Media Laziness

So you want to write a story about oil well fires, and how we should be prepared to puta bunch of them out if there is another Gulf War? Great idea. A different angle, allowing you to speculate about the future based on an established history of what happened in the first Gulf War. But tell me, how do you write a 7,000 word story about oil well fires and not once mention Red Adair: An American Hero?

I met Red Adair when I was in Kuwait in 1991- so maybe I am biased. But, c’mon. He essentially invented the field of oil well fire containment.

Jesse “The Mouth” Ventura

I guess preening effeminate liberalism did not work, so MSNBC is going to replace Donahue with testosterone laced stupidity. MSNBC Presents, one hour live with Jesse ‘The Mouth” Ventura.

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura has signed a deal for a new talk show on the MSNBC network and the Mall of America has been scouted as a possible location.

Negotiations between Ventura and the cable network were widely reported in November. KSTP’ chief poilical reporter Tom Hauser says three unidentified sources confirmed to him that an agreement had been reached.

Since taking office in 1999, Minnesota’s flamboyant governor had been a regular on the cable television news circuit. Ventura decided against running for a second term and left office Jan. 6.

MSNBC is an all-news cable channel whose top-rated show is “Hardball” with Chris Matthews. Ventura has appeared often on the program, several times as Matthews’ only guest.

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

Bias Watch

I think it was Andrew Sullivan who was holding the bias watch regarding the labeling of conservatives. At any rate, the unrivaled Instapundit had a discussion this afternoon about how one of the side effects of Greta van Susteren’s cosmetic surgery was a ‘spate of articles, like this one.’

I went to the article to read it, and I saw something that Glenn missed or just decided not to comment on. Great van Susteren was described as a television personality. See if you can find the labelling disparity:

If she looks too good — like conservative columnist Ann Coulter — she’s a bimbo who trades on her looks. If she looks like an ordinary person — like Van Susteren — she’s a battle-ax. Even if, as in Van Susteren’s case, her personality always gave a sheen to her less-than-perfect face.

Again, I don’t care if you call Ann Coulter a conservative. She is a conservative (I would call her an ULTRA-conservative). But if we need to toss out labels, what would Greta be? I’ll give you a hint. It isn’t conservative, which is a dirty word in the San Francisco publication that this story appeared in.

Miracles never cease. Bob Herbert

Miracles never cease. Bob Herbert has just said something not only mildly amusing, but something I agree with in his latest column (registration required). I actually only agree with a part of what he said, but given my storied past involving acid reflux and Herbert’s columns, this is a baby step in the right direction. The quote in question:

“Welcome to New York. If he’s tough and sane, Mike Bloomberg might manage to succeed. But it’s absolutely fair to wonder about the sanity of a man with $4 billion who voluntarily subjects himself to the routine torments inflicted on the mayor of New York.”

I agree. I have often thought that desire to assume any high level political office should be an automatice disqualification fopr the position. The rest of the column is, well, Herbertian.

O.K. I must admit that

O.K. I must admit that I have no use for any country in Europe other than Germany. I think this is because of my heritage and because I lived in Fulda, Germany, when I was a member of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment. It certainly is not because I am fond of the leftist politics of the Germans as of late. I should modify my last statement: I am enjoying the support we are currently getting from SILVIO BERLUSCONI , so maybe I only like the former fascist Axis powers in continental Europe. Go figger.

Back to my point- I have never understood this desire for A Strong European Union, other than as a knee-jerk anti-American sentiment. Even the most casual of observer will tell you that the Germans are not going to relinquish their past (nor should they) to become ONE country with the obnoxious French. At any rate, even if they think they can create this artifical unified Europe, you would think that they would be able to create a good looking common currency. They have not. The Euro, despite all of its hype, in spite of all the problems I think may come from it, is just plain ugly.