Late Night Hate-Fic Open Thread: Entertaining But *Very* NSFW

Owen Ellickson is an evil genius, and if you have a taste for nasty political humor you should most definitely be reading him on the regular. Just not at work, or around people with delicate sensibilities…

Late Night Open Thread: Media Village Idiots, Projecting Harder Than An Octoplex of IMAXes

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Open Thread: Play the Cards You’re Dealt

Fortunately, the Very Serious Media People have yet to discover this URL.

“Oh, the huge-baby-manity!”

ETA: Many thanks to valued commentor Omnes Omnibus for the link to Wonkette‘s explainer.

Hillary Clinton’s “Alt-Right” Speech in Nevada

Flagged by valued commenter Trentrunner, this tweet sums it up perfectly:

She burned the fucking Trump campaign to the ground and pissed on the ashes — in a remarkably ladylike fashion. Then she scooped up the piss-soaked ashes with a trowel, loaded them into a clown cannon and shot them into a toxic waste dump. Then she hopped into a fighter jet and strafed the dump. Then she took a space shuttle out of mothballs, strapped a nuclear warhead into it, flew up to the fucking International Space Station and then nuked the piss-soaked ashes of the dumped, bullet-ridden campaign from orbit.

Or maybe Clinton merely provided a succinct overview of Trump’s decades-long history of race-baiting sleaze, called him out for cultivating neo-Nazi scum supporters, excoriated him for elevating crazy people like Alex Jones and denounced him for putting white nationalist pukes in charge of his campaign. In either case, it was glorious. You can catch a replay of the speech in the thread downstairs.

Live Feeds, We’ve Got Your Live Feeds!

But you need to bring your own popcorn!

Here’s the live feed for Secretary Clinton’s speech/rally in Nevada. Below it is the link to the live feed for the Trump speech/rally in New Hampshire that is ongoing. Fair and balanced, both sides, shapes of earth, etc, etc…

Debunkery + Dog Spa Report

Among his many other excellent qualities, my husband, Mr. Not-Cracker, makes a great bellwether for how political stories are playing among people who don’t pay close attention to the daily campaign grind and media treatment thereof. He doesn’t read blogs or follow anyone’s Twitter feed. He’ll watch Rachel Maddow or Chris Hayes if I tune in but doesn’t pay close attention. He scans headlines and reads political articles only if they look entertaining.

Of course, he knows Trump is an appalling buffoon. He voted for Sanders in the primary and is looking forward to voting for Clinton in the general. But he’d never heard of Breitbart and had no idea that Trump had appointed a white nationalist as campaign chief until I mentioned it. And when he heard about the AP report on the Clinton Foundation on NPR, he thought it looked pretty bad but figured that’s how politics work: influence peddling is the norm.

So I was happy to be able to forward these pieces by Yglesias at Vox, the first of which ably demonstrates that the AP “exposé” on Clinton’s meetings with Foundation donors is a giant nothingburger, and the second of which explodes the AP’s feeble defense of its original reporting. If you know any non-political junkies who find the Clinton Foundation story troubling, I heartily recommend forwarding the Vox articles, which plainly indicate there is no “there” there.

On to the dog spa: A couple of days ago, I described a conundrum: Our vet recommended that we soak our dog’s injured paw in a medicated solution for 10 minutes twice a day, but I wasn’t sure how to get the dog to sit still for it. Here’s how:


It turns out she’s willing to just sit there and allow the paw to soak…as long as I keep feeding her (and our auxiliary boxer dog — hind foot and tip of tail visible in the photo above) Goldfish crackers at 60-second intervals. Thanks for all the advice, though.

Open thread!

Open Thread: Killed by Their Own Superbug

The Repubs created the Trump virus, a hardened iteration of every ugly racist misogynist xenophobic trope they’ve been doing their best to mainstream since at least 1965. And now the superbug might actually manage to destroy — or at least seriously weaken — its host incubator.

Could not happen to a more deserving bunch of scheming thugs.

Apart from our daily dose of schadenfreude, what’s on the agenda for the day?