Friday Morning Open Thread: Here’s Hoping for A Quiet Weekend…

*Especially* that Florida, and our beloved Floridian Jackals, will come through Dorian as unscathed as possible!

Who’s got plans for the last official weekend of summer?

Other snippets:

(Sorry, Raven, I know you’d prefer we not bring up football here)

I Am Vengeance! I Am the Night!

I am really enjoying these belly scritchees and my ladybug pacifier!

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FLASHBACK to Capella enjoying a morning tickle. In the wild, their mothers groom them throughout the day to keep them clean and prevent bacterial growth known as 'slimey wing'. In care, we only bath (wipe them down) our flying fox orphans once a day as we don't want to strip away their natural oils etc. After their bath, they love a good tickle to mimic their mothers tongue, and then they are sunned to dry out and get their much needed vitamin D. *bats are not pets* – I am a licensed and vaccinated wildlife rescuer and rehabilitator. If you see a sick or injured bat, do not touch it. Call your nearest wildlife rescue group. No touch, no risk. #capellatheflyingfox #blackflyingfox #vaccinatedandlicencedcarer #batsqld #flyingfox #fruitbat #babybat #bat #wildliferescue #batsofaustralia #australianwildlife #batsofinstagram #batsarenotpets #pleasedonottouchbats #notouchnorisk #rehabilitateandrelease #secondchance #australia #queensland #battyburrito #threatenedspecies #protectedspecies

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Open thread!

(Extremely Tongue-in-Cheek) Respite Open Thread: Encouraging Arson By Vermin Procyon-Lotor-Americans

I’m glad the little guys escaped safely, but if you’ve ever lost power due to a coon (or squirrel) taking down a transformer, you’ll get the joke…

Saturday Morning Open Thread: In Sympathy With Loons

Gary Bennett gently removed the 2-week-old loon from a box and cupped the chick in his gloved hands as the boat drifted Monday in the sparkling waters of Messalonskee Lake.

Then came the high-pitched cry from the baby, whom he had named Jordan. Just three days ago, Bennett, who runs Snow Pond Cruises on the 9.5-mile-long lake, had captured the chick after noticing a grape-sized tumor on its leg. An animal rehabilitation center in Freedom surgically removed the tumor and Jordan was returned with a clean bill of health.

Monday afternoon, the chick’s parents paddled near the boat and responded with a series of distinctive wails that loons are known for when searching for a mate or a baby. The eerily serene wails heralded an emotional reunion for both human and bird, as Jordan came back to the waters of the lake and back to its parents.

Bennett, 68, is a registered Maine guide and licensed commercial boat operator who has lived on the lake for 33 years and has been running Snow Pond Cruises since 2014…

The loon is known as one of Maine’s most beloved birds, with a population in steady rebound in recent years. Maine Audubon has estimated that there are some 3,200 adult loons and 400 loon chicks in the southern half of Maine, which is the part of the state covered by the annual count…

Full story and pictures at the link. Loons only hatch one or two chicks at a time, so it’s not surprising they’d be more open to reuniting with a ‘stolen’ chick than a passerine with half a dozen other offspring to protect.

Holiday Saturday Evening Open Thread

I love the way otter dude whips out his clam, like a man in a suit jacket pulling out his cigarette case. (Doesn’t offer to share his clams, you’ll notice.)

Also, the tweet text is a sneaky snarky feminist riff… as anyone who’s tried to find a dress that’ll let you carry your wallet & phone already knows.