Mitt’s Big Rock Candy Mountain

We’d be drinking from lemonade springs and all the bulldogs would have rubber teeth if only we had elected Mitt:

If Romney were president, one longtime adviser said, “There wouldn’t be an ISIS at all, and Putin would know his place in life. Domestically, things would be in better shape.”

Does he mean that the number of job openings would be better than a 14 year high? Is he saying that the Russian economy would be so deep in the tank that the Ruble would be trading at a historic low of  80 to a dollar rather than 70?  (And isn’t there some confusion here–I thought we wanted a strong Russian daddy like Putin running our country?) As for ISIS, would they be called the “Middle Eastern Knitting Society and Organization Wishing to Kill Jews and Journalists” instead?

Mitt didn’t have any problem firing thousands of workers whenever he took over a company, but he can’t seem to fire the morons who have lost him two Presidential runs, and are working hard on losing number three.

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Being broke is not being poor

Paul Krugman is reraising a common and key insight into poverty which is not well captured by federal poverty guidelines:

By security, I mean that you have enough resources and backup that the ordinary emergencies of life won’t plunge you into the abyss. This means having decent health insurance, reasonably stable employment, and enough financial assets that having to replace your car or your boiler isn’t a crisis.

There is a clear distinction between being broke and being poor from this insight.  Being broke means having no cash available, but having access to sufficient resources that the every day minor oh-shit moments are not a crisises as resources were available to manage the problem.  Being poor means the minor oh-shit moments can easily become a crisis because there are no resources available.

When I was in college, I was consistently broke.  I lived in a flophouse one summer with anywhere from seven to sixteen other people paying some share of the monthly rent.  The most I paid was $86.75 for August.   I sold myself to science as the pay and food was good, and I knew where there was free food offered by every department.  As a student I was broke and under federal poverty guidelines, I was poor.

However, I had resources.  I had good health insurance through my parents.  When I woke up and my knee was swollen to the size of a grapefruit while the patella had dislocated itself, I swore in pain but not in concern about how to get through the day without seeing a doctor.  I went to student health services after calculas, and then hopped a bus to see an orthopedic surgeon.  She  drained 38 CC of fluid.  I owed $20 in co-pays and had to buy a cane. I would have rather spent the $20 on beer, but oh well, I could walk well enough in three days.   When I was scrambling to come up with a security deposit for the first apartment that I would share with my girlfriend and now wife, I could go to my parents and ask that the security deposit and a good dinner with family be my graduation present. 

This is a crucial distinction between being poor where there are few good choices over the long run as people operate from scarcity thinking  and being broke.  I was able to access resources and behave almost a Friedmanesque lifetime income hypothesis individual.  (As a side note, this is why I discount the experiences of the 1% who claim they were poor in college — they might have been broke, but mommy and daddy could take care of anything)  This is a weakness of the poverty guidelines as they are income based and not resources based.  Some people may have rather low incomes but have the ability to call on resources in an oh-shit scenario, and others may have slightly above poverty level incomes but have no resources that turns an oh-shit scenario into a crisis. 

Health insurance is one of the most important resource that is an on-call and hopefully not needed resource, so two individuals with the same income but where one has decent health insurnace and the other does not have two very different abilities to absorb bad news from a doctor.

Putting the Dressage Horse Before the Cart

On election day, Team Romney had this going for them:

The one day that matters most to Mitt Romney, and the one feature on his Web site that matters most on this day of days – “Find Where You Vote” – doesn’t even work (more on that at the bottom of this story).

Earlier today, Mitt Romney’s campaign emailed a friend of mine this morning and told him to vote – tomorrow.

OOPS. Apparently the Romney web designers were paying attention to other stuff:

That’s the Romney campaign’s transition website. You know, after they won the election they couldn’t waste their time to try to win.

Mitt Romney is Pandering to Women About Abortion — No Wait — WTF?!

Mitt the Liar said today that there are no abortion laws that he is “familar with” that would become part of his agenda***:

There’s no legislation with regards to abortion that I’m familiar with that would become part of my agenda,” the GOP presidential candidate told The Des Moines Register’s editorial board during a meeting today before his campaign rally at a Van Meter farm.

To that, I say: BULLSHIT.

***In the time it took me to write this post, he already walked back his comments. Dude is a flip-flopping fuck wit.

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Mitt Romney Claimed He ‘Wouldn’t Move Heaven and Earth’ to Find Osama bin Laden

As Mitt Romney prepares to milk the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi and Ambassador Chris Stevens’s death for his own political advantage, it’s important to remember why he is doing so.

Mitt Romney, like George W. Bush, didn’t really care about tracking down bin Laden. “I don’t think its worth moving heaven and earth to find one person,” he said — back in 2007.

It wasn’t until after President Obama found him, killed him, and dumped his ass into the ocean that Romney realized that Obama’s success in that regard might pose a problem for him. So now, of course, Romney needs to turn the success into a failure while at the same time trying to take credit for it. It’s classic RomneyShambles.

The concerted effort by Republicans (with a healthy assist from Sean Hannity and the rest of GOP Fox News) to turn Obama’s foreign policy success into a policy failure has been going on for quite some time now. One idiot at Forbes Magazine, outright claimed that killing Osama bin Laden was a foreign policy failure because we should have held him for questioning so that we could take down all of al Qaeda, or some such nonsense.

Sean Hannity claimed that the fact that Obama killed bin Laden meant that Obama wished deep down in his heart that bin Laden were still alive. (He seriously said that!)

And, of course, Mitt Romney has already pretended not to have said what he knows damn well he said about not giving a crap about catching the dude.

So to recap, here’s what Romney: Classic said back in 2007.

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