Money Well Spent

Those of you sending money to FDL can rest assured that it is being well spent on things like this:

Comparing Obama to McCain on an issue that has already been settled is an excellent use of funds and a real great way to advance the progressive cause. And to make things even better, there will probably be three or four diaries concern trolling us about the base being depressed for 2010. Wonder why that is? Couldn’t have anything to do with the constant and steady drumbeat from the firebaggers telling us how much Obama sucks on a daily basis, could it?

I’m sure Norquist is thrilled with the efforts.

And if you are going to come in here defending this nonsense, telling us they are doing a valuable service by pushing the Overton window to the left, spare me. You don’t move the window to the left adopting right wing frames. You just validate what the wingnuts are saying.


Starting to look like Ted Kennedy’s seat is up in the air, and may very well go to a Republican. Be nice if someone in the liberal blogosphere would notice and efforts would be made to provide some support, whether it be volunteering or matching the Brown moneybombs. Likewise, it would seem to some that some concern should be shown about the fact that the New York race is shaping up to be a fight between a moderate Democrat and a very conservative DINO. Shoring up the left flank there might also be a worthy endeavor.

On the other hand, I do understand that the high crimes and misdemeanors of Rahm and Gruber are probably bigger priorities and more important uses of progressive energy. Good thing progressive icon Chuck Grassley is riding to the rescue. No doubt Grover Norquist has some thoughts on these issues, as well.

But don’t worry- once Democrats are in the minority, then we’ll see the change we were promised.

How Obama Has Let You Down Today

Things I’ve learned in the last 48 hours from progressive blogs and Obama supporters:

Janet Napolitano should resign.

The Kaiser Foundation is needlessly shilling for Obama.

Despite what public watchdog groups state, Obama is just like Bush regarding lobbyists.

Peter Orzag getting married is proof the Obama team is nothing but beltway insiders.

Obama is playing 11 dimensional chess with his appointments to appeal to the base only to stab them in the back a year later.

Obama has let us down by failing to wave his magic wand and make Republicans and Ben Nelson confirm his appointees.

Obama is, literally, Judas.

I’m sure I’ve missed some other things, so make sure you too tell us how Obama has failed you today. Also, if any of you try to refute what I have said here or try to state something positive, you are an Obot incapable of critical thinking and unable to see the real truth.

More Obama fail

This is disappointing, obviously:

Obama has wielded the power of the White House to craft an executive order that limited lobbyist hires in his administration, push federal agencies to share more of their data with the public and begin releasing visitor records for the executive complex on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


“The greatest surprise is just how extensively these revolving door restrictions apply,” said Craig Holman, government affairs lobbyist for Public Citizen. “Obama has ushered in the first-ever policy addressing ‘reverse’ revolving door abuses: screening potential nominees to the federal government and managing conflicts of interest among appointees so as to prevent special interests from ‘capturing’ the agencies that regulate them.”


Unlike past administrations, Obama’s White House has been unusually attentive to ethics and transparency and to the reform advocates who lobby for them. They were consulted during the transition and often talk with White House officials to this day.

Just words!

At Home

Made it home in one piece, and am now watching a couple of Jack Russell Terriers run around with a Bull Mastiff while Lily sits on various laps observing.

Was just wondering how the Progressive jihad was going- have we advanced to suicide bombings and delinking yet? Is Bernie Sanders still a corporate whore? Have No Quarter and Hillary is 44 weighed in yet? Any more push polling and fund-raising?