Open Thread: Help Me Out Here…

Via David Roth at SBNation

Okay, I don’t know soccer, but I do know dog breeds. Some of these choices are perfect, and some are not, and some are — inexplicable, at least to me. Here’s the ones I can identify, top to bottom, left to right:

USA – Boston Terrier American Pit Bull Terrier American Staffordshire Terrier
Mexico – Chihuahua
Japan – Shiba Inu Akita Inu
Netherlands – Kooikerhondje
England – English Bulldog
Germany – German Shepherd (“Alsatian”)
Croatia – Dalmatian
Italy – Italian Greyhound Spain – Galago Espanol
Brazil – Fila Brasileiro
France – French Bulldog (should be a Griffon)
Switzerland – Berger Blanc Suisse
Belgium – Belgian Shepherd
Australia – Australian Kelpie
Spain – Presa Canario Italy – Cane Corso
Argentina – Dogo Argentino

Anybody want to update or correct me here?

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Open Thread

It was just too damned nice to think about politics or blog today. Seventy to 80 with blue skies, a breeze, and no humidity. I seriously wish it was like this year round.

Open Thread: Ammosexuality, Internet Trolls

Tip of the hat to commentor Anoninimous in the prior thread.

Also, after reading this article in The Atlantic, I’m glad we have better commentors here than the National Journal:

A couple of weeks ago, National Journal changed its comments policy, opting to eliminate comments on most stories as a way to stem the flood of abuse that appeared on the site. Naturally the comment-section reaction to that announcement helped reinforce the reason editors said comments had to go in the first place…

For all the boycott threats and comparisons to Hitler, though… the site seems to be doing better now. If anything, user engagement has increased since the comment policy changed. Pages views per visit increased by more than 10 percent. Page views per unique visitor increased 14 percent. Return visits climbed by more than 20 percent. Visits of only a single page decreased, while visits of two pages or more increased by almost 20 percent…

Apart from mocking the competition, what’s on the agenda for the evening?

Justice Scalia’s decision “logically extended” to Wisconsin

Maybe some weddings coming up in Wisconsin!

Early Morning Open Thread: World Cup

world cup watching keith knight
(Keith Knight via

If I understand correctly, the World Cup doesn’t start until Thursday, but every good fan is already busy getting drunk prepped for the big day. (Observant Muslims and those with medical exemptions have to make an extra effort, I guess.) After perusing Spencer Hall’s exquisitely entertaining flow chart at SB Nation, I am now prepared to root for Australia, assuming anyone demands I pick a team. We are assured there will be no vuvuzelas, if only because the Brazilian fans will make such artificial noise-enhancers unnecessary.

I sincerely hope one of the more knowledgeable front-pagers takes over blogging The Cup, but though I am ignorant about sports I’m all in favor of seasons and rituals. So, if those of you who know a box-to-box midfielder from a deep-lying playmaker will leave a comment here (or email me later), I’ll do my best to put up posts at the proper times, okay?

Looks like the opening ceremonies start Thursday afternoon at 2:15pm EDT, with the first game scheduled for two hours later…

Apart from football planning, what’s on the agenda this weekend?