Friday Afternoon Musical Interlude (Open Thread)

For your listening pleasure:

Does anyone know the origins of the “Rubberband Man” concept? Wikipedia (don’t get me started) says, “The song, written by producer Thom Bell and singer-songwriter Linda Creed, was about Bell’s son, who was being teased by his classmates for being overweight. Intended to improve his son’s self-image, the song eventually evolved from being about “The Fat Man” to “The Rubberband Man.”

Okay, but why a rubberband? Oh well. Sometimes you have to just let art wash over you and not analyze it too closely. Open thread!

Friday Morning Update: Weekly Progress Open Thread

(h/t commentor Cosima)

I want to implement commentor Jenn‘s idea of a weekly Progress Open Thread, even though it’s apparently a bit soon for specific responses.

Great idea from commentor Mary G:

I went to and sent the Obamas a message:

Dear President and Mrs. Obama:

I haven’t always agreed with you, particularly on foreign policy, but boy am I going to miss you. You have done your country a great service and I thank you so much for all your hard work, and sacrifice of your privacy and freedom of action. I plan to be active in resisting the rollback of your achievements. Especially the ACA. You have been the best president and presidential family of my 60-year-old life.

What will happen to the videos and photos of your speeches and events currently on When I am down and discouraged, I watch a speech or look at a few pictures to get fired up and ready to go. There are so many I want to see, but haven’t had time to.

God bless you, Mary

And via commentor Kathleen — Go sign Sherrod Brown’s petition that PEOTUS fire Steve Bannon. (Yeah, it’s not gonna happen, but it’ll irk both the neo-Nazi and his catspaw that us commoners aren’t being respectful.)

Who’s got progress to report, or ideas to implement, as we wrap up the week?

Lou Knew

Contemplating the pain Trump’s going to lay on the most vulnerable among us (and yeah, some of them voted for him, but hurt is hurt), I found this song, imagined as being addressed directly to the Shitgibbon, a perfect expression of my mood:

(Buried deep in the lyrics Reed talks of the Trumps being ordained.  But the real tell is when he sings “They say the President’s dead/But no one can find his head.” That last line is truer than he ever knew.  Man was a prophet.)

Open thread.

Late Night/Early Morning Open Thread

Here’s a shiny new post to get you all through the wee hours. Given the discussion in the comments to the previous thread, I reckon this is an appropriate musical choice.


Saturday Morning Open Thread: Anthem

Goddess bless the Queen!

Longish read for a (hopefully) quiet weekend morning… Greg Sargent at the Washington Post:

If you care about whether the Democratic Party can rebuild itself anytime soon out of the smoking wreckage left behind by the disastrous 2016 elections, something very important is happening a lot sooner than you think.

There are more than three dozen gubernatorial races taking place in the next two years. And they could do a tremendous amount to set the party on the path out of the wilderness in the Age of Donald Trump — with potentially significant national ramifications that could stretch well into the next decade, for instance by having a substantial influence over the redistricting of House seats, which could help determine control of the Lower Chamber in the 2020s…

… The vast majority of these races take place in 2018 (only two, Virginia and New Jersey, take place next year), so we’re really talking about the 2018 map here. It has big transformative potential for Democrats, since many of the states in which Republicans are defending seats are ones Barack Obama (and to a lesser extent Hillary Clinton) won.

There are four reasons why these contests are so important to the long-term prospects of the Democratic Party:

1) They represent a major opportunity to reverse the tremendous state-level damage done to Democrats in 2010…

2) Winning back gubernatorial mansions could have real impact over the redistricting of the House in the next decade…

3) These races give Dems a chance to turn things around in swing states and “blue wall” states that Trump won…

4) Winning back states could have a big influence on policy…

Interactive map & full details at the link. Remember, those of you on (other) social media — Sharing Is Caring!

Apart from preparing ourselves for the next battle(s), what’s on the agenda for the day?

Because We All Need A Break

One of the pleasures of having a snarkalicious sixteen year old in the house is exposure to all kinds of odds and ends.

This morning, the boy trawled through the Youtube bin to come up with this for some before-school video entertainment:

It’s kind of scary how well it works (to a certain, well-constrained value of “well”).


(And yes…the thread. Open, it is.)

PS:  I put this in the category “music” and I’m really not sure if the FSM won’t splatter me with campanelle for my blasphemy.

Late Night Angry Music Open Thread

He had the makings of a leader
Of a certain kind of men
Who need to feel the world’s against him
Out to get ’em if it can

Men whose trigger pull their fingers
Of men who’d rather fight than win
United in a revolution
Like in mind and like in skin…

N!R!A! I owe some commentor a hat tip for this — really enjoying this whole Drive By Truckers album.

Because some people didn’t pay enough attention during the Cheney Regency, from the Washington Post:

At the beginning of Sunday night’s American Music Awards, co-host and former “Saturday Night Live” star Jay Pharoah told the audience they weren’t going to talk about politics: “Tonight is all about the music,” he announced.

That was not entirely true. Minutes later, Pharoah launched into his impression of President-elect Donald Trump (“I love Bruno Mars. I don’t know what color he is, so I can’t deport him. … I love ‘Uptown Funk.’ It was totally about me. … I’m gonna funk this country up, bigly.”)

But punk rock group Green Day was the most overtly political; lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong is a vocal Trump critic. During the performance of their new single, “Bang Bang,” they segued briefly into “Born to Die” by punk band MDC, singing Trump-themed lyrics: “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA!” They repeated the line (which has been heard at anti-Trump protests) three times before they finished the song…

Plus, there was this onstage banter between presenters Mark Cuban (entrepreneur and noted Trump nemesis) and Broadway star Idina Menzel:

Cuban: “Congratulations on your new album. I know you’ve been looking forward to that for a long time.”

Menzel: “Thank you so much. What are you looking forward to?”

Cuban: “Not being invited to the inauguration is a good start.”…