Saturday Evening Open Thread

Here’s Tampa this morning as seen from the southeastern approach. It was about 6:45 a.m. when I took the photo:


We were out and about early because we were on our way to help some folks move. Moving is not our profession, but we have a truck, so people ask to borrow it, and contrary to the impression you may have gained from my output here, we’re basically nice and helpful people.

However, as I noted to my husband on the way home, I think we’re getting too old to schlep furniture, especially up stairs. We started super early because a) it’s not as hot just after sunup, and b) there is usually less chance of rain.

But as the cloud pictured suggests, we did have to dodge storms all day. Now we’re just chilling. You?

PS: I just now saw that Trump responded to Mr. Khan’s DNC speech with the insults and clueless self-congratulation one would expect from such a thoroughly despicable sociopath. He is beneath contempt, and anyone who supports him is too. So is this country if it elects him.

A Guy Can (Day) Dream…

I know that the general in question was hardly what you’d call a political liberal, but I’ve just spent a happy while in a reverie on what would have happened if George Patton had ever gotten ten minutes with Donald Trump into a windowless, sound proofed room.

I get that the real Patton might have been a Flynn analogue, but after the McCain POW diss, the “I know more than the generals” declaration, and above all, today’s “I’ve sacrificed” bathos, I’m going to stick with the notion that he would have left the Cheetos-faced ferret-topped shitgibbon* breathing through his colon.

In which happy imagining, I give you this, perhaps the most comprehensive scenery mastication in the history of film:

More thread, y’all, open as a fireworks stand on July 3.

ETA: I do realize, as many commenters below have pointed out, that it is vanishingly unlikely that the real Patton would have had too much trouble with Trump. Though I do think the attack on a gold star family wouldn’t have sat well.  But I’m just responding to the mash-up of Scott and Patton rolling around in my head as a way to lighten up the truly grim possibility that Comb Over Caligula might actually win.

Also — FTR:  feeling rage at the simple meanness shown to the parents of a soldier who died in war != being pro-war.

*Just the most satisfying phrase to say out loud.  Enunciate “shitgibbon” with exquisite clarity to get the full effect.

Open Thread: Like Drug Dealers & Osama bin Laden!

Says the GOP presidential candidate who spends hours a day on Twitter.

(I owe some commentor a hat tip for the title.)

Saturday Morning Open Thread: Nerd Alert Updates

It’s been a busy week. What else did we miss, while glued to the DNC news? What’s on the agenda for the weekend?


From NYMag‘s Vulture blog:

Ava DuVernay’s adaptation of the beloved book A Wrinkle in Time just got blessed from on-high, as Oprah Winfrey has entered final negotiations for the role of Mrs. Which. Mrs. Which is one of three celestial beings that accompany the story’s protagonists on their journey to find the father of the only girl in the group, Meg…

DuVernay has not directed a feature film since 2014’s Selma, which also featured Oprah, flung both her and star David Oyelowo into the mainstream consciousness. She famously turned down an offer to helm Marvel’s Black Panther, saying she didn’t know if she could give it the identity of “an Ava DuVernay film,” but apparently felt comfortable enough with Marvel’s parent company, Disney, to proceed with bringing Madeleine L’Engle’s story to life under their banner. You will be able to give DuVernay and Oprah more of your money sometime in 2017.

pokemon no keith knight

(Keith Knight via

Friday Night Open Thread

What’s going on?

Two years sober this weekend. Woo.

Just watched Cornell West on Bill Maher, and the man is a moron.

Friday Night PopCult Dreams Open Thread: Trump Fantasizes Himself James Bond

Guy who wrote Art of the Deal for Trump:

Foreign security expert; Professor, Naval War College:

As many critics have pointed out, Ian Fleming wrote the first James Bond novels just as the sun was conclusively setting over the British Empire. While grey little MI bureaucrats coped with rationing coupons and currency restrictions, every day seemed to bring news of another embassy ceded or outpost overrun by lawless wogs and ungrateful colonials. But the imaginary Bond was an invicible Trickster, breezing past every finger-wagging Moneypenny and shadowy figurehead M to play one exciting scenario after another in a world of limitless funds, fast cars, exciting tech toys, bangable women, high-end cuisine, and a whole carefully-curated shopping list of the top consumer brands in every category. Even President Kennedy — who knew to a nicety just how much it cost to live like Bond — enjoyed the paperback fantasies where constant physical discomfort and the subliminal Cold War drumbeat of Mutually Assured Destruction could be ignored, however briefly.

Half a century later, as the American Exceptionalism empire ebbs, and even the bedrock verities of white racial superiority and ‘natural’ patriarchy are under assault, an aging New York developer stands in front of a full-length gilt mirror in his knockoff penthouse, adjusts his made-in-China self-branded tie, and whispers to himself “Trump. Donald Trump.”

First time as tragedy, second time as farce.

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This Really Happened

Mike Pence appeared on ghostly apparition Hugh Hewitt’s radio show today and complained about President Obama calling Donald Trump a “demagogue:”

While speaking to conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence took issue with Obama calling Trump a “demagogue” during his speech, saying that it made him feel disheartened.

“You know, I don’t think name calling has any place in public life, and I thought that was unfortunate that the President of the United States would use a term like that, let alone laced into a sentence like that,” he said.

Emphasis mine, because are you fucking kidding me? Has this half-wit not seen his own running mate’s Twitter account? Did he not watch any of the GOP debates? Here you go, Mike; try not to knock your head on the mahogany trim during your swoon:


Honest to dog, y’all, if I could add an immutable law to the universe, it might be to set a maximum level of hypocrisy that would make any creature exceeding it spontaneously combust. It might reduce every elected Republican Party official to an ash heap inside a week, but we could live with that, right? Open thread!