Open Thread

Big day for Tunch- off to the vets to have his teeth cleaned and a tooth removed. He is really bitching up a storm because I did not feed him this morning because I didn’t know if it was safe to feed a cat before surgery. I guess I never thought to ask if cats were like humans in that regard.

BTW- It is a good thing this little fellow was already adopted, or I was going to grab him. I really need to stop visiting

Monday Night Open Thread

RedKitten passes along a new picture of her spawn:

I’d say he is filling out a bit.

Monday Morning Open Thread

No matter how bad your week is starting, at least it did not begin with an own goal.

Open Thread

Looks like we need one of these, so here’s some cheery music for a Monday.

Trueblood/Treme Open Thread

By popular request.

Actually, it wasn’t so much a request as a threat.

Germany/Australia Open Thread

I try to root for underdogs, but with a German background and having lived in Germany for a few years, I’ll be rooting for them.

As an aside, I have never seen a sport that has better, more consistent, and more controlled officiating than what I have seen so far in the World Cup. They are decisive, accurate, but very unobtrusive.

Which means I have no jinxed them and there will be a horrid call in no time.

CBS Sunday Morning/World Cup Open Thread

Have at it.

I have a full fledged case of World Cup fever.