Donald J. Trump Rally in Melbourne, FL

Equal time, both sides, etc…

Here’s the live feed:

Tuesday Evening Open Thread: Make America I DID NOT SAY THAT

I’m beginning to think that’s not pancake makeup, it’s tinted spackle covering the dings in Trump’s very, very, very thin skin.

Apart from some well-earned gloating, what’s on the agenda for the evening?

Secretary Clinton Rally in Raleigh, NC

Here’s the live feed:

(they’re replaying the debate as a feed within the feed while waiting for the rally to begin)

Tuesday Morning Open Thread: YES SHE DID

If you didn’t watch last night, rest assured: Hillary did a fine job, and Donald Trump… repeated all his Greatest Hits from the Rallies bits. He didn’t lose a single member of his devoted “base”, but he sniffled, lied, talked over the woman on the stage, claimed that America is a job-leaking hellhole which every filthy brown terrorist can’t wait to invade, lied some more, contradicted the African-American moderator (while lying), sniffled, called President Obama “your president”, took credit for “settling” the birtherism issue, and by every metric and “optic” looked like a coked-up, aging con artist in a bad suit rambling about “the nuclear” and “the cyber”. Vox has a full transcript up, and I’m guessing one of the other front-pagers will be able to post a video later this morning.

But this is the Big Fat Gaffe that will probably attract the most attention…

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Dark of Night Open Thread: Trump Has the European Fascists’ Votes, Too

Rep. Steve “Pig Muck” King, he of the “calves like cantalopes” slur, is happy to share:

And before his ‘spokesmen’ start making excuses, yes King does know who these people are:

So tonight, after his man Trump got smoked…

Really, Iowa? Really?

Post-Debacle Open Thread

Professional Republican ratfvcker:

Flash update, from a conservative HRC-hater who’s nevertheless #NeverTrump:

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We May Not Get Through All of the Debate Questions and Beyond Open Thread

There was a request for a new open thread to deal with the debate. So let this take you through into the post debate discussion.