Long distance information, get me Memphis Tennesse

This is probably my favorite Chuck Berry song (C’est La Vie is second). I only learned it was a Chuck Berry song a few years ago, I’d just heard the Johnny Rivers cover before then.

What’s your favorite Chuck Berry song?

Liar and a Traitor (Open Thread)

This Dropkick Murphys song reminds me of someone:

It’s an angry song, but it makes me happy. Open thread!

AM Gold

I’m not hip enough for podcasts and Sirius radio and that kind of thing, so I usually listen to reg’lar radio when I’m driving. There’s one station that plays oldies — the biggest hits in the history of the world is their slogan — and they’ve played some real doozies recently. Yesterday, I heard, for the first time in my life, the song “Honey” by Bobby Goldsboro. I immediately thought of “God Didn’t Make Little Green Apples” and it turns out it’s by the same songwriter.

What’s your favorite late 60s/70s “story song”? I’ll go with “Ode To Billy Joe”. I also like “Delta Dawn” and “Green, Green Grass of Home” (a bit earlier and not really a story, but what a twist).

Friday Morning Open Thread: Sanctuary Sessions

On Sunday, March 5, traditional Irish musicians through the U.S. and in Dublin, Ireland, will come together to make music, encourage positive dialogue and raise money for the ACLU’s continued effort to support civil rights. The Sanctuary Sessions were organized by members of Boston’s Irish music community. These musicians reached out to the broader traditional music community and found a large number of musicians around the country who agreed to participate by holding fundraisers in their home communities. There are now events planned in over 20 communities.

Thanks to commentor Origuy for the tip. More details available on FaceBook, if you’re a member, or check the music bulletin boards for your area…

What else is on the agenda, as we (hope to) wrap up another very busy week?

Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Carne Vale!

(courtesy Ozark Hillbilly)

Of course most of the Mardi Gras parties happened last weekend, or even earlier, but today it’s official. Even if you’re not a Lenten observer, why pass up a chance to eat pancakes?

But of course there’s always a political component… even leading aside the President-Asterisk’s speech tonight. Per the Washington Post:

PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad and Tobago — Every year, an onslaught of high-octane soca music is released ahead of Trinidad’s pre-Lent Carnival. The songs are new, but the themes are well-worn: Rum. Partying. And the allure of a woman’s gyrating body, preferably backed into a man’s grasp.

So it’s a little surprising that one of this year’s most popular Carnival tunes is a jaunty ballad performed by the 76-year-old music legend Calypso Rose and titled matter-of-factly “Leave Me Alone.” The song features a woman trying to party in the streets without interference from men, exhorting them to “leave me, let me free up.” And it’s being hailed as a feminist anthem.

“It’s like a rallying cry for women who just want to be able to have the option of enjoying their Carnival — Carnival being that space of freedom,” said Attillah Springer, 40, a Trinidadian writer and activist. “And then you have to deal with people who are trying to control how much freedom you feel.”…

The discussion about women’s roles in Carnival is part of a wider soul-searching about the state of the celebration and how it has changed from the traditions of decades ago, when Carnival costumes depicted figures from history or folklore and often encapsulated stinging political or social statements.

But Gabrielle Hosein, head of the Institute for Gender and Development Studies at the University of the West Indies in Trinidad, said the current bikini-and-beads iteration of Carnival doesn’t necessarily exclude political or social activism.

“It’s the largest movement of women in Trinidad and Tobago seeking autonomy and self-determination around their sexuality and their bodies, in opposition to a particular kind of respectability politics . . . purely for the joy and pleasure they experience,” Hossein said. “One can see those goals as highly political in our world today.”.

Ayoung-Chee said she wants to help people see how the free-for-all Carnival vibes can align with the tradition of activism and rebellion.

“Coming out in the streets in the tens of thousands, owning your space, owning your freedom,” Ayoung-Chee said. “What is that besides activism?”

Running scared

A song for all those special snowflakes in Congress:

Most Republicans in swing districts are steering clear of in-person town hall gatherings this week, hoping to avoid the anti-President Trump protesters determined to make them the star of a viral YouTube video.

What’s All That Wet Stuff In My Eyes?

I just watched this, and I can’t quite explain why my vision went all damp and blurry for a moment there:

This one rings across so many of the changes being played right now.  I won’t rabbit on about them; I think the film speaks for itself far better than any commentary could.

But I will say that it made me feel moved, sad, redeemed, and reminded of what’s worth fighting for in the here and now.

And with that…over to y’all.