Michael Savage

Did anyone other than Atrios watch this clown? I have never heard him speak, but the quotes I have seen lead me to believe he is just a reprehensible person of the first order. Note to Atrios and others- watching him helps him, even if you are doing it to expose him.

On another note, I am more disgusted at having to watch Pat Buchanon, sometimes twice a day, during the week.

This Says It All

From today’s anonymous author at Tapped:

“Today, Paul Krugman proves why he really is the most important columnist in America.”

Curtain Call for a Bad Act

The usual suspects all have their panties in a bunch over the snub of their lunatic press goddess, Helen Thomas. Atrios claims that this is proof that Bush is a “spoiled little child,” Kos merely mentioned it in a sort of stream of consciousness/rambling missive whose only overall themse is that Bush sucks. In another shocking revelation, Kos was not impressed with Bush’s speech. Who ever would have guessed that?

At any rate, as far as the Thomas snub- who cares. If anyone deserved to be treated with disrespect, it was/is that cackling old hag, a partisan hack who has not had an original or independent thought in thirty years. I wouldn’t call on someone who has labeled me the “worst President ever,” and Helen has not had a coherent question for ages (“Why do you want to bomb babies, Ari?” is typical fare).

Would Bill Clinton call on Rush Limbaugh if he were sitting in the front row with a press badge?

Oh, and before I forget, read the comments at Kos- they are deep and inciteful, running from the ‘Bush is drunk or was right before’ to the ‘Bush was popping pills.’ These guys are so desperate that a style critic is now their opinion leader.

Tapped, Wrong as Usual

From today’s Tapped:

Also, Mary Lynn F. Jones explains why we’re likely stuck at orange on the color-coded terror alert system for the near future. The government has put itself in a situation where none of the other colors are really an option anymore — and that renders the system just about meaningless.

From the NY Times:

The Bush administration on Thursday lowered the national terror alert from orange to yellow, suggesting the threat of an imminent terrorist attack on U.S. soil has eased somewhat.

The conclusion of the Muslim hajj holiday period played a role in the decision to lower the threat level from orange, the second-highest level on the five-part scale, Attorney General John Ashcroft and Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge said in a joint statement.

TAPPED also explains to us how we can just pick up our troops, go home from the Middle East, and declare victory in Iraq.

Quit giggling.

Adios, Donahue

Donahue is done, effective now.

500 channels, and still no market for smarmy, effite, effeminate liberalism. Give him a radio show, guys…

** Full Disclosure**

I watched Donahue a good deal, if only to see what he was going to say. I skipped the more noxious shows, like the one with Helen Thomas, but most of the time I was listening/watching.

Some people will probably use this as evidence that the media is conservative, but what it really shows is that many of Donahue’s cherished and bizarre ideals are simply rejected by the viewing majority. They voted with their remote controls.

*** Update **

Well, now. That didn’t take very long. At least Oliver’s commentary is an audio piece. The other two are just tedious whining. Oliver is fooling himself if he thought Donahue was fair and presented both sides of an issue (he only slightly presented both sides of an issue, and that was only so he could gesture wildly and flamboyantly about how persecuted his point of view was- it was really quite annoying), but he was absolutely spot on that Donahue was boring. By the way, Oliver doesn’t sound anything like I thought he would.

Folks- Donahue was cancelled because he was boring. Matthews has similar or higher ratings, but he has proven in the past, when he wasn’t preceded by a ratings loser, that he can get decent ratings.

*** Update #2 ***

Neal Sheeran’s title says it best.