Jesus, Take the Wheel

Trump marked his 500th day in office (yes, time is telescoping out to eternity) by claiming the divine right of kings:

I don’t think Giuliani’s multiple, contradictory blatherings on the issue count as the rulings of “numerous legal scholars,” but I am not a lawyer. Also:

Trump’s cabinet is stocked with corrupt lackeys, and the GOP-led congress comprises spineless bag-men and Trump sycophants, so the bodies charged with holding a lawless president accountable won’t. Looks like it’ll be up to us voters, and there’s good news on that front.

The seniors at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School graduated this weekend (minus four in the senior class who were killed in the massacre), and they’ve announced a nationwide bus tour and voter registration drive. Via Buzzfeed:

The March for Our Lives organizers are embarking on the next phase of their anti–gun violence movement: a 60-day bus tour across the US this summer to register young people to vote and to continue highlighting the NRA’s influence over politics.

“This tour is about exposing people who take money from the NRA and registering people to vote — those are the two main things we’re trying to push with this,” Jaclyn Corin, a student who survived the Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school shooting in February, told BuzzFeed News on Sunday.

Current and former MSDHS students will also visit every state congressional district in Florida in a separate bus tour:

“Because Florida is like a microcosm of the United States,” said Corin, “in the way that there are so many different areas, with so many different views, which is important to target all of them — because preaching to the choir essentially doesn’t do much, but going to the places that disagree with us is really where we’re going to make the change.”

She’s absolutely right about Florida mirroring the divides in the US. These kids are smart and motivated. They’re too young to have absorbed the learned helplessness and cynicism that leads people to believe they can’t make a difference.

They emphasize that they want to talk to everyone, even people opposed to gun safety measures. I don’t think they’ll change any gun nuts’ minds, but if they — and the rest of us — can pull people off the sidelines to vote, that can change everything.

“We’re having a meeting, see?”

A dapper child reporter asks Sarah Huckabee Sanders what specific actions the Trump administration is taking to address school shootings:

I didn’t see the briefing live, but much of the media reaction online centered on the wobble in Sanders’ voice in the clip above. The break in her voice when addressing the boy might have been humanizing in a person who hadn’t demonstrated so conclusively that she’s a soulless shill for a putrid demagogue.

But we know what she is, so let’s hear what she actually said, which boiled down to this: “Blah-blah-blah we’re having a meeting about it.”

The bottom line, charming kid-reporter, is that the tangerine-tinged homunculus who is that woman’s boss received $30 million-plus from the firearms business lobbying group known as the NRA, so neither he nor any of the craven turds who meld together to form the towering shitpile known as the Republican Party will do a goddamned thing to address school shootings in a meaningful way. Ever.

However, these folks are trying (via The Miami Herald):

Parkland parents launch a Super PAC to go after politicians and the NRA

Starting Wednesday, some Parkland families are raising money for a campaign to push the National Rifle Association out of politics and ban assault weapons, bump stocks and high-capacity magazines in the U.S.

Following the lead of their children, parents from the community where 17 died in a Valentine’s Day shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have joined together to form Families vs Assault Rifles, a nonprofit and political action committee founded to be a counterweight to the NRA…

The parents’ Super PAC is soliciting $17 donations, one dollar for each life lost in the shooting.

The PAC site features video and a quote from Marco Rubio’s disastrous appearance at the post-Parkland CNN town hall as the banner — they’ve adopted the so-called “problem” Rubio identified — “you would literally have to ban every semi-automatic rifle that’s sold in the U.S.” — as an objective! I’m in for $17 bucks.

Open thread.

Daddy’s Rifle in my Hand Felt Reassuring

The student who killed at least 10 kids and injured another 10 used his father’s guns to do it. The more I read about these shootings, the more I think that a “responsible gun owner” is about as rare a thing as a “reasonable conservative”.

Another School Shooting: Thoughts and Prayers

I hate everyone.

Here’s a link to a Dallas Houston (not enough coffee) live feed:

We have failed our children.

In The Spirit of Holy Week, Go Crucify Yourself

Laura Ingraham is the latest wingnut welfare queen to fuck up her perfectly good grift by taking on a Parkland kid. Here’s the full story if you haven’t heard it already. The short version is that she made fun of Parkland student David Hogg because he didn’t get into some colleges where he had applied, and she later apologized after she started losing advertisers. At this moment, Ingraham is down 7 8 advertisers and counting.

Here’s the problem Ingraham and her ilk: they have nothing, not a god damned thing, to counter the fairly modest proposals made by the Parkland students. Normally, when these assholes have zip diddly, they simply launch into whatever low-grade, unfunny ad hominem they can dream up. But with the MSD group, ad hominems are a third rail – after all, these kids had friends and family gunned down, and one of them who spoke last Saturday still carries shrapnel from the attack in her face. So, really, the only choice that someone like Ingraham has is to argue her case without ad hominems. But, for her, that’s like baking a cake without an oven or driving a car without wheels. It simply can’t be done.

I don’t think she’s going to be the last wingnut to fall into this trap, and I sure hope she isn’t, because it’s so much fun to watch, especially the groveling followed by faux outrage when the obviously disingenuous apology is ignored. The other thing that’s fun to watch is the disproportionate amount of effort put in by each side. David Hogg dug up a list of her advertisers and tweeted it out, a few of his classmates dunked on Ingraham and supported the boycott, and then they all went on promoting their cause. Ingraham, meanwhile, is in as close to mortal peril as a wingnut TV personality can be, so she’s all-in on fixing her self-inflicted wound. It’s something we haven’t seen around these parts for a long, long time, if ever.