Early Morning Open Thread: Twin Spica

… because we just got back from a modestly successful meteor-watching expedition to Salisbury Beach.

I wish someone would get around to distributing a professional release of Twin Spica here. It’s the story of a little girl who wants to become one of Japan’s first professional astronauts, and who (in very Japanese fashion) works hard and lives honorably to achieve at least the first steps toward her dream. Nothing big or flashy, just a very engaging story — it really reminds me of the Andre Norton and Robert Heinlein YA novels from the 1960s, books like THE STARS ARE OURS and HAVE SPACE SUIT, WILL TRAVEL. I think it’s a great “starter” anime for sci-fi geeks.

Also, I got my copy of Packing for Mars: The Curious Science of Life in the Void, and the first chapter (“He’s Smart, But His Birds Are Sloppy”) explains why Japan is — seriously! — testing potential space-travel candidates by having them produce a thousand origami cranes. Those of you who’ve seen the fan-subbed versions of Twin Spica (or read the manga, which is now being released in English) will understand why this tickles me.

P.S. Soonergrunt, you are a most honorable warrior, and my prayers are with you this weekend & going forward.

Thinking of a Master Plan

I’ve decided on the Magnepan 1.7’s and a Sunfire Trusub with a 10″

All that is left is the amps. What do you all think? I’ve been saving for this for five years, and it is time to retire the 20 year old adcom.

A poem worth reading…

Andy Hall is leaving his week at TNC’s place (but we will be able to follow him over at Dead Confederates). He leaves us with a poem–The Great Lie–by Tim Lewis. It is well worth the time to click this link and give it a read. The poem explores the great lie of the Confederacy in six stanzas and follows that with a call to truth and action. Here is how those six stanzas begin:

The first part of the Great Lie
Is to deny
That slavery was savage, barbaric…

The second part of the Great Lie
Is to deny
The evil of the system…

The third part of the Great Lie
Is to imply
That most enjoyed their bondage…

The fourth part of the Great Lie
Is to deny
That the war concerned slavery at all…

The fifth part of the Great Lie
Is to deny
Slave wisdom, endeavor and capacity…

The sixth and final part of the Great Lie
Is to deny
Even the existence of wartime slaves…

This is a poem that should be taught in every high school in the land.

Thanks to Andy for sharing this.

Enjoy the night.


Open Thread

Party is going well, thought I would check in and give you kids a new thread to trash. You vicious jackals.

Here is a Question

Getting ready for a bunch of folks to come over for dinner (sort of a Mexican night, salsa, guac, tacos, fajita’s, beans, rice), but I’d like to pose this question for you- Can you think of any other nation where a significant portion of the elite press openly advocates, to the detriment of their nation, engaging in military adventurism for a client state? And who insist that anyone who says “Hey, slow down,” is not a serious person?

Unexpected Delays

As I said yesterday, my parents went to Montana/Canada for a vacation, and rather than fly or drive they took Amtrak. They are really loving it, getting to see the country without the stress of driving, chatting with people in the food car, etc. They definitely recommend the experience.

At any rate, they are going to miss their connecting train out of Chicago because as they were traveling across the midwest, the train had to slow down because of rain. Apparently, trains need to slow down because flash floods wipe out their tracks frequently, and this is especially true in the midwest.

Just thought that was interesting and something I didn’t know.

Another Open Thread

Just cracked #2, this time Nobilo. Think I may spend some time on the porch making love to a cigar I picked up in the People’s Republic of Madison (and I will rape it with my mouth like David Letterman would). Please don’t email me about oral cancer, folks, because I know you mean well, but I’m gonna ignore you and at this point we’re just talking about another torpedo in a sinking ship.

I might have enough of a wild hair up my ass that this blog could become CrankyKaplan’s twitter feed. His last tweet had me laughing out loud:


Gonna be a long morning. God damned dogs don’t understand hangover and have to piss at 6 am no matter what.

John +4