Happy Halloween


And no. That is not Tunch.

I’m off to bed- I can’t keep my eyes open.

Open Thread: FTFY

I really wish Steve Gilliard were here to share his opinions on the Hoffman Surge in NY-23. There is a war between the native NYCers and the appleknockers cowhumpers upstaters with at least 200 years of history behind it, and the Ankh Morpork Big Apple team has all the good snarksters.

I am not superstitious but I am a devout animist, and this worked for the first game:

Home at Last

Finally home with both animals back. Apparently I have the kids that can not behave outside of the home. Lily whined and was generally super needy the whole time I was gone, and according to Tammy, Tunch refused to use the litter boxes and in a fit of pique shit on her pumpkin table display.


Open Thread

Betsy, White Sands, NM.


shoutingattherain, winter home.


Email me a link to your one or two favorite pics on a photo site like Flickr (do not send the image itself please) and I will put up favorites in open threads. Send a short caption if you want one.

Saturday Morning Open Thread

Sort of been out of the loop for the last 24 hours. Sitting in the airport now, waiting for my plane to board.

Open Thread – Thursday Weekend Menu

A note from Bad Horse’s Filly:

So it’s Friday and I totally forgot to send you the link for last night’s menu. It is one of my favorite recipes, Garlic, Garlic Chicken… I forgot yesterday was Thursday until I saw on my own blog this morning that it posted.

On the board tonight:
(1) Garlic, Garlic Chicken
(2) Loaf of a good crusty Artisan bread
(3) Sliced Pepper Salad
(4) Hot Apple Cider with Ginger Snaps

Click here for recipes and shopping list.

P.S. I compounded the delay by not reading John’s forwarded email sooner. My apologies to BHF, and I hope she’s been able to dig out from the Denver area’s surprise snowfall(s) without too much pain!

Open Thread

Apparently bloggers disagree with each other. Please discuss it here.

FWIW, I side more with Andrew because Sullivan is not playing the credible commenter here. He’s being an activist. This is presently a smart move because (a) Obama instinctively avoids fights, especially on the culture side, and (b) he responds to pressure from the left. There is also extra bonus incentive (c): if the activist left raises a big enough stink and acts insatiable enough, Obama’s “reasonable compromises” will end up looking like what nice people on the left wanted to see in the first place.

The first example that comes to mind is the public option. There was no eighteen dimensional yahtzee going on; Obama wanted some lesser compromise but the nutroots emboldened their representatives to make a fight out of it. The same thing happened when Obama tried nominating a torture advocate (momentarily forgot his name) for a senior advisory post.

In my experience it is an activists’ responsibility to be an insatiable pain in the ass. Destructive and stupid behavior usually backfires (ELF), but so does playing nice.