Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Kitten Caboodle

miri kittens 6 sept 15

Latest update from commentor & cat-mensch Marc:

Got the kittens into a cat bed, and while they looked over the sides, they did not seem inclined to go beyond. Not until they realized Mom’s Diner was near and ready to serve brunch.

Of course, once they had their fill, it was siesta time.

Apart from fuzzy feline wonderfulness, what’s on the agenda for the official start of Serious September Season?

miri kitttens siesta 6 sept 15

I Got Nothing

Nothing to say.

Just found out I guy Shawn and I served with in Fulda killed himself. PTSD.

RIP, Savage.

Late Night Open Thread: Grievance Collectors

The Gothamist article is hilarious, but the spokesperson here is a political idiot. “Upstate New York Secessionists Demand Freedom From City They Mooch Off Of“:

On Sunday, a few hundred people rallied in Bainbridge, New York, a village of 3,300 between Binghamton and Oneonta, to promote the idea of upstate secession. The protest was organized by a group called the Divide New York Caucus, which wants to sever the state above Rockland and Westchester counties. Because actually seceding would require state legislative and congressional approval, man-with-a-dream John Bergener Jr. proposes divvying the state into two autonomous regions through a voter referendum, calling the new one New Amsterdam, and leaving a figurehead legislature in place at the state level. The pie-in-the-sky scheme is no mere intellectual exercise, its architect insists…

The rally included Tea Party, gun rights, and pro-fracking groups bitter about downstate voters’ support for the state’s fracking ban and the gun-sale-and-storage-restricting SAFE Act. There was also some innuendo about upstate supporting New York City, in the form of a flyer promoting the rally that depicts a beaver chewing into a tree, with the trunk representing upstate and the upper portion representing the city, and the slogan “The Beaver shall not allow the Roots to feed the Tree. Instead the Roots will grow a new branch.”

If we’re talking economics, the case for secession is stronger on the New York City side—because upstaters are a bunch of moochers. In an analysis of state finances for fiscal year 2010, the Rockefeller Institute [pdf] found that New York City pays 45 percent of the state’s taxes and other revenues, and receives just 40 percent of expenditures, a gap of about $4 billion…

Tragically, so is this guy, who has both the brains and the education to know better. Per TPM News:

Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig says his presidential exploratory committee has reached the $1-million benchmark he said would trigger a formal White House bid.

The Democrat announced his fundraising total in an interview on ABC’s “This Week.”

Lessig says he’s running to address campaign finance reform, voting rights issues and “political gerrymandering.”

Should he achieve his agenda as president, the 54-year-old South Dakota native promises to resign and let his vice president take over.

He declined to name potential vice presidential picks when asked during the interview…

Go home, Professor Lessig, you’re drunk.

The only way this “campaign” rises above a minor irritant, like contact dermatitis from a cheap wristband, is if by some cascade of unlikely accidents Lessig manages to turn into Nader 2016. In which case I would have to hunt him down personally — unless Bernie Sanders beats me to it, as would be his right.

Monday Evening Open Thread

Big game coming up here shortly — (THE!) Ohio State vs Virginia Tech. OSU should win it handily, but I’ll be hoping for an upset, mostly because it would throw the rankings into turmoil. Will OSU start Jones or Barrett? Do the Hokies have a shot? We’ll know soon. I hope it’s not boring.

We attended a cookout earlier today. Had to drive 30 miles to get there with a crockpot of vegetarian baked beans in the back floorboard. It was raining, and I was driving. We were on a majorish road in town, and a stupid squirrel ran out into the street, and like squirrels so often do, it froze.

I hit the brakes and swerved (within my lane!) to miss the squirrel, and the mister yelled at me for “almost causing a wreck,” which I didn’t. I knew where every car was in my proximity, did not slam on my brakes but rather slowed down, did not leave my lane but rather swerved within the lines to miss the squirrel.

Gyad. I was so pissed I almost pulled over and made him drive. Or walk! I’ve been driving for 30-plus years without so much as a fender bender, whereas the mister has totaled several cars, including one of mine when we were dating! Crash test dummies should not lecture good drivers, IMO.

Anyhoo, not only did I not kill a dumb, innocent squirrel, I didn’t even spill the beans. Open thread!

Laboring Day Open Thread


What’s on the agenda as we wrap up the weekend (& the social-not-scientific summer)?