Friday Night Open Thread

Not sure what you all are up to, but it will be a dull one for me.

BTW- I was just watching CNN while eating dinner, and Arlen Specter is already running ads against Pat Toomey.

Open Thread

I think my favorite part of the President traveling to England is getting to see a lot of Richard Quest on CNN. The guy always cracks me up.

Now for some pet pics- I’ve really been slacking on this front:

A shiny new thread for a Thursday night. BTW- I have really grown to like the Stash line of tea. I like the caffeine free stuff because I really like having a hot drink at night, but the taste of coffee is too overbearing and too much (plus I think decaf coffee does not taste as good). I’ve been drinking a lot of the decaf mint tea, but tonight I am giving theChamomile a shot.

More rare candor

Here’s hoping it’s getting less rare (from today’s WaPo reporter chat):

Scranton, N.J.: Yeah, he’s taking hits in Washington and yet your own poll suggests he’s not taking hits with the American people. Everyday on cable news and in the Browser I read something to the effect of “will announcing this (some policy) affect Obama’s popularity? That is the big test?” And then it doesn’t. Kinda amusing; you guys keep waiting for him to fail in a way that I never saw with Bush (and for the record, I don’t agree with all of Obama’s policies so far)

Alec MacGillis: I know what you’re getting at here. There seems to be two different levels of evaluation going on — inside the Beltway, where expectations may have been out of proportion, and where many political reporters want to show that they’re going to give the rock star president a tough going-over; and around the country, where people seem willing to give the new guy some time to fix problems that preceded him.

One point I’d like to make, though, is that what we’re seeing is not a “tough going over” so much as an attempt at hazing. The questions Chuck Todd and Ed Henry asked Obama about “sacrifice” and his response to the AIG bonuses were not tough questions. Obama handled them easily and made the questioners look stupid in the process.

There’s a big difference between asking difficult questions about legitimate issues and trying to make the president look bad so that you can get a chest bump from Rick Santelli at the NBC commissary.

Tracking the April Fools Pranks

I’m sure there are a ton of them out there, so I will open with Jim Henley’s announcement that he is joining the Malkin empire at Hot Air.

I’m Crabby

The title says it all. I spent the afternoon at the DMV dealing with driver’s license stuff, then the rest of the day on the phone with insurance agents and AAA.

Long story short, I am in a pissy mood.

Here is a virgin thread.

Sunday Night Quick Post

Some quick things of note but not worth entire posts:

1.) Tomorrow’s fauxtrage today– GM CEO, who ran the company into the ground the last decade, steps down before Obama administration will give auto industry more money. Expect the Santelli groupies to be screaming socialism or liberal fascism or waving Atlas Shrugged signs tomorrow.

2.) The Listserv Kaus Conundrum: Invite Mickey Kaus to your email list, and have him selectively publish private conversations whenever he wants to screw someone over and get a link from Instapundit. Or, don’t invite him, and have him publish the contents anyway. Why? Because he is an insecure jackass driven to madness that he was not a part of someone else’s email group. Also, goat sex.

3.) I can’t decide if I like Pad thai so much because it is delicious, or because it provides a vehicle for consuming more cilantro. I vote both.

4.) Capitalism!

5.) No matter what happens next weekend, a #1 seed will be in the NCAA championship. How boring. Wrong. For some reason I got it into my head that UNC was playing UCONN next weekend.

6.) The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency on HBO tonight.

7.) All your base are belong to… China.

8.) World’s dumbest criminal.

9.) For whatever reason, I went back and read the Cogent Provocateur’s “Operation Snipe Hunt” post from 2003. Still one of the best blog posts ever written.

10.) Overton Window My Eye- DougJ and others yesterday approached the elevation of Paul Krugman to the role of chief Obama critic as an opportunity to shift the Overton window to the left a little bit. Others shared my belief of what would happen:

Krugman will simply weaken the actual left by giving cover for the Blue Dogs. it doesn’t matter if Krugman is attacking from the left or from the right, he gives credence to the idea that “even the left thinks Obama is wrong.”

Krugman seems more and more like an ideologue who has no clue about how politics works and doesn’t care.

when it’s perfect vs good, nobody wins.

CNN’s “Your Money” segment earlier today featured them reading two paragraphs of Krugman trashing the bank plan and then spent the next five minutes letting wingnut WSJ economist Stephen Moore trash the plan. This is working out well.

And might I point out that after we all have trashed the President from every angle, the American people aren’t going to say to themselves “the socialist black muslim guy kind of sucked, let’s give Dennis Kucinich and Bernie Sanders and Russ Feingold a shot.” Not going to happen. Standing in the on-deck circle are Mr. Sanford, Mittens, and the Wasilla wingnut.

11.) An almost live action shot:

You are on your own. Behave.

Tournament Open Thread

I’ll be napping. You kids behave.