Open Thread: Sunday Night Viewing Suggestion

… after True Detective, of course. And I guess some of you are going to have to record it, since it’s past your bedtime.

Apart from such forward planning, what’s on the agenda this evening?

The Egg, A Symbol of Life

Here is my greatest culinary achievement to date:


Eight perfectly boiled hard boiled eggs, all peeled with ease. Never managed this before.

Oh, and here is Steve and Shawn the animal whisperer watching the Pens earlier.


I’ve basically lost Steve and Rosie to Shawn, and am holding on to Lily barely. I may need to get another pet so one of the animals will pay attention to me.

Open Thread

Busy day today and I had to spend a bunch of time driving, and I have no idea what is going on in Ontario, but I swear the entire population of Toronto and St. Catherines were on I-79 heading south at 85 miles an hour and not using their turn signals. It’s a weird quirk I have noticed- one of the most polite nation in the world, and they drive like fucking oil rich Saudi Arabians princes with an Egyptian brake.

Tonight was red meat Friday, so I grilled two ribeyes, made some sweet potato fries with a touch of rosemary, and Shawn didn’t like the texture of the kale last night, so I steamed it a bit before the sautee, and I put some bacon and garlic and some portabellas in it again, and he like it a lot more, so that was good. I like the texture of kale, but I like a lot of different textures with meals. Apparently, not everyone does. Live and learn.

Waiting for the Pens to keep me up all night and lose again. You?

Open Thread: Dueling Social Theories at CPAC

Do not gnaw that conservative’s shaft, gay beaver!

Many more broad, obvious jokes at the link. And that’s just the attendees!

ETA: Joe Cascarelli, at NYMag: “CPAC Is for Lovers, or At Least ‘Discreet’ Casual Encounters“. Best comments there, so far:

“If us gays were better organized we’d send a fleet of hot escorts to CPAC to hook up with these hypochristian conservatives, only to collectively out them all afterwards.”

Reply: Let’s Kickstarter this idea!


Apart from pointing & mocking (“Every night, Pinky!”), what’s on the agenda for the start of the weekend?

Open Thread: Brown Bagging It

Paul Ryan is a plagarist and/or liar. But it’s all OK because Obama’s book wasn’t 100% true. Or something. Open thread.