True Detective Open Thread

Really excited for the end of this.

Sunday Evening Open Thread: “Pounding Sand”

For something completely different… here’s Doug Gillett at SB Nation on “driving a [Dakar Rally] Mini All4 in the desert“:

… The line between “patient” and “glutton for punishment” is a fine one, and at times it’s difficult to tell on which side of it navigator Périn and driver Joan “Nani” Roma fall. The “raid”-style Dakar Rally is basically an entire World Rally Championship season crammed into two frantic weeks — thirteen days in which they may spend as many as 12 hours a day crossing some of the least car-friendly surfaces on earth.

Naturally, they are not relaxing hours. The Mini is a furious rock-polisher of a car, to the point where Roma and Périn’s conditioning regimen includes extensive neck exercises just so they can hold their heads steady enough to read the instruments and logbook. It’s also incredibly hot in there — “fifty, sixty degrees,” Périn estimates, and nobody’s impressed until they realize that, as a Frenchman, he means Celsius.

And that’s just inside the car. The real danger on the Dakar comes from what’s outside — or, rather, what isn’t. “In Africa, you are alone,” says Nani, who won the event’s motorcycle-class title back in 2004 when it was still the Paris-Dakar Rally. “Nobody’s there. When you have a problem, you’re stuck in the dunes with nobody to help you.”…


What’s on the agenda, sports-related or otherwise, as we wrap up the weekend and anticipate another Cole slice-of-life?

CPAC for Kooks

Ginny Thomas is such a nut that she has to speak at a mini-CPAC for the crazies that are too nuts for the regular CPAC.

Speaking of conspiracy theories and theorists, if I were planning on slinging a conspiracy, it would be that Big Government’s pinko-commie Daylight Savings “Time” (as if anyone but Jesus were in charge of time) is a giant conspiracy to fuck up my circadian rhythms.

Here’s an open thread.

Open Sports Thread: Free(dum) Agencery!

My new favorite SB Nation blogger, PFT Commenter (parodist, we hope), Explains It All for us:

… What is Free Agency?

Free Agency is when a player and his agent love each other very much, and they get together to try and break the hearts of all the inocent little kids and honest 40 year-old autograph collecting males who bought their jerseys. Basically the players got together and said “we need to find a way to quit and still get paid” and presto! Free Agency was born.

When a player decides that hes had enough of a certain fanbase literally paying his salary, he gets to test the free agent waters. Sometimes they strike out but sometimes they can convince Dan Snyder to give you $100 million dollars to do absolutley nothing…

What’s a Franchise Tag?

Its when a player gets so mad at his own team on account of they want to pay him the average of the most overpaid players at his position. They become literaly the only person on Earth who doesnt want to get paid more then $8 million a year to play football (a GAME) for a living. Heck, Id do it.

PFT Commenter Innovation Station:

I think that if players get a franchise tag they should have to get literaly tagged like a turtle on a nature show on there ears or through there necks for the duration of there tag year- you cant tell me that wouldnt be the coolest. It would help you identify players who return to the breeding grounds of free ageny over and over and would educate fans on the migration patterns of these “ME Agents.” Most NFL fans think that this is what actually happens but it actually isnt…

So, what sporting or other events are on the schedule for this evening?

Open Thread: Sunday Night Viewing Suggestion

… after True Detective, of course. And I guess some of you are going to have to record it, since it’s past your bedtime.

Apart from such forward planning, what’s on the agenda this evening?