Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Wonderous Women

Because I can (heya, LAMH!), and because these stories meet my EMOT criteria for “not liable to make readers put down their coffee and go right back to bed.” Some days, it’s harder than others.

Jessica Bennet, in the NYTimes, “If Wonder Woman Can Do It, She Can Too”:

“She’s so strong,” the little girl seated next to me at a Brooklyn screening of “Wonder Woman” kept repeating to her mother, occasionally shielding her eyes. It was the first fight scene of the movie, and I was trying not to sob…

But 20 minutes into “Wonder Woman,” the director Patty Jenkins’s take on the iconic DC Comics story, the tears came uncontrollably — as the Amazonian women twirled and glided, fierce and muscular and graceful at once, engaged in battle moves that looked as if they were choreographed for women’s bodies (which, it turned out, they were). I mean, the outfits were a little absurd. Their gladiator sandals seemed to have wedges. And yet, much like Jill Lepore, the author of “The Secret History of Wonder Woman,” put it in The New Yorker: “I am not proud that I found comfort in watching a woman in a golden tiara and thigh-high boots clobber hordes of terrible men. But I did.”

In fact, I was proud. So were legions of women I know who took daughters, nieces, nephews, mentees or simply went in droves, some of them to women-only screenings — and walked out of theaters with a strange feeling of ferociousness. One friend immediately purchased 40 tickets for a group of girls she mentors, along with all their friends. A group of women writers has raised more than $7,000 in a GoFundMe campaign to send New York City girls to see the film.

“I was kind of taken aback at how something as minor as a movie has been affecting me,” said Ruth Wilner, 45, who saw the film with her husband in Sacramento. “I wish I could go back in time and watch it with 8-year-old me.”…


Spoilers (kinda) but also worth reading: Wonder Woman‘s Most Fantastic Scene Nearly Didn’t Get Made at All”.


Apart from fierce women and implacable resistance, what’s on the agenda for the day?

Wednesday Morning Open Thread: By Hera!… (Don’t Buy Trump)

Details probably already known to all you comix aficionados, from the Hollywood Reporter:

The first weekend in June will belong to Wonder Woman.

Not only does the iconic superhero have her own Warner Bros. movie opening June 2, but DC Entertainment has declared the following day “Wonder Woman Day,” with more than 2,000 comic book stores, bookstores and libraries participating in a celebration of the beloved character. DC will partner with outlets including Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Walmart, Costco and Amazon for exclusive in-store and digital promotions, while Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Warner Bros. Consumer Products will also push the event…

Wonder Woman Day concludes DC’s yearlong celebration of the 75th anniversary of Wonder Woman’s first appearance. The hero debuted in 1941’s All-Star Comics No. 8. In addition to the release of her first solo movie, June 2017 also marks the 75th anniversary of the first solo Wonder Woman comic book.

Apart from planning for the weekend, what’s on the agenda for the day?


“Birchbox co-founder”:

Late-Night Post-Oscar Open Thread: Well, That Was Awkward…

(h/t: commentor LAMH)

I only caught the end of the Oscars telecast because I was waiting for the local news, and I honestly assumed the BIG SHOCK ENDING was another lame-o Jimmy Fallon Kimmel joke at first. Per the LA Times:

After an erroneous announcement, ‘Moonlight’ was named Oscar-winner for best picture. ‘La La Land’ was announced first.

“Moonlight,” Barry Jenkins’ drama is about a young African American coming to grips with his sexuality.

At first, Faye Dunaway announced “La La Land” as the winner, after her co-presenter Warren Beatty studied the card at length.

Producers and castmembers from “La La Land,” the candy-colored big-screen romantic musical about two artists striving to fulfill their dreams, were on stage thanking everyone for their win when the mistake was caught.

“La La Land” producer Jordan Horowitz caught the mistake from the stage and interrupted the celebration, calling attention to the discrepancy on the winners card in his hand.

At that point, someone showed the card to the camera, which clearly indicated “Moonlight” had won…

Warren Beatty then stepped to mic and explained that the reason it had taken him so long to read the card, was because he was looking at something that said Emma Stone had won. At that point, he showed it to Dunaway, who announced “La La Land,” Beatty assured viewers that the error was unintentional and he wasn’t trying to turn the biggest award into a joke…

The moment will go down as one of the strangest and most shocking in Oscar history, with the room in disarray as they sorted out the error.

Stone did win Best Actress for La La Land, so perhaps an errant card ended up in the Best Picture envelope. Prediction: There will be somewhere north of ten thousand thinkpieces & essays within the next ten days, explicating on how two of the whitest stars in Hollywood ended up on the wrong end of that particular fraught confrontation…


Oscar’s Open Thread II

You know what to do!

Oscar’s Open Thread


Maybe everything that dies some day comes back

Apropos of my desire for Phillip Seymour Hoffman to play Steve Bannon from beyond the grave, reader J writes:

Your blog post got me thinking – What if I could use CGI to cast a dead actor or actress for a role in a previously released film? Which dead actor or actress would I choose and which role would I select? If there’s a lull in the Trump feeding frenzy, would you consider a thread asking readers to offer up their suggestions?

His pick will be hard to top:

After some deliberation, this is what I dreamt up:

I’d create a new version of The Godfather Part II in which I’d cast Jimmy Stewart in the role of Senator Pat Geary.

Tuesday Evening Open Thread: Film News

Last weekend’s snowstorm kept us from getting out to see Hidden Figures, and I felt just a little guilty about not adding to the opening box office numbers. I’m glad it will still be in theaters next weekend!


Apart from President Obama’s farewell address, what’s on the agenda for the evening?