Open Thread: Brown Bagging It

Paul Ryan is a plagarist and/or liar. But it’s all OK because Obama’s book wasn’t 100% true. Or something. Open thread.

Late Night Open Thread

Fer fuck’s sake Pens. I’m staying up to watch this when all I want to do is sleep, so could you please not shit the bed?

*** Update ***

Nope. Another Sharks powerplay. Pens have sucked since the game before the Olympics, and I am not sure what they are doing wrong.

Your Nightly Dinner Update

First things first, if we are going to talk about CPAC, your go to source is Jim Newell at the Guardian:

If Thursday morning at CPAC was an opportunity for congressmen, senators, governors and 2016 presidential hopefuls all around to outline their visions for the party, Thursday afternoon was the time for showmen to rant.

Two of the more fiery – and sporadically coherent – speakers, who by now have become regulars on the CPAC roster, unleashed assaults on the media and American society in general in one case (NRA chief Wayne LaPierre), and on whatever happened to be flitting about his head from one second to the next in the other (Donald Trump).

I think Charlie Pierce, Jim Newell, and Matt Taibbi are some of my favorite reads every day. Wish Jim was still writing for Wonkette. Plus, as I mentioned on that facebook thing, he can handle his drink and was the only one at the DNC in CHARLOTTE in FUCKING AUGUST who came close to sweating as much as me. I spent the whole week with a stolen motel bath towel around my neck to wipe the sweat off like I was at Lollapalooza after putting a drop or so if liquid in my eyes, so it was nice hanging out with another heavy sweater.

I was feeling super lazy today re: menu planning, so I just pulled some turkey cutlets out of the freezer that I had bought at discount a while back and thawed them out. While I am mentioning this, there is nothing “cheap” about buying produce and meats that are after their “sell-by dates.” Those sell by dates have nothing to do with whether or not the food is safe and really are just some arbitrarily made up bullshit that food manufacturers and grocery stores adhere to for some reason. Ever noticed there are never any bruised apples on display? They throw the bruised ones out. Every fucking kitchen in this country has a knife, and all you need to do is cut a small bruise out. But they throw it out, rather than just marking it down a bunch.

I guess everyone is so detached from the food chain that they think a bruised apple means it is bad, when from every apple tree I have ever seen, an unpolished maybe bruised and imperfect apple is the norm. Same with the meat. Obviously, don’t be a fucking moron, but a steak marked down because today is the sell by date is perfectly fine. My general store hangs sides of beef and ages them before they cut them to order. We waste so much food in this country, and I don’t mean the little stuff your kid left on their plate. And considering it takes a barrel of oil to finish off a steer, there are a lot of ramifications. Just use your common sense, your hands, your nose, and your eyes, and you can save a lot of money. Buy the stuff half off and freeze it and use it when you need it.


At any rate, thawed some turkey cutlets, seasoned them with some Penzy’s and a touch of salt and pepper, and then just grilled them in the convection oven.

We had some broccoli that was looking like it only had a day or two left, so I washed that, steamed it, and made some broccoli and cheese.

Steamed some kale, then sauteed it with some sliced portabellas, garlic, olive oil, and salt and pepper.

A little bit of cottage cheese, just because we both like it.

Again, nothing elaborate, but we had a long day and I wasn’t feeling super creative.

Oh, and we took Rosie and Lily to the vet and had their anal glands expressed and got them a pedicure, and we addressed Rosie’s arthritis with some sort of steroid shot, and we are watching her closely and going to maybe get her on some daily meds depending on how she reacts.

Thursday Evening Open Thread

I was looking for something non-political, but then, the end of that clip seems vaguely CPAC-related…

Political or not, what’s on the agenda for the evening?

Open Thread: Return of the CPAC!!!

Joe Coscarelli, at NYMag:

It’s that time of the year again. All of the country’s important Republicans have gathered in Washington for the Conservative Political Action Conference, better known as CPAC, to stock up on talking points and bumper stickers for 2014. Kicking things off right this morning was Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who gifted outgoing Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn with a rifle onstage

But I count on my favorite Speaker-to-Republican reporter to sniff out the true crazeballs. Dave Weigel:

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md.—It’s a short but frigid walk from CPAC to a less scripted and more intense all-day event. This year, as they’ve done since at least 2010, a group of foreign policy hawks and critics of “creeping Sharia” have put on an alternative program, inviting conservatives who either aren’t at the main event or being given only a little time there.

In the past, this event’s usually amounted to the Center for Security Policy’s Frank Gaffney reairing charges that Grover Norquist is a simp for the Muslim Brotherhood. It’s more fascinating this year—Breitbart (which sponsored 2013’s event) has teamed up with EMPact, a group that raises awareness of the danger of possible electromagnetic pulse attacks, to put on nine hours of national security speeches. Sen. Ted Cruz had given a pretty agreeable but rote speech at CPAC. He saved his best material for a 39-minute address at the alternative event.

“Speaking the truth speaks courage,” Cruz said at the start, “and that’s one thing that Frank Gaffney has an abundance of.”…

…”When Iran describes Israel as the Little Satan, and America as the Great Satan, we have every interest to make sure they don’t acquire the weaponry to kill millions of Americans.” Cruz imagined a nightmare scenario in which Iran detonated a bomb over “Tel Aviv or New York or Los Angeles.” Detonated here, the effects of an EMP attack could kill “tens of millions of Americans.”

Tens of millions? This was an incredibly effective line in the room, which contained about 100 people, to CPAC’s 11,000.

Do not turn your back on this guy. For all his furrin birth, he’s a true American Elmer Gantry, “… wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”