Good news everybody

Via the US Census Bureau:

The Current Population Survey shows that the percentage of people with health insurance for all or part of 2014 was 89.6 percent, higher than the rate in 2013 (86.7 percent).

After several years of a relatively stable uninsured rate between 2008 and 2013 as measured by the American Community Survey, the percentage of the population who were uninsured dropped in 2014. This represents the largest percentage point decline in the uninsured rate during this period.

Now let’s get the rest of the Medicaid hold-out states on board accepting free federal money and then let’s start working on underinsurance.

Everything’s Obama’s Fault

Jeff Greenfield over at WIN THE MORNING decides that this whole “President Obama kicking ass for the last year or so” thing is getting boring, and giving a black President a positive can’t possibly be right, so we’re back to everything is Obama’s fault as to how he has destroyed the Democratic party.

Under Obama, the party started strong. “When Obama was elected in 2008, Democrats were at a high water mark,” says David Axelrod, who served as one of Obama’s top strategists. “Driven by antipathy to George W. Bush and then the Obama wave, Democrats had enjoyed two banner elections in ’06 and ’08. We won dozens of improbable congressional elections in states and districts that normally would tack Republican, and that effect trickled down to other offices. You add to that the fact that we would take office in the midst of the worst recession since the Great Depression, and it was apparent, from Day One, that we had nowhere to go but down.”

The first signs of the slowly unfolding debacle that has meant the decimation of the Democratic Party nationally began early—with the special election of Scott Brown to Ted Kennedy’s empty Senate seat in Massachusetts. That early loss, even though the seat was won back eventually by Elizabeth Warren, presaged the 2010 midterms, which saw the loss of 63 House and six Senate seats. It was disaster that came as no surprise to the White House, but also proved a signal of what was to come.

The party’s record over the past six years has made clear that when Barack Obama leaves office in January 2017 the Democratic Party will have ceded vast sections of the country to Republicans, and will be left with a weak bench of high-level elected officials. It is, in fact, so bleak a record that even if the Democrats hold the White House and retake the Senate in 2016, the party’s wounds will remain deep and enduring, threatening the enactment of anything like a “progressive” agenda across much of the nation and eliminating nearly a decade’s worth of rising stars who might help strengthen the party in elections ahead.

The really weird part is that nowhere in the entire piece do I see the words “Debbie Wasserman Schultz” who, as chair of the DNC, would ostensibly be the person in charge of the election strategies and GOTV tactics that Greenfield is complaining about, but I guess Greenfield has never met her or something.

Also, there is the small matter of the impressive number of Democrats who lost by running as far away from Barack Obama as possible in 2010, 2012, and 2014 but no, the problem is of course Obama.

That’s the Beltway wisdom, and it will be for a very, very long time.


Just having some fun

I’ve not been to Firedoglake since the summer of 2009 when they went magical purity pony on healthcare.  They have some good writers, but the signal to noise ratio just isn’t worth my time or effort.

That was probably a wise decision as I went into comments at their one post concerning King v. Burwell:

TPP as an ACA clincher:

So the odious corporate bailout ACA stands. It won’t be fixed because the TPP will prohibit it.

The Corporate Coup d’Etat is almost complete.

A good 15 comment sub-thread on who is intellectually dishonest:

The first comment — “he sold us out to corporations”  which if one believes that Roberts is solely a corporate whore was the only way to get the a 5-4 working majority on the Supreme Court.

Of course the Supreme Court didn’t touch the Obama administration’s massive giveaway to private insurers, pharmaceutical companies and for-profit hospitals. That was a foregone conclusion.

Nothing is better than something :

I’ve been bitching about it here at the Lake since Obama selected sleazy Senator Max whatever the hell his name is from Montana to shepherd this piece of crap legislation through the Senate and entered into those secret backroom deals with Big Pharma.

Single payer or bust:

HR 676 is thirty pages and is comprehensive, but sitting on the shelf. The ACA was one thousand pages.

A thousand pages to conceal the bullshit.

Unsupported by evidence predictive assertions:

God forbid the ACA becomes the model for Employer policies going forward. The ACA is neither health Care nor is it Health Ins. what it is is a not so clever con of the American public.

Probably should have stayed away from FDL.

Richard + 3

Afternoon Open Thread: Trade Off Back On

It’s baaaaaack.

To recap, the version of the TPP fast track authority with worker protections that passed the Senate was blocked in the House by Democrats. The version without worker protections has now passed the House and is headed back to the Senate.

Fun times.

Open thread.

A Generally Higher Elevation Point Upon Which To Expire

Progressive organizations keep winning big, you guys.

With the high-stakes vote on Fast Track set for today, the liberal group Democracy For America is threatening to primary any Democrats who vote for it. From DFA’s statement:

We will not lift a finger or raise a penny to protect you when you’re attacked in 2016, we will encourage our progressive allies to join us in leaving you to rot, and we will actively search for opportunities to primary you with a real Democrat.

If Fast Track passes, and we do get a final Trans Pacific-Partnership trade deal, these divisions will only continue.

Awesome. I move across town and get my new apartment set up, I get internet back and this is the crap that greets me: DFA now actively threatening to primary anyone who backs President Obama on fast track authority.

What could possibly go wrong there?

Fight it out in the comments.