Roy Clark 1933-2018

Hi, everybody! Jewish Steel here. How’ve you been?

By a strange coincidence I was just watching this the other day. I was expecting some virtuoso hillbilly guitar. What I was not expecting was Steve Martinesque anti-comedy. Where there aren’t jokes necessarily, but the humor is in the stupidity, surprising turns, and flashes of insight contained in the material itself. I was kind of shocked at the sophistication of it all.


And The Band Played…

Some years ago, I put up the video of a song that speaks to me on Veterans/Remembrance Day, and invited you all to add the one or ones that do the same for you.

When I hear this and the other pieces in this grim playlist, of course), I think of my grandfather, who served from 1914-1918, mostly on the Western Front, mostly as a battery commander in the Royal Horse Artillery.  I think of my dad, whose discharge papers my sister just excavated, documenting his four year journey from Japanese language school to Tokyo Bay.  I think of my uncle, who fought a towed-gun across northern Europe in 1944 and ’45, and ended his combat service in the Malayan Emergency, which was the only battlefield on which he ever saw a particular opposing soldier aiming a gun personally at him.  And of lots more, people I’ve known, and those I’ll never meet.

So here’s that tune again; respond as you will.


Memory is a defense against those for whom war is a prop.

Over to y’all.

Friday Evening Open Thread: Fighting the Good Fight

Was gonna add an Etheridge YouTube video, but I couldn’t think of the best one. Suggestions?

Because Why Not

Saw this a while back at my favorite fishmonger (New Deal Seafood on Cambridge St. in Cambridge, for you Hub of the Universe Juicers)…

Which, inevitably, evoked this:

Meanwhile, Tikka asks, are you ready?

Early voting opened in my town today (yeah — MA does it by city and town)…

Just sayin.

Open thread.

In the Nick of Time a Hero Arose, a Funny Looking Dog with a Big Black Nose!

Ach du lieber!

Yes, yes, I know the video in the tweet is actually from 2015…

Anyhow, you all know what this means! An audio-video extravaganza of a dogfight between the leader of Jagdgeschwader 1 (JG 1), also known as Richtofen’s Flying Circus, and a dog!

Open thread!


Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Terrible Tuesday

As we gird up our loins for battle…

Quick but Interesting (Open Thread)

I saw this earlier on the tweet-machines and wanted to amplify it. Click through for the whole tweet thread/slideshow:

It reminded me of the excellent documentary Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten, about the cool rock & roll scene Cambodia had before the Khmer Rouge, ah, murdered everyone involved.

Anywho, looks like we could probably do with an open thread, so, open thread! Hope everybody’s Saturday is going well. So far I’ve done my one big weekend errand and eaten tacos. I’m calling it a success.