Monday Morning Open Thread

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Still seems disrespectful to cheer Memorial Day as the “official start of summer”, but here we are.

What’s on the agenda as we wrap up the weekend?

If only…

Help Me Please

I need help. I am organizing my music library and I just don’t know what to do with shit like this:

Should I just put it all under Frank Zappa and hope itunes recognizes it?

Late Evening/Early Morning (EDT) Open Thread: Floriduh Woman!

Osprey, FL hello!

SARASOTA COUNTY — A man told a Sarasota County 911 operator that Donna Betts, the wife of Allman Brothers Band founding member Dickey Betts, stood on her dock Monday evening looking through the scope of a rifle, which was pointed toward 100 teens and coaches with the Sarasota Crew team.

Donna Betts, 62, was arrested at her Osprey home this morning and charged with 18 counts of aggravated assault with a firearm.

According to the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office, Betts appeared on the dock behind her home in the 300 block of Palmetto Avenue about 5:30 p.m. Monday and pointed a rifle at members of Sarasota Crew, who were in boats and on a nearby dock preparing for rowing practice. Betts allegedly threatened to shoot different crew members and coaches as she pointed the rifle at them, and made statements that if they came on her property they would be shot.

Much of the incident was captured in a cellphone video, which corroborates the claims, according to deputies. Deputies recovered the weapon, which Betts allegedly threw into the water.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, Betts then called 911 at 5:43 p.m., identified herself and said that the rowers have destroyed her life.

Betts lives on a property adjacent to the crew team’s practice facility at Bay Preserve at Osprey. The man who called 911 said this wasn’t the first run-in they’ve had with Betts, and there was a restraining order against the woman.

“She’s on her dock looking through the scope and aiming at the kids right now,” the man told a 911 dispatcher who calmly told the man help was on its way. “We’ve got hundreds of kids here, she’s pointing the gun at one of my coaches generally right by me right now.”

More Gunshine State fun at the link!

And because of the connection to the Allman Brothers, here’s some music to soothe your inner Floriduh Man or Woman.

Late Evening Open Thread: There’s Always Room for Cello!


I never knew the charm of spring

What month do you think has the most songs written about it? I think it’s got to be either April or September. For April, you’ve got “I Remember April” and “April In Paris”. For September, you’ve got “September Song” by Kurt Weill, “Back In September” (from “The Fantasticks”), the Earth Wind and Fire song “September”, and “September Gurls”. So I guess September wins in a way, but…the two April songs are both jazz standards so they should count double. And “riding high in April, shot down in May” has no September analog.

What are some other good songs in which names of months are featured prominently? Aguas de Marco and Beach Baby come to mind. And I guess I forgot the Neil Diamond song “September Morn”, which I feel is the most Neil Diamond of any song.

I guess Maggie May mentions September too, so maybe September wins. But I think April is at worst a close second.

Long distance information, get me Memphis Tennesse

This is probably my favorite Chuck Berry song (C’est La Vie is second). I only learned it was a Chuck Berry song a few years ago, I’d just heard the Johnny Rivers cover before then.

What’s your favorite Chuck Berry song?

Liar and a Traitor (Open Thread)

This Dropkick Murphys song reminds me of someone:

It’s an angry song, but it makes me happy. Open thread!