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Paint it black.

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Ludwig Van again, Moonlight Sonata.

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By popular demand, Beethoven’s 9th.

Part 2 is here if that didn’t satisfy your Ludvig fix.

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Since we had way too much traffic for me post post this on Tuesday, here is the beer I opened when terribly sad faces at FOX News announced that Obama had a mathematical lock on the election.




It appears that not everybody is willing to concede that Bach’s Prelude to the Cello Suite #1 is the greatest piece of music written by man. In the interest of fairness I will post alternative suggestions from the comments, starting with Glenn Gould playing the Goldberg Variations in 1981.


Gould part two:

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The prelude for Bach’s cello suite #1 is the greatest piece of music ever written by man. Prove me wrong.


As much as I love Rostropovich, he plays this one like he is in a hurry. Yo Yo Ma did it better; just ignore the annoying political ad tacked on at the end.

Paging Pat Travers

A lot of you know how little attention I like to pay to the polls, because they fluctuate, are just a snapshot, and anything can happen. However, the way things are currently trending, with Obama close to opening a double digit lead in several national polls, several state polls are pretty shocking:

Obama +10 in Virginia
Obama +6 in North Carolina
Obama +7 in Ohio

If McCain loses Virginia, Ohio, and North Carolina- Boom boom, out go the lights!

Love that song.

Home, Crap Home

Made it back to Balloon Juice headquarters in one piece, and it was a really nice drive. For those of you who have never driven the highways of WV in the fall, the trees really are spectacular. They are just starting to turn right now, and you see lush walls of green with a little light orange starting to show, and every now and then a bright red tree stands out. It was also nice to see how clean the roads were. I am glad that littering has become more socially unacceptable.

The other thing that made the trip nice was we found this anthem rock radio station, and I heard a lot of stuff for the first time in years, all from hair bands. Scorpions The Zoo, some old Queen, and my personal favorite from the day, Billy Squier.

Can’t believe I used to own all those albums. Some of them never got replaced in the move to cd’s, and probably should have, if for the cheese and nostalgia aspect alone.

Another weird thing- we stopped at a McDonald’s for some diet coke (my old platoon sergeant was an architect who designed McDonald’s, and insisted that they all had a finely tuned coca cola set-up that produced the perfect fountain soda- I tend to think he was telling the truth, because McD’s diet coke always seems to taste better), and was absolutely mortified when they handed me a styrofoam cup. I thought everyone on the planet stopped using that crap. Using styrofoam is worse than pouring motor oil in a stream. Jeebus.

And I am rambling.