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Buoys, “Timothy” (1971)
Weird shit dept.: Sounding for all the world like the post-hippie bubblegum overrunning the airwaves at the time, “Timothy” is actually something much, much darker. It’s more famous now for its words—most of the YouTube videos I found are pleased to hammer you over the head with the theme (see here, and this is pretty good too). I don’t actually remember much controversy. I had heard it a lot before I caught the drift, and then I was kind of shocked. The Bloodrock, on the other hand, a full-on creepshow, was controversial, but that was more because the original version included sirens for effect and people hearing it in their cars were reportedly pulling over, which was understandably annoying. A later cut took out the sirens but that didn’t make it any easier to take.

More 1971 shock: Bloodrock, “DOA”
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If I Needed You…

Via commentor Dee Lorelai and Paddy at The Political Carnival, the Campaign for Southern Equality launches its WeDo campaign.
I would add a “Proud to Be from Massachusetts” category, but some say the list is too long already, and besides, “Gay Rights Are Human Rights” is sufficient here.

Song of the week

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Shudder to Think, “Hot One” (1998)
I have to give it up to Shudder to Think for being such great mimics. I haven’t found much satisfaction in the albums traveling under their own name, but I think their soundtrack work is routinely great. Maybe that’s because it’s at the service of a couple of my favorite movies (I know, YMMV) but it’s also because their sleight of hand is so clever and ranges so wide. Here they offer up a lost song from the David Bowie Aladdin Sane epoch—all the sweeter because Bowie had refused to license any of his music for Velvet Goldmine. Consider it a workaround. For High Art, they cobbled together a version of downtown New York fake jazz for “Artforum” cocktail parties that’s equally pinpoint and worked perfectly.

Beside: “Mom’s Mercedes” (from High Art)
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Open Thread (Bobby McGee is Weeping)

The meaningless anniversary feature of my local radio station informed me that it was 41 years ago today that Janis Joplin’s ashes were scattered in the ocean off Stinson Beach in California.

She was 27 when she died of an overdose of insufficiently-stepped-on heroin.  This is what was lost:

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(The guitar player wasn’t half bad either.)

What’s on your mind?

Song of the week

A personal favorite of mine, I have to admit. (EDIT: This and all songs of the week posts are written by JPK of Can’t Explain, not by me.)

Left Banke, “Walk Away Renee” (1966)
I know this is a favorite of DougJ’s and who am I to second-guess that? This exquisite mid-’60s chamber orchestra production is so artfully executed, so sad and yet so lovely, with its sawing strings and soothing flute solo (borrowed from “California Dreamin'”) and all its little touches, that it’s kind of hard to grok that it actually became a top 5 hit, but there you have it. Fun facts, courtesy Wikipedia: Boston’s Tom Scholz has said this was a primary inspiration behind “More Than a Feeling.” Rod Stewart named his daughter Renee because this is one of his favorite songs. Gwen Stefani’s middle name is Renee because of this song.

The other hit: “Pretty Ballerina”
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