Running scared

A song for all those special snowflakes in Congress:

Most Republicans in swing districts are steering clear of in-person town hall gatherings this week, hoping to avoid the anti-President Trump protesters determined to make them the star of a viral YouTube video.

What’s All That Wet Stuff In My Eyes?

I just watched this, and I can’t quite explain why my vision went all damp and blurry for a moment there:

This one rings across so many of the changes being played right now.  I won’t rabbit on about them; I think the film speaks for itself far better than any commentary could.

But I will say that it made me feel moved, sad, redeemed, and reminded of what’s worth fighting for in the here and now.

And with that…over to y’all.

I Didn’t Know What Time It Was

Does anyone else think that the Supremes covering Rogers and Hart in 1967 is really damn interesting? Perhaps I’m a fool and I don’t know it. Open thread.

And the children dance to the pipes of Pan

One of the things I miss most about the ’60s and ’70s is the use of flute in songs on the radio. Perhaps the most memorable example is the awful but catchy “Windy”. I genuinely enjoy “Heard It In A Love Song”, “Never Rains In Southern California” and the great “Spill The Wine”. I could live without all of Jethro Tull’s oeuvre however.

There’s also some good jazz flute from back in the day, e.g. some Eric Dolphy.

What are your favorite songs with flute?

Open Thread

Miss you – Gabrielle Aplin

Lying to You – Goldroom

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Late Evening Open Thread: The Country’s in the Very Best of Hands…

I mentioned a while back, when cornered in comments by a certain unnamed musical fanatic, that other than the Batman: the Brave and the Bold animated episode The MusicMeister, the only musical I actually like is Lil Abner. Largely because it was the only thing to watch one night while I was stuck on the couch in my house in Scotland with a sinus and respiratory infection. We only had three channels and at least one of the other ones was showing snooker… So Lil Abner it was. Given the events of today, I think these two numbers from the Lil Abner movie are appropriate.


Have at it…

Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Encourage Dissent


A note from commentor Lizzy L:

For those worried about ACA coverage for themselves and their families…. After hearing about the midnight repeal of the pre-existing conditions clause, a friend of mine called Senator Warren’s office. The woman she spoke to said they are being flooded with calls, as are the offices of Speakers Ryan and McConnell.

Senator Warren’s staff member told her that what would help the most would be to call the five Republican senators who have broken away from the GOP to demand a slow down of the repeal. Tell them how much you appreciate their efforts to stop this train wreck! If this issue affects you or someone you love, share your story with the staffer who answers the phone. (Remember the time difference when you call.)

The senators are:
Senator Bob Corker – (202) 224-3344
Senator Lisa Murkowski – (202) 224-6665
Senator Rob Portman – (202) 224-3353
Senator Susan Collins – (202) 224-2523
Senator Bill Cassidy – (202) 224-5824

if you call the number and get VM, one approach would be to leave an appreciative and encouraging message. I know people who prefer to do that, since calling a Representative’s office often means waiting on hold for a loooong time.

Apart from encouragement — and resistance — what’s on the agenda for the day?