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Also, Thurston, the little shit, came up to me earlier, stole the slipper off my foot and took off with it and ran out into the back yard (the back door is open because the weather is lovely) and dumped it. Ornery bastard.

Wednesday Evening Open Thread

From the NYPost article:

D’Souza’s parole officer had included with the “summer vacation” request a recent Vanity Fair article about D’Souza — but the judge was unimpressed.

“With respect to the Vanity Fair article, the court has no immediate reaction other than the article suggests several fertile areas of discussion during Mr. D’Souza’s required therapeutic counseling,” wrote Berman…

Imagine a “celebrity boxing match” between Dinesh D’Souza and James O’Keefe III.

That would get me to sign up for cable, just to make sure I could access the pay-per-view…
Apart from the Usual Gang of Sad GOP Klowns, what’s on the agenda for the evening?

DeflateGate Report Released

Via Deadspin, a 243(!) page report finds that the Patriots are cheating cheaters who cheat, including Tom Brady, probably! There were some amusing texts exchanged by the deflaters, which can be viewed at the link above. Oh NFL, I believed in your integrity! How can I ever trust you again?

Open thread.

NOT Good News for John McCain

According to a PPP poll released yesterday, Arizona conservaturds have a raging hate-boner for RINO John McCain, and the right god-bothering, anti-immigrant, gun-fondling primary opponent could pick the bitter old anger muffin off:

John McCain’s troubles with conservatives have him in a whole lot of trouble for reelection next year. Even among Republican primary voters just 41% approve of the job he’s doing to 50% who disapprove. Only 37% of primary voters say they generally support him for renomination, compared to 51% who say they would prefer someone ‘more conservative.’


In a lot of ways this is reminiscent of the 2012 Senate race in Indiana. Richard Lugar- like McCain- had enough popularity across party lines that he was going to be pretty safe if he got into a general election. But when conservatives rooted him out of office in the primary and Democrats had a solid candidate lined up, the Democrats picked up a surprising victory. It’s unclear who will challenge McCain in the primary and what Democrat might sign up for the general but at this early stage the conditions appear somewhat Indiana-like.

Here’s hoping the AZ GOP finds its very own Richard “Squeee! Rape Babies!” Mourdock to take down McCain. Not only would that NOT be good news for McCain, it would leave a gaping hole in the lineups of the crappy Sunday poli-hack shows and leave Lindsey al-Graham flying solo as a sad little wingman.

Wednesday Morning Open Thread: Tikkun Olam

this modern world pulitzer submission

Dan Perkins, aka “Tom Tomorrow”, got nominated for a Pulitizer this year. He didn’t win, but as the Washington Post‘s Michael Cavna explains, just getting the nom is a BFD:

… Since cartooning finalists began being named in 1980, the list of non-staff and/or alternative artists has included Feiffer, Trudeau, Henry Payne (Scripps Howard News Service), “For Better or for Worse” creator Lynn Johnston (Universal Press Syndicate). Ted Rall (Chronicle Features), “Funky Winkerbean” creator Tom Batiuk (King Features) and Matt Bors (Universal Uclick).

All of which makes Perkins perhaps the Prize’s biggest outlier since Feiffer in the ’80s. Perkins, who is self-syndicated, entered cartoons that were published on the Daily Kos, which, as the cartoonist himself notes, “is a blog.” (His work also appears on The Nation.)

“I’ve been doing this for 25 years,” says Perkins, who launched “This Modern World” in the early ’90s, “and certainly for 20 of those years, I was not realistically eligible, because I was an [alternative] outlier.”

Not only did Perkins’s work appear mostly in alt-weekly papers most of those years, but his format is as a text-heavy, multi-panel feature — far from the single-image format that the Pulitzer jurors generally favor…


Also should’ve mentioned this earlier, but *mumblemumble*stuff*mumble*… From longtime commentor a hip hop artist from Idaho (fka Bella Q):

I’m still fundraising for Mental Health Awareness Month. I’ve set up the Team Bella Q page for the May 9 NAMI SW Ohio walk. It’s a good cause, and I hope people can help support it, to the extent budgets permit. Donations can be made both anonymously and without an amount displayed. The team message is:

Team Bella Q includes people from all over the internet and the 3D world, each of whom cares about someone who lives with a medical illness known as mental illness.
NAMI offers all its programs at no cost to the participants. Team Bella Q hopes you will join us to raise money for NAMI Southwest OH. Donating is easy, fast, secure, and may be done anonymously.

You may join the team without a donation, and you can do so with your nym from here! Full disclosure: NAMI will require an email address, and will send you emails, but you can unsubscribe from their list pretty easily. In addition, I will not have access to your email address, as NAMI does not disclose them to team captains, though I will thank you through the site from the form there. Thank you to all members of the Juicetariat who’ve already donated.


And faithful commentor WaterGirl asked if I could front-page Al Giordano‘s Kickstarter:

The Field: Narco News as You Know it Could End in 15 Days
If I’m going to keep being honest with you I have to tell you that I am worried about the future of Narco News and the school, especially if you, the readers, don’t get us to our $25,000 goal by May 19 to make a 2015 School of Authentic Journalism possible.

The school is the crown jewel of this project. It’s what draws and brings new talent to the work of authentic journalism, and provides for the intensive training of the next generations of those who will carry on this work.

It’s not enough for grizzled veterans of investigative journalism like Bill Conroy and I to keep reporting until we no longer can. That’s how too many good journalists and too much good journalism faded out of society in the first place. You’ve probably noticed that experienced journalists too often become more isolated and alienated as years go by until they’ve painted themselves into a dark and cynical corner, and readers stop responding to their work…

… [I]f there is no School of Authentic Journalism this year, I’m worried for the future of this project, and not just because we want and need the fresh energy and talent of the next generation of authentic journalists, although that in itself is a big thing. The consequences would include that there will have to be changes in what we can do with Narco News itself…

My highlight, because I think we can all recognize that syndrome. Kickstarter link, again, is here.
Apart from the Red Queen’s race, what’s on the agenda for the day?