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No Wonder He Thinks White Liberals Are Dicks…

Stanford University Professor David Palumbo-Liu wrote a column at Salon about how much white liberals suck, using David Fucking Brooks as an example of a white liberal who sucks:brooks_libtardI’m not familiar with this columnist’s work. I confess I didn’t read the whole thing once I’d ascertained that yes, the author really, really does seem to be operating under the assumption that David Fucking Brooks is a liberal.*

Lord. I hate white liberals too sometimes — have you ever been cornered at a dreary cocktail party by someone who drones on about Monsanto for two hours? We can be a clueless lot on deadly serious, heartbreaking subjects, such as the one the column was written address.

But good Christ, if David Fucking Brooks was among our number, I’m not sure I’d be able to stop punching my own self in the face. For fuck’s sake, Salon! Have you no editors?

Open thread, I guess. Jeebus.

* I think someone hit the prof with a clue-by-four while I was putting this grousey post together — it appears some of the more obvious “Brooks is a liberal” passages have been lightly scrubbed. But the thesis remains so central to the piece that it can’t be completely eradicated. It’s a pity because he’s not altogether wrong…

Tuesday Evening Open Thread: Schweet Sixteen

Stolberg’s eventual report, in the NYTimes, “John Kasich Enters Crowded 2016 Race Facing Job of Catch-Up”:

Mr. Kasich, joined by his wife and 15-year-old twin daughters, addressed several thousand cheering supporters inside the student union building at Ohio State University here, offering a centrist appeal designed to paint him as a common-sense Midwesterner who can fix a broken Washington. He avoided attacking President Obama, as his Republican rivals have done.

The event was a return of sorts: as an 18-year-old Ohio State freshman in 1970, Mr. Kasich wrote President Richard M. Nixon to plead, successfully, to visit the White House. But Mr. Kasich seemed determined to link himself to another Republican president, the conservative hero, Ronald Reagan, whose optimistic oratory he sought to evoke.

“The sun is rising and the sun is going to rise to the zenith again in America,” Mr. Kasich said at one point, recounting his advice to citizens of an Ohio community whose economy was devastated by job losses during the recession. He wrapped up his speech with another Reagan-esque declaration: “The light of a city on a hill cannot be hidden. America is that city and you are that light.”…

Mr. Kasich also spoke of “these two wonderful African-American fellows” he met at a Wendy’s restaurant who, he said, urged him to run. (Mr. Kasich won a quarter of the black vote when he won re-election in 2014.) He told them other candidates would have more money. “And they looked at me,’ “ he said, ‘and said, ‘But you got statistics.’”…

My vote for fishiest political anecdote of the week, even in this week full of Trump. But he is bipartisanly centrist, so No Labels (or whatever it’s called this season) is no doubt scouring the couch cushions for change to support yet more tv commercials in the NH media market. Kasich’s handlers say the NH primary is “key” for him, since or because John “Prolapsed Pig Rectum” Sununu‘s in charge of his campaign there.

Apart from those commercials, that’s the most attention Kasich is liable to draw for the next many months, barring his notoriously “jerk”-ish temperament giving the lamestream media clickbait. Ed Kilgore, at the Washington Monthly, is optimistic:

Ohio Governor John Kasich… has an anger management problem. He’s forever popping off at friends, enemies, constituents, media, you name it, to the point where the famously volatile John McCain has described him as having “a hair-trigger temper.”

You can imagine that this could be a problem in a presidential campaign, particularly one that begins with an insane two-week sprint to do well enough in national polls to make a cutoff for a debate in your own state, at a moment when Donald Trump, people attacking Donald Trump, and people yapping about foreign policy (not exactly Kasich’s forte) are soaking up 98% of the media attention. It’s enough to make you snap, crackle and pop…

Risible campaign posturing aside, what’s on the agenda for the evening?

Spent four years prostrate to the higher mind

Steve M digs up an interesting fact from the recent WaPo-ABC poll in which Trump leads the Republican field by eleven points: Trump polls at 32% among voters with no college degree, and only 8% among voters with a college degree.

That’s quite a split. It’s worth noting that Republicans who consider themselves Tea Party members are more likely to have gone to college than other Republicans.

Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Like Thunderbolt

The Freedom to Marry group is going out of business for the best possible reason: They won the fight. The group put together this celebratory video that might result in dust stimulating your tear ducts:

It’s important to remember the victories. This was one.

Open thread.

[H/T: Vox]