God I Hate These People

Fucking christ:

A Republican county committee in Idaho says it’s just trying to help one of its constituents get married. She happens to be an alt-right YouTuber who promotes “white genocide” theories, and she’s engaged to an Austrian white nationalist leader with alleged ties to the New Zealand mosque shooter.

The Kootenai County Republican Committee, representing the GOP in Idaho’s third-most-populous county, unanimously passed a resolution Monday to pressure the federal government to reinstate travel abilities for the Austrian fiancé, Martin Sellner, who leads the right-wing “Identitarian Movement Austria.” Sellner is engaged to Brittany Pettibone, an alt-right YouTuber who lives in the solidly-red county, and the two hope to wed in Idaho this summer.

Sellner says he lost his travel privileges after he was investigated by Austrian authorities following the two mosque shootings in Christchurch last month.

The Birchers, neo-confederates, nazis and neo-nazis, klansmen, and lost causers have always existed in American society, bubbling below the surface, every now and then belching up some noxious bile, but now that the Republican party has started to openly embrace them rather than just pander and dogwhisper to them, I don’t know how we put this genie back in the bottle. We’re going to be a majority minority nation with a petulant, armed, and violent minority causing problems for a century if we don’t crush this shit. There’s a reason these fuckers all worship Rhodesia and South Africa.

It’s Not Terrorism When White People Do It

Donald Trump and his Department of Homeland Security have decided they don’t want to bother the very fine people who terrorize America:

The Department of Homeland Security has disbanded a group of intelligence analysts who focused on domestic terrorism, The Daily Beast has learned. Numerous current and former DHS officials say they find the development concerning, as the threat of homegrown terrorism—including white supremacist terrorism—is growing.

In the wake of this move, officials said the number of analytic reports produced by DHS about domestic terrorism, including the threat from white supremacists, has dropped significantly. People in and close to the department said this has generated significant concern at headquarters.

“It’s especially problematic given the growth in right-wing extremism and domestic terrorism we are seeing in the U.S. and abroad,” one former intelligence official told The Daily Beast.

The group in question was a branch of analysts in DHS’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A). They focused on the threat from homegrown violent extremists and domestic terrorists. The analysts there shared information with state and local law enforcement to help them protect their communities from these threats.

We don’t worry about body counts when they’re untermensch.

Say My Name

This was pretty good. I’m seeing a lot of comments like Shapiro’s from other right wingers. Of course, they’d be shouting to the hilltops if the next mass killer has a foreign-sounding name, or is brown.

That said, I generally agree that sharing the killer’s name isn’t important, nor are the ideological parts of their manifesto (it’s all the same hate), but I sure think the autobiographical parts are important. How are these killers made, and how do we stop them before they kill? This should be the topic of serious research that is shared periodically with the community as a whole.

I also have some concern about making the manifesto “forbidden fruit”. Part of indoctrination into any cult is taking a poorly socialized outsider and making them think they’re on the inside of a big secret. I don’t know how I feel about the videos, since they’re damaging to the victims’ families. Certainly having them go viral as the shooting is still happening is wrong, but maybe if they’re behind a bunch of warnings and victims identities are blurred, they might be OK to share, especially if there’s a denialist movement around the shooting (which is probably inevitable).

Hey Facebook, Your Standards Seem Arbitrary, Capricious, and Stupid

My facebook account is closed to the public, meaning that only people I know personally, who follow me and whom I follow, can see what I post. So basically, the only people who can see what I say and post have signed up for this shit and know full well the hot mess they are dealing with. Despite that, I am somehow run afoul of facebook’s community standards:

You know what passes facebook’s community standards? This:

That’s right- Alex Jones, despite being very publicly banned from facebook, is back in full force:

Alex Jones, the rabidly anti-LGBTQ conspiracy theorist who hosts the web-show InfoWars was banned from Facebook, YouTube, iTunes, Twitter and Vimeo last year. But he has apparently snuck back onto Facebook, and so far he’s getting away with it.

The Daily Dot reports that Jones’ InfoWars is now available on Facebook via three pages called NewsWars, InfoWars Live 24/7 and Prison Planet.TV. All of them run anti-LGBTQ content which conflates LGBTQ rights with pedophilia.

Jones has admitted that his company operates NewsWars and its related website, NewsWars.com, but he has denied personally running any of the Facebook pages.

Many of the NewsWars.com posts contain InfoWars videos, helping Facebook users connect with Jones and his anti-LGBTQ and Islamophobic views despite formally being banned on the world’s largest social network.

Fuck you Zuckerberg, you piece of shit nazi enabler. And I can say that here, because as you all know, we have no god damned standards.

This Is How You Fight- Gillum Edition

This may be the greatest portion of any political debate ever:

Were I there I would have been butt naked after that having thrown my bra and panties on the stage. This blog is now a Gillum 2020/2024/2028/2032 full service blog.

Sweet mother of mercy I need a cold shower.