Late Night Open Thread

Huh. Looks like nobody else is around and it’s about time for an open thread.

Here’s one of the things I’m working on. Veljo Tormis is not well known in the United States, although I’ve seen his music in a few more concerts recently. He collected folk songs of Estonia and other Finnic peoples around the Gulf of Finland. He is greatly loved in Estonia. There are several smaller related language groups in that area, some of them dying out.

I love his music, and you can hear the folk tunes in this prelude and fugue.

He died earlier this year. I saw him at the 1999 and 2004 Song Festivals in Tallinn.

I’m going to feed the cats and go to bed. Will check back in the morning.

Late Night Music Open Thread: Farewell to Cassini

Late-night nostalgia, from the Washington Post:

PASADENA, Calif. — Linda Spilker checks the clock: 12:04 p.m. As the NASA scientist sits in this crowded conference room on the Caltech campus, the aging Saturn orbiter Cassini is flying past the moon Titan for a final time. The maneuver on Monday will give Cassini the gravitational tug needed to sling it straight into Saturn’s atmosphere, where it will vaporize above roiling clouds of dust and gas.

There’s no turning back now. Spilker’s life’s work is officially doomed.

That is the nature of being a planetary scientist. No mission lasts forever. Every spacecraft eventually runs out of fuel. Spilker knew this when she joined the Cassini team half a lifetime ago. Later, as head scientist, she was part of the group that devised the mission’s “grand finale,” which has sent Cassini on dizzying dives between Saturn and its rings and ends Friday with the fatal plunge.

The assembled researchers lift their glasses of juice and chorus their appreciation. A few are close to tears. After Cassini disintegrates, this team will be disbanded, and NASA’s view of Saturn will go dark. For the moment, the space agency has no plans to return to the ringed planet.

But Spilker and a young protegee have submitted a proposal for a new mission to the Saturnian system, which would investigate one of Cassini’s most significant finds: jets of water on the moon Enceladus that could contain traces of alien life

Only peripherally related, but somehow appropriate:

Evening Earworms Open Thread

A few ear worms to carry us towards the overnight.

First up is a song made for the Warner Brothers catalog by BER intended to sound like a generic 80s pop song. After a snippet of it was featured in the spoof cartoon Teen Titans Go it became popular enough to become the basis for a dedicated extended episode of the show, as well as a cover by Fall Out Boy. This video is that cover with clips from the episode. The mecha is Fall Out Boy as the magical music robot Fall OutBot. The cyborg polar bear is CeeLo Green as CeeLo Bear.

Next up is Sia’s Move Your Body. Which was originally offered by Sia to Shakira, who turned it down. It is also the ear worm music featured in one of the Lexus ads.


Finally a cover of Sweet’s Fox on the Run by the all female group The Regrettes:

Post your favorite and/or most insidious ear worms in the comments.

Open thread!

DC March of the Juggalos – No, Srsly

The Hill is… game:

Fans of the hip-hop group Insane Clown Posse descended on Washington, D.C., on Saturday for a “Juggalo March” to protest the FBI classifying them as a gang.

The fans, nicknamed Juggalos, are holding a march and concert on the National Mall to protest a 2011 FBI report that classified fans of the group as a “loosely-organized hybrid gang.”

The march’s website includes personal tales of fans being fired from their jobs, stopped and detained by police and losing custody battles for being Juggalos, wearing band merchandise or having the band’s trademark “hatchet man” tattoo, a silhouette of a man wielding an axe…

Daniel Dale, ace reporter for the Toronto Star, seems to be having the time of his life…

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Walter Becker RIP

I’ve gained more appreciation for Steely Dan over the years, especially the Aja album, which my wife and I started listening to when we read about how local legend Steve Gadd plays on it. Walter Becker RIP.

Overnight Musical Open Thread

Everyone else seems to be out for the night, so here’s an open thread. A two pack of Blondie.

First up covering The Nerves Hanging on the Telephone:

And then something from the late 90s:

Open Thread!

But the words get in the way

I remember an article years ago by Nick Hornby where he talked about how, even though he loves Al Green’s “Let’s Get Married”, it almost ruins the song when Al Green says “might as well, might as well”, since it’s just not something you’d say to someone while proposing.

Today, I was listening to “American Without Tears”, which is probably one of my top five all-time Elvis Costello songs and I remembered just how much this lyric bothers me

Outside in New Orleans the heat was almost frightening
But my hotel room as usual was freezing and unkind
On TV they prosecute anyone who’s exciting
So I put on my overcoat and went down to find

If the heat is almost frightening, why is he putting on his overcoat?

Another example is any song where they use “I” as a direct object (“Redemption Songs” gets a pass because “I” has some rastafarian meaning there, I think.) Granted many of those songs are awful anyway, e.g. “Touch Me, Baby” and the Dawson’s Creek song.

What otherwise good songs are ruined for you by small, silly lyrical imperfections?