Sinus Infections Suck

Your daily PSA.

Also, for some reason, the puppies have decided that the BEST time to play is on top of me as I try to fall asleep. I had to grab them both by the collar and hold them in place as I went to sleep last night.

I’m sitting here chuckling about the fact that GEG6 is seeing this beautiful angelic puppy in all the pictures, and HAS NO FRIGGING IDEA that I am unleashing an energy bomb in her household. Heh.

Wednesday Morning Open Thread: Foolish Consequences

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(Tom Toles via

Politico says Mike Pence has succeeded in irking all the most prominent GOP contenders…

Mike Pence just lobbed a grenade into the Republican presidential field.

The Indiana governor’s religious freedom law has ignited yet another controversial culture war debate that has Republican contenders juggling awkward questions about issues they would just as soon not touch…

… Republicans are getting pummeled over gay rights issues of all sorts — and face the familiar dilemma of whether a conservative stance that makes for good politics in a GOP primary will hurt them in a general election.

A New York Times editorial called Indiana’s law a “cover for bigotry” and said “nobody is fooled” by conservatives’ misdirection as to the law’s purpose. Video of Rand Paul calling homosexuality a “behavior” surfaced on BuzzFeed. And a Democratic governor used the term “bigot” to describe Pence and by extension the potential 2016 candidates lining up behind him, who so far include Jeb Bush, Bobby Jindal, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Rick Perry…

Wait ’till the Talibangelicals — I mean, Cultural Conservatives — find out about the latest flowering of religious freedom under the RFRA, per the Washington Post:

The First Church of Cannabis Inc. has been approved by Indiana’s secretary of state after the state’s religious freedom legislation became law last week.

The church’s founder Bill Levin said he filed paperwork in direct response to Indiana Gov. Mike Pence’s signing the Religious Freedom Restoration Act into law last Thursday. Secretary of State Connie Lawson approved the church as a religious corporation with the stated intent “to start a church based on love and understanding with compassion for all.”

Cannibis is listed as the church’s sacrament in its doctrine, Levin said, and he will set up a church hierarchy. The church will plan to grow hemp, he said, though it will not buy or sell marijuana….

Indiana attorney and political commentator Abdul-Hakim Shabazz wrote that Indiana legislators may have put the state in a position to acknowledge those who profess to smoke pot as a religious sacrament.

“You see, if I would argue that under RFRA, as long as you can show that reefer is part of your religious practices, you got a pretty good shot of getting off scott-free,” he wrote. “Remember, under RFRA, the state has to articulate a compelling interest in preventing you from smoking pot. I argue they can’t.”…

Since the petition was approved over the weekend, it doesn’t seem to be an April Fools’ prank…

Apart from keeping a wary eye out for japesters and low comedians, what’s on the agenda for the day?

Late Night Open Thread: A Face Crying Out for A Fist

If only being a ferret-faced ratfvcker were a felony… From the Mother Jones article:

In August 2013, MainJustice published an article referring to a 2010 incident in which O’Keefe and his associates posed as telephone technicians to gain access to the offices of then–Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.). O’Keefe and three others ultimately pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor charge of entering federal property under false pretenses.

In its original article, MainJustice said that O’Keefe was “apparently trying to bug” Landrieu’s offices. After O’Keefe complained, the website changed the sentence to read that O’Keefe and his associates “were trying to tamper with Landrieu’s phones.” Still, O’Keefe sued, alleging that both characterizations were defamatory because they implied he had committed a felony. MainJustice countered that the language wasn’t defamatory because the substance of the article was true, and the site accurately described the legal proceedings triggered by the episode.

The court didn’t find O’Keefe’s case convincing…

Nah, nobody ever mistook you for more than a piddling little misdemeanor-level criminal.

More at the link. I’m sure Project (No) Veritas will use this as the tag for another round of begging emails, but O’Keefe seems to be past his sell-by date even in conservative media — it’s been a long, rocky downhill path since his ACORN-busting days.

Open Thread: Principles

Today’s Twitter tempest in teacup, per Dave Weigel at Bloomberg Politics:

On Monday, Vox‘s Max Fisher introduced [Trevor] Noah to readers with “seven of his funniest clips,” and predicted that the host would make his show “a fresh and perhaps invaluable contribution to how we talk—and joke—about race and nationality.” He proved it, with a dive into Noah’s popular videos, pulling out solid routines about how bad Africans looked in famine relief ads and how mixed-race people get “upgraded to black” when they’re famous.

Yet within a day, there was dissent within Vox; writer Kelsey McKinney was explaining why Noah might be unfit to lead TDS. “A Daily Show host should be held to a higher standard than other comedians,” she wrote in regard to the tweets. “These jokes are offensive because they are reflections of cultures that are oppressive and privileged—and rather than being critical of those societal constructions, the jokes instead reinforce them.”

In another era, like when Stewart took over TDS, a couple of clunkers about race and gender would have been just that—clunkers. The audience groans, the show moves on. But the show plays a larger role in progressive life and thought than anyone could have expected when Stewart took the job…

Implicit in that analysis: The elevated status of The Colbert Report, and The Daily Show, meant that they needed to enrich their viewers as well as entertaining them. The phenomenal success of John Oliver’s HBO spinoff of TDS, Last Week Tonight, has not entirely been about his humor. Oliver’s monologues show up on progressive sites, on Monday mornings, as viral explainers for things that are Wrong With America. The brand of satire Stewart invented now plays for progressives the role that Fox News or talk radio plays for conservatives.

In his Vox analysis of why Noah would work, Fisher insisted that a South African comic with routines that challenged people’s hidebound views of race was just what the show needed. It wasn’t just a way for Comedy Central to avoid replacing Stewart with a carbon copy. “Americans love to hear themselves mocked by foreigners,” wrote Fisher. “It’s a low-stakes way of talking about American problems and weird habits, and there’s also a real degree of narcissism to it: people just like hearing about themselves.”…

Just not quite as much as they like hearing themselves talk!

Apart from the usual circular firing squads, what’s on the agenda for the evening?

Tuesday Evening Open Thread

Please enjoy “Pine Grove Blues” by Beausoleil:

I’m still working — boo! But I’m almost done — yay!

What are you up to this evening?