Open Thread: They Were All in One Place, and Yet, No Meteor…

If this were a tv script, it would be rejected as too scattershot, not to mention lacking in verisimilitude. Yesterday, Code Pink demonstrated its highest function as a banana peel in the path of pompous warmongers…

Dana Milbank described the scene for the Washington Post:

Cheney hyperbolized, hyperventilated and gave rein to hyperactive imagination — “desperation . . . cave . . . neutered” — and the audience at the normally sedate American Enterprise Institute was riled. When Michaela Anang, a student from Boston with the liberal group Code Pink attempted to heckle the “war criminal” Cheney, Marc Thiessen, the moderator (and online columnist for The Post), leaped up to block her, audience members shouted “get out of here!” at her, and one man, in jacket and tie, engaged her in a violent tug of war to confiscate her banner.

“Thank you very much,” Cheney said with a wry grin.

Supporters of the Iran deal are probably saying the same to Cheney. They are probably more grateful still that applauding Cheney from the front row were Paul D. Wolfowitz, a principal architect of the Iraq war, and Sen. Tom Cotton, (Ark.), author of the Senate Republicans’ letter to the ayatollahs attempting to kill the deal during negotiations. In the second row were former congresswoman Michele Bachmann and I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, the Cheney aide whose tenure led to a prison sentence.

Surely, those who would like to see Congress undo the nuclear agreement can’t expect that rolling out Cheney is going to save the cause. When it comes to dire predictions based on scary intelligence, the former vice president wouldn’t seem to have the best track record…

Extra credit, here’s the tug-of-war luzer trying to play Risk with real weapons…

Wednesday Mid-Day Open Thread (Updated)

Bah. I started a Hillary vs Beltway Media thread below, and even I can’t bear to think about it anymore, so here’s a fresh canvas. Let us consider instead a dignified senior citizen sovereign with a lifelong love of dogs, which means she’s got her good points, whatever your opinions on the British monarchy (and, yes, we all know who else loved dogs):

queen and dogs

As of today, Queen Elizabeth II has reigned longer than her great-grandmama, Queen Victoria, who previously held the title of longest-reigning British monarch.

queen and owl

I’m sure y’all can come up with a better caption, but mine would be, “The QUEEN, that’s who.”

Anyhoo, open thread!

UPDATE: Meanwhile, back in The Colonies, President Obama’s White House just smacked would-be monarch Dick Cheney into the middle of the 18th century with this take-down:

BOOM, motherfucker!

[H/T: Valued Commenter MDBlanche]

Wednesday Morning Open Thread

Izkoff’s full NYTimes report [spoilers!] of the taping of the first Colbert show here, and his pre-taping interview with the man here.

Jeb Bush remains a bumbling idiot (although Colbert was extremely kind to him) and Les Moonves remains a narcissistic jackwad (not a spoiler).

Also “cut for time”, via Deadline Hollywood:

Now that the suspense is over, what’s on the agenda for the day?

Open Thread: Feel the Burn, Trump

Okay, Tim F. beat me to the topic, but Tammy Duckworth’s diss was too good not to front-page.

Also entertaining: #justlikemilitary service, the hashtag collaboration. “I am, at this very moment, watching Robert Redford raise the flag in The Castle. Also did a Men’s Health workout…”

Tuesday Evening Open Thread: Penny Dreadfuls for the Win

From the Guardian article:

When Stephen King was announced as the winner of a medal for distinguished contribution to American letters in 2003, the eminent literary critic Harold Bloom said it was “a testimony to [the] idiocy” of the awarding organisation, the National Book Awards. On 10 September, no less than Barack Obama will present the novelist with the United States’ National Medal of Arts…

“For decades, his works of horror, suspense, science fiction, and fantasy have terrified and delighted audiences around the world,” said the National Endowment for the Arts, in a citation that will be read by Obama on 10 September – a far cry from Bloom’s criticisms in 2003, when the critic and academic told the New York Times that King wrote “what used to be called penny dreadfuls”, adding that “that [the National Book Awards] could believe that there is any literary value there or any aesthetic accomplishment or signs of an inventive human intelligence is simply a testimony to their own idiocy’’…

The ceremony will also see National Humanities Medals given to authors including Jhumpa Lahiri, for “enlarging the human story [and] illuminat[ing] the Indian-American experience in beautifully wrought narratives of estrangement and belonging”, Larry McMurtry, whose “work evokes the character and drama of the American west with stories that examine quintessentially American lives”, and Annie Dillard, who “in poetry and in prose … has invited us to stand humbly before the stark beauty of creation”…

Complete list of the new winners at the NEA site here.

Apart from tweaking the Very Serious People (always a worthy endeavor), what’s on the agenda for the evening?