter how often you spray poisons to repel them or how scrupulously clean you keep your abode (not that I’ve ever tried the latter, but so I hear).

A particularly large specimen made its way inside earlier, and it must have been addled by the chemicals we use to try to keep them out because it charged me, running straight in my direction across the kitchen floor instead of scuttling behind an appliance or something. So I grabbed the broom and whaled on it until the broom head sheared off against the tile.

But the motherfucking palmetto bug kept coming, so I continued beating it with the broom handle, screaming, “DIE! DIE! DIE!” with each blow until I finally cracked its Kevlar carapace and dispatched it to Roachy Valhalla, where it need not be ashamed in the company of its mighty forefathers.

This is not an unusual occurrence. In fact, I may have shared a similar episode with you before, broken broom and all. I forget. Anyhoo, I texted the mister that I’d wrecked yet another broom, expecting a mild reproof about just using a rolled up magazine or shoe (as if I would come that close!) to kill bugs. But instead he replied, “Maybe you should get a four door,” which was not very nice, but I admit I sort of walked right into that one.

Open thread.