Saturday Morning Open Thread: Happy Summer Solstice!


Also known as Midsummer, Litha, or even St. John’s Eve (though technically that would be Monday night). From what I can google, the Stonehenge site is supposed to have nice weather for once, so there should be some nice parties…

What’s on the agenda for the day, especially in the picnics-and-parties line?

Late Night Music Open Thread

(NSFW – although if you’re at work at this hour… )

By request. Just marking time until Cole staggers in & stomps me.

Hummingbirds are Assholes

I have a never ending supply of hummingbird nectar (it’s called sugar), yet this one little hummingbird with a red tuft around his neck keeps chasing all the others away. He sits up in the pine tree, and if anyone else comes in, he attacks them and then just sits up on the pole supporting the feeder. He doesn’t eat. He just sits there telling everyone this is his spot and to piss off.

I’m starting to dislike hummingbirds as much as the asshole bully of the back yard, the Blue Jay.

Boxer Beatitude, Midterms & Open Thread

Here’s Patsy Marie looking particularly beatific (and also fat):


Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see Dog.

Also, someone (and by that, I mean someone who is not ME) needs to replace that board in the potting shed.

Please feel free to discuss whatever since this is an open thread. But I have an observation and a question: Every time the topic of the 2016 presidential race comes up, particularly in connection with She Who Must Not Be Named, at least one or two commenters deplore the fact that we’re not focusing on the midterm elections instead.

It’s a good point; we’ve all seen the consequences of allowing a pack of ravening teaturds to take over the House. But is it really surprising that a forum that includes people from all over the country and observers of US politics from around the world wouldn’t cover* local races all that closely, unless it’s a high-profile campaign with national implications or a local manifestation of a movement with nationwide impact, like Moral Mondays?

I’ve kinda assumed that politically aware folks like the commentariat here are plugged into their local races. I’ve also assumed you don’t particularly give a shit which appalling yay-hoo Python Swamp, FL sends to Congress, but maybe you do? What are your suggestions for improving midterm coverage here at Balloon Juice?

*And by “cover,” I mean discuss in a bloggy fashion. I don’t pretend to be a reporter.

Friday Morning Open Thread: Fighting Back

“This isn’t magic. We know how to do this… “

I do so love my Senator Warren — not least when she’s pushing back on Matthews’ manic-depressive parroting of Repub lies. Still assume she means it when she says she’s not running for president, but if she keeps this up, she’s absolutely going to push the Democrats who do run towards the people and away from the Point-Zero-One Percenters!

Apart from the battle, what’s on the agenda as we wrap up the week?