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Y’all are on your own again.

*** Update ***

I’m watching this fascinating documentary on Valentino on Showtime, and it really is quite bizarre.
Everything is so decadent and over the top and just hard to handle.


Whatever happened to that bombshell?

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My SNOWPOCALYPSE pics are up on Flickr.


Email me a link to yours and I might post a few in some new photo threads.

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Looking outside, the sky looks like an angry, swollen bruise- the kind of sky you see in movies like The Perfect Storm.

Time for Round 2 of Snowpocalypse.

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Here’s a thread for you- had rehab today and I am actually in a helluva lot of pain- as bad as early last week. I just don’t see much blogging for me happening tonight.

Also, Chuck.

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For good clean fun, sit down, put your right hand behind your back, and then try to cut the toenails on your left foot using only your left hand. Good times.

Looking at the Budget and GOP ideas in HCR

Looking through the internets this morning two items caught my eye.

First, the NYT has a nice interactive look at the proposed 2011 Federal Budget. It is a good tool to get an idea of where and how the Federal Government spends money–and how the Obama Administration sets its priorities for that spending. Clicking the “Hide Mandatory Spending” button gives you a good idea of how little discretionary spending there is to work with.

The other was a great post from Ezra Klein about the Republican Ideas that are already in the HCR Legislation. Ezra looked at the Republican ideas for Health Care Reform offered in the GOP’s “Solutions for America” homepage, and found that ALL OF THEIR IDEAS are already included in the legislation that passed the House and the Senate. This exposes the hypocrisy of their opposition to getting a HCR Bill enacted into law. Their only goal is to say NO, regardless of the cost. The meeting that President Obama will have on February 25 to go over these HCR Bills with Democrats and Republicans should be interesting television.

Have you called your House Member and Senators today to remind them to PTDB? This would be a good week to do so.



and yes, this can be used as a lunchtime open thread…