Adios, Donahue

Donahue is done, effective now.

500 channels, and still no market for smarmy, effite, effeminate liberalism. Give him a radio show, guys…

** Full Disclosure**

I watched Donahue a good deal, if only to see what he was going to say. I skipped the more noxious shows, like the one with Helen Thomas, but most of the time I was listening/watching.

Some people will probably use this as evidence that the media is conservative, but what it really shows is that many of Donahue’s cherished and bizarre ideals are simply rejected by the viewing majority. They voted with their remote controls.

*** Update **

Well, now. That didn’t take very long. At least Oliver’s commentary is an audio piece. The other two are just tedious whining. Oliver is fooling himself if he thought Donahue was fair and presented both sides of an issue (he only slightly presented both sides of an issue, and that was only so he could gesture wildly and flamboyantly about how persecuted his point of view was- it was really quite annoying), but he was absolutely spot on that Donahue was boring. By the way, Oliver doesn’t sound anything like I thought he would.

Folks- Donahue was cancelled because he was boring. Matthews has similar or higher ratings, but he has proven in the past, when he wasn’t preceded by a ratings loser, that he can get decent ratings.

*** Update #2 ***

Neal Sheeran’s title says it best.

The West Wing Hates the French, Too

I am watching the West Wing, and in this episode, President Bartlett sent in the military into a fictional African country to stop genocide during a ‘civil war’ (think Rwanda during the 90’s). At any rate, the French denied the Americans use of their airspace, and the last scene had the President shouting into his cellphone to ‘tell those pansy hairdressers I am going to shove a loaf of bread up their ass.”

Earlier in the show, everyone agreed that they hated the President’s daughter’s boyfriend, who is French, and spends all his camera time berating Bartlett.

The French- uniting Republicans and Hollywood.

Death of the Networks

Wanna know why the major networks are dying? It isn’t because of liberal bias. It is because I am stuck in my house with 30 inches of snow outside, and my choice on two of the major networks are the Fear Factor and then a two hour special on Michael Jackson OR three hours of Michael Jackson. Thanks, guys.

I am going to watch the Home and Garden channel- at least they are showing nice weather.

60 Minute Hacks

The Instapundit’s description of the 60 Minutes piece on ballistic fingerprinting is 100% accurate. My response was much less polite, and much more straightforward, and it involved an f-word.

I usually love 60 Minutes, so it bothers me when they get a story this wrong- how the hell am I supposed to trust them on other issues?

Adios Arianna

Arianna Huffington has been canned from one of her gigs. Expect much bitching from the usual suspects about the ‘conservative media.’

(via Henry Hanks)