Bixby Update

Bixby turned five today. I’m a terrible pet person because I don’t necessarily remember or celebrate birthdays or adoption days. This year, was of course, different. So grateful we have this day. Emma turned 16 this week, too. So big week here.

Again, thanks for going on the journey with me – both his puppy adventures and this past April. I was so comforted by your comments, emails, phone calls and offers of financial help.  Could not have gotten through it without you guys. I cannot emphasize how close we were to losing him.

He’s down to PT once a month and we are almost walking our normal distances again.

The rest of the crew is doing great too. For the Penelope/Pearl fans – she’s STILL growing. I keep telling her she’s the Great Dane of ducks. And she’s found her honk – OMG, has she found her honk. Hopefully, that will diminish as she gets older.

Respite open thread.

Not-Political Open Thread

Ric and Zooey always like laundry day.

Respite Open Thread: Oh, Deer!

This guy went out for a run, cut through the park and picked up a trio of running mates:

Merriam-Webster does not mess around:

Oh, no!


So the gutter guy cleaned the gutters yesterday and I warned him to watch out for the ducks wandering the backyard. I looked out later and he was in the grass, trying to get them to come over to him. I brought him a bag of greens and let him feed them. It is one of the wonders of ducks…everyone wants to meet them.

I sent him home with a couple of duck eggs. LOL

Much needed respite open thread…what a news day.

Respite Open Thread: Bad Haircuts




Poor kitty. Steve should be grateful he’s got John looking out after him instead of this guy. LOL

Also, JeffreyW cracks me up. He posted this on our blog with the caption, “Late Again”  it’s where his bird feeder usually is placed:

Today is not going as planned. LOL  How about you?

Respite open thread

Respite Open Thread: Gabe’s New Adventure

Gabe got to go outside this morning. This was our second attempt. A few weeks ago I tried it and he headed to the gate, as if to leave, so I swooped him up and brought him back inside.

Zander and Gabe wishing I would go away

Today, I grabbed a cup of coffee and joined the cats outside, ready to snag Gabe if he tried to leave again. Instead, he was content to hang out by the catnip and roll in the grass.

This is how I usually train the cats to be backyard kitties. I hang with them and discourage them from jumping the fence or finding an opening I didn’t realize we had.  It takes a few times, but they always seem to get the idea. If they want to hang out in the yard, they must stay in the yard.

Emma joins the boys

I have also been known to send Bixby out after them to bring them back in. He’s very protective of his kitties. And I figure, better he scares them than the dog next door (even though the dog next door weighs all of 4 lbs and is terrified of the ducks).

To be fair, the only way to leave the yard is to jump the six-foot fence and for Gabe, that may no longer be a possibility. We don’t body shame here, but he seems to have grown as round as he is long.

Bonus Penelope (FKA Pearl):


Most of the white stuff in the water does not belong to her, but to my neighbors’ cottonwood.

Respite open thread

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