Repub Stupidity Open Thread: Rep. Kevin McCarthy, Latest Victim of ETTD*

*Everything Trump Touches Dies…

SFGate reports:

Republican U.S. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy is defending President Donald Trump’s comments that California isn’t doing a good enough job managing its forests.

McCarthy, of California, says he agrees with Trump that better forest management could mitigate California’s deadly and destructive wildfires. He’s commenting in response to a Trump tweet threatening to withhold California’s federal disaster funding…

Fire scientists say its climate change, not forest management, that’s the chief cause of more destructive wildfires.

Democratic U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, also of California, had challenged McCarthy to condemn Trump’s comments.

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Wednesday Morning Open Thread: Sad Trumpone Noises

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Impeach The Mofo!

David Leonhardt, one of the bright spots in the New York Times, wrote a brief on impeaching President Donald Trump. It’s very good – you should read it all.

Some highlights:

  • We don’t need results from the Mueller investigation to impeach Trump – he has proved his unfitness for office in multiple ways.
  • Now that moderating influences like James Mattis have left the administration, Trump’s rate of doing damage will increase.
  • The greatest risk is an external event and Trump’s inability to respond, or to immediately reach for dictatorial powers.

He lists four areas in which Trump has broken his oath of office:

  • Trump has used the presidency for personal enrichment.
  • Trump has violated campaign finance law.
  • Trump has obstructed justice.
  • Trump has subverted democracy.

Bob Bauer provides a long explanation of how we get to an impeachment. The first step is for Congress to hold hearings on the various issues. This provides evidence for Trump’s malfeasance. Hearings also publicize that malfeasance to develop popular support for impeachment. Read more

H.R. 1: For The People Act

Any excuse to post a video of Rep John Lewis, American Hero.

Here’s the full video of the presser

I just called my congress-critter – red as he may be – and voiced my support for this. Believe it or not, he opposes the border wall, so my call may not have been wasted. Oh but for a few blocks and I would have Joe Neguse.

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ETA: I’m watching Nancy Smash on MSNBC and forgot to mention it. Discuss!

Blue Wave — Arriving

The 116th Congress is currently being sworn in.

The gavel is being handed over.

The Blue Wave arrived.

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Image of one of the Healthcare Gavels from Napa Valley Register

Thursday Morning Open Thread: Cheering for Pelosi

E.J. Dionne, in the Washington Post, “Nancy Pelosi vows that House Democrats won’t act like Republicans”:

Incoming speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to be clear about what the new Democratic House majority will not be: They will not, she insists, act like the Republicans.

“We believe that we will not become them,” she said in a New Year’s Day phone interview during a visit to her native Baltimore. “We’re not going to do to them what they did to President Obama. . . . It’s really important for us not to become them and certainly not to become like the president of the United States in terms of how he speaks without any basis of fact, evidence, data or truth…”

Pelosi also pushed back hard against the idea that, in holding Trump and his administration accountable, Democrats would be engaging in some sort of investigative orgy. On the contrary, she said, Article I of the Constitution grants Congress responsibility for “oversight over the agencies of government.”

She added pointedly: “We don’t want the administration describing the traditional congressional responsibility for oversight to be labeled ‘investigation.’ There may be some investigations that spring from another purpose, but we will be strategic and not political when it comes to that.” She senses no need to explain or elaborate on the meaning of the words “another purpose,” even though they represent a potentially mortal threat to Trump’s presidency…
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New Year’s Role Model Open Thread: Dance Like You’re Sitting in the President’s Seat