Going Galt, Tunch Edition

Still have not heard of any confirmed cases of anyone “going Galt,” so I thought I would pick up the slack. Here is Tunch quite clearly going Galt on the couch:

Consider this your open thread.

Open Thread

I have too much to do, so you are on your own. Post anything relevant in the comments.

BTW- I just checked my paypal account because I was going to order something from Itunes, and I noticed that a couple of you donated and I didn’t know it until just now. Thanks for that.

Open Thread

I realized we have not had one in a while.

I’ve been cranky today, and especially so since I have been craving Mexican all day, and the line at my favorite place was around the block.


I almost forgot- Penguins v. the Caps.

BTW- I had a dream last night that new evidence was discovered in the OJ Simpson case and he was innocent.

Open Thread

I can’t even figure out what I want for dinner, let alone what I am doing this weekend.

Open Thread

Have at it.

Artists In Our Midst

It occurred to me that besides Laura W. (whose ads are prominently on display) and August J. Pollak, there are a number of artists who frequent this website. Let’s have a roll call, and put your links to your wares in the comments. The best way to support the arts is not more funding for the NEA, but for buying art that you like.

Let’s help our own.