Open Thread

Have at it.

Open Thread

Alright losers. I reactivated warcrack for a month and transferred a 70 alt to horde side to Eitrigg.

Put your names in the comments so I know who to get in touch with.

Chuck Open Thread

Also, congrats to RedKitten, who is swelling the ranks of the Balloon Juice newly employed!

Open Thread

Well, I guess the day is not a total loss. New Chuck tonight.


Is it really possible that Rielle Hunter thought that a photo of her in a dress shirt and panties sitting next to Barney and Kermit on her kid’s bed wouldn’t make GQ?

Hunter reportedly “cried for two hours” after she saw the pictures she deemed “repulsive” that accompanied the 10,000 word interview she did with GQ magazine, according to Barbara Walters.

I realize this isn’t a question of great importance, so consider this an open thread.

Early Morning Open Thread

Scott Meyer’s Basic Instructions is another great comic I’d never have discovered without my GoComics subscription…

Makes you feel better about Cole’s “support your local pet shelter” posts, eh?

CBS Sunday Morning

Kinda drizzly and overcast and just blah here.