It’s creepy like clowns are creepy: that’s all I’m sayin’

Via Steve Benen comes this recollection of a new member of Congress:

“When I was a child, President Ronald Reagan was the nice man who gave us jelly beans when we visited the White House. I didn’t know then, but I know it now: The jelly beans were much more than a sweet treat that he gave out as gifts. They represented the uniqueness and greatness of America — each one different and special in its own way, but collectively they blended in harmony.”

I guess his dad most likely took him to meet the old geezer, but the weirdness of this recovered memory is just a bit creepy and odd–he seems to recall Reagan as a kind of a party clown plying his gullible audiences with jelly beans (instead of the more complicated balloon animals). And while that may not be very far from the truth, I can imagine these ‘jelly bean clowns’ had a tough go of it in the real world. I can see them easily getting their ass kick by the Shakes the Clown* and his pals from “The Twisted Balloon”. Hell, even Mime Jerry and his posse must of been able to bring the hurt to these ‘jelly bean clowns’ and their fans. Perhaps abuse by clowns is why these Reagan worshipers all became such dicks when they grew up, but I digress.

Quayle-the-Younger is a major idiot. As he gears up to compete in the great Wingnutopia Crazy Sweepstakes of 2011, I expect great humor from him. This entry is very promising.


* “The ‘Citizen Kane’ of alcoholic clown movies”.

Open Thread: Mr. DLC, He Dead

Ben Smith at Politico reports the immanent “death” of the DLC, and the brilliant Alex Pareene at Salon takes a leak on its yawning grave:

… The Democratic Leadership Committee was founded after Ronald Reagan got reelected, and the basic idea was that Democrats were too liberal to win elections, and they all had to be more like the Democrats who carpet bombed Vietnam to prove that they weren’t hippies. Except they got the calculation completely wrong. While that gutless old ward-heeler Hubert Humphrey certainly would’ve happily bombed all of Indochina into submission, he wouldn’t have ever crossed the AFL-CIO. The DLC, on the other hand, sided with management, because in order the “modernize” the party they had to modernize its donor list.
The DLC model undoubtedly helped Democrats win national elections, primarily by allowing Democrats to fundraise as effectively as the more stridently pro-corporatism party. Unfortunately, that money came with a price, and that price is “adopting a whole bunch of positions that are popular with money but not with people who voted for Democrats for a hundred years,” like the “partial” privatization of Social Security. The group helped create and maintain the Washington consensus that liberalism is dead, which makes lovely things like single-payer healthcare impossible.
While the New Left is typically blamed for the shattering of the post-War coalition and establishing the damning image of the Democrats as the party of elite coastal liberals, the Third Way New Democrats did the heavy lifting that led to a party that never bothers to stand up for the economic interests of people who make less than $250,000 a year, while still (occasionally) fighting for divisive things like “special rights” for “special interests.” There is broad progressive/New Democrat agreement on the cultural issues, but the embarrassing death of the Employee Free Choice Act is the real legacy of the dearly departed DLC.

Good riddance to the triangulators, and may they not have fatally wounded the Democratic Party in the process!

Open Thread

Life is better when the Steelers win.

That is all.

Late Afternoon Open Thread

First off, another reminder: NIXONLAND discussion group tonight, 9pm EST, “The Stench”. Now aren’t you curious enough to come lurk and see what you’re missing?

Second, since I know many of us are geeks and some of us are gamers, how come no love for this particular Superbowl ad?

Slow day for politics

Slow day for politics today, a lot of Jebmentum and the Politico discovers that Villagers love the idea of bipartisanship. Who knew?

What else is going on?

Early Morning Open Thread: Three Amigos

From commentor Shaun:

We’ve always had rescue kitties, from the pound when I was a youngster and a series of walk-ons in later years, more recently at the Dear Friend & Conscience’s home in the mountains.
Kimba wasn’t actually a walk on because he was too weak at even six weeks or so to do much beyond standing up. His feral mother was trying to keep him alive in the woods behind the house and when she deposited him under the deck, the DF&C snatched him. His one blue and one golden eye were glued shut because of a discharge. He was riddled with fleas, was all skin and bones and not long for the world. Today Kimba is going on eight years old. He’s a couple cards short of a full deck, probably as a result of his mother’s parlous health when he was in utero, but he’s a love bug…

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Non-NFL Open Thread: Processed Cheese & Novelty Meats

cursorialFebruary 6, 2011 | 1:22 pm
What doesn’t get asked enough is what are Rupert Murdoch’s incentives here? Are Fox News ratings better covering the fairly boring squabbles of governing or the howling outrage of a disgruntled minority and their unending parade of freakshow candidates?
Murdoch may be ideologically Republican, but he’s in the entertainment business, and when it comes to maximizing profits I think the present situation suits him just fine.

Photo courtesy commentor JPL. Couldn’t resist the juxtaposition of America’s two favorite blood sports.