Late Night Roundup: Statler, Waldorf & Groucho Review Trump’s “Afghanistan” Speech


“Let’s Get This Over With” edition:

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It Really Is the Little Things

As you all know, I am a fan of getting pedicures. Or maybe you don’t know. Now you do. I love them. I like the soaking in the hot water with the jets blasting, I love that they are all nice and neat and comfortable when they are finished, and I love the foot massage afterwards followed by the hot damp cloth on the feet. It just feels so good.

I try to go once a month in the summers because I wear flip flops a lot and I get a lot of calluses, but in the winter, I go less frequently because I just lather on thick coats of eucerin in the morning and then throw on my wool socks, and my tootsies are nice and soft all day long. I honestly don’t know why more men don’t go other than “herp-derp not macho truck how bout them bears,” because in the army I was trained to take care of my feet. Whatever.

At any rate, today when I went, as usual I was the only guy in there, and about halfway through a teenage heavyset girl came in and sat down to get her feet done. I don’t know what the right word is these days, but I will just say she was not very bright and the prospects for that ever changing dramatically appeared to be rather grim. But she was super happy, bubbly, and very pleasant, and apparently going to the Bruno Mars concert tomorrow night. She was in getting the full mani/pedi for her the concert, and she was super adorable about the whole thing.

It was really funny because she wanted to make sure everyone knew she was going to the Bruno Mars concert- every sentence went something like this: “What color should I get my fingernails for the BRUNO MARS CONCERT?” or “Do you think gold toenails would be the right color for the BRUNO MARS CONCERT. And on and on. Her mother was sitting right next to her, and every time the girl said “Bruno Mars” I could sense mom dying a little on the inside because she has probably heard the name eleventy bazillion times in the last two days alone. At one point, the mom’s phone ran with some ringtone I didn’t recognize and the girl blurted out “Guess what my ring tone is? 24k MAGIC BY BRUNO MARS without giving anyone a chance to guess because really, did we need too? I audibly chuckled.

But what was great about the whole thing was that no one in the place was a dick about things, and everyone got kind of excited with her. At one point there was a gaggle of about 5-6 salon employees near her helping her choose just the right color of gold or black or whatever it was she finally settled with- I suggested she get something that glows in the dark but was ignored, and it was just a fun time because she was so happy and made everyone around her happy.

It was really nice and I am glad I went when I did. And I hope she has a blast tomorrow night.

Live Feed: The President’s Address on US Strategy in Afghanistan


Open Thread: If Someone Persuades Trump He’ll Have to Cover Secret Services Expenses Himself, Will He Quit?

We Survived

Here’s a time series of the eclipse as seen from Rochester – also had a bit of cloud cover at the end.

Open thread.

Open Thread: When It Comes to Blotting Out the Sun…

(David Fitzsimmons via the The Arizona Daily Star)

Speculation from last night…


And not just Americans…

Let’s just hope Lord Smallgloves isn’t peeved enough to revert to Erik Prince’s ‘unlimited global grifting’ proposal…

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Eclipse Open Thread!

I saw it! I saw it! The eclipse started about 10 minutes ago in my area, will peak just before 3 PM and be over shortly after 4 PM. We have a lot of fat, puffy white clouds, which I thought were going to ruin it — and still might.

But I went out into my shady yard, made my way to the one sunny spot, put on my eclipse glasses, and behold! The dragon took a wee nibble out of the sun!

It’s still hot and bright as fuck. And I stepped in dog shit on the way back in. But a magical experience nonetheless, and I’m looking forward to seeing the 80% or so occlusion at peak, if the clouds cooperate!

Feel free to share eclipse chatter here.