Clap on, clap off, the Clapper

Stuff like this makes it hard to take Glenn Greenwald seriously.

First, Clapper is a liar so Dems shouldn’t quote him about not wiretapping Trump

A few hours later, Clapper is a trusted authority on Trump’s (lack of) ties to Russia and we get a retweet of this.

(Obama’s intelligence chief is Clapper.)

Like a river running soul deep

I can’t think of anyone on “the left” who uses this phrase constantly, can you?

That angst over what many in the White House call the ‘deep state’ is fermenting daily, fueled by rumors and tidbits picked up by Trump allies within the intelligence community and by unconfirmed allegations that have been made by right-wing commentators. The ‘deep state’ is a phrase popular on the right for describing entrenched networks hostile to Trump.

Mission Accomplished, No Casualties

So apparently we have a new chair of the DNC, Tom Perez, and he is a fine man and will make a good chair. He immediately appointed Ellison his co-chair or whatever. This will not stop the idiot left, because poutrage is so much fun and good for attention. Not to mention, while I personally have no problem with Ellison’s religion because as an obnoxious atheist it seems pointless to differentiate between different flavors of make believe, the fact is a large portion of our country would have a problem so this will make it easier in places where Democrats have had trouble as of late.

That won’t stop the manic progressives who decided to turn this DNC chair election into a proxy Clinton/Sanders primary, so just ignore them, mock them, or tell them to fuck off. If Trump isn’t enough to unite Democrats, these fucking people are worthless and we deserve him. I swear to god these Bernie bots read the Charge of the Light Brigade and learned all the fucking wrong lessons.

In other chair related news, the police in Washington, PA called before I left to pick up chairs and informed us they had ABC’s wallet (with everything in it!), so I went the long way to Pittsburgh, picked that up on the way, got the chairs, did a bunch of other chores, and made it home in one piece. Here are the new chairs, although we are re-doing the cushions (and again, that is a royal we which means I will stand and “help” until she just tells me to grab the dogs and to unass her area of operation).

I’m addressing the realpolitik

My therapist said I have to stop reading and writing about Putin’s useful idiots on “the left”. It’s hard to top this from LG&M and anyway:

Watching Glenn Greenwald desperately fling his hands and talk VERY LOUD to dissemble from his role in electing Donald Trump through funneling everything about Hillary Clinton the Russian propaganda arm known as Wikileaks gave him throughout the election is pathetic. Only Greenwald and Katrina vanden Heuvel know the real truth–that by focusing on Russian interference in American elections, that we are engaging in a NEW COLD WAR that makes any criticism of Glenn NEO-MCCARTHYISM! If you don’t believe this YOU ARE A DESPICABLE LIAR!!!! AND A REDBAITER YOU JOE MCCARTHY YOU!!

It’s not personal, it’s strictly business

The right-wing talking points around the Flynn-Trump-Russia-Peepee story are coalescing around this “it’s not Flynn’s actions that are illegal, it’s the leaking about them from anti-Trump forces that’s illegal”. It won’t surprise you to learn that this is Glenn Greenwald’s take on it:

I have nothing special against Glenn Greenwald, and I read and enjoy The Intercept. A few years ago, he posted a spittle-flecked screed against me and against this blog. You can read it for yourself, if you have the time, but the TL;DR is that he’s a rageaholic. And that’s cool. Anger can be power. But it can lead you to funny places. Like hating Hillary Clinton so much that you become a stooge for Trump, and, by extension, a stooge for Vladimir Putin.

Likewise, it wasn’t so long ago that Eli Lake was leading the #NeverTrump charge. Then, after Obama let the UN Resolution criticizing West Bank settlements go through, Lake started frothing at the mouth and also became a stooge for Trump, and, by extension, a stooge for Vladimir Putin.

When Wikileaks was dumping boring minutiae from Hillary Clinton’s emails, most of which were of course secured by Russian hackers, Greenwald thought that leaks were great, sunlight was the best disinfectant, and so on. Now, any leaks against Dear Leader Trump are the work of Deep State traitors who belong in jail. Likewise, when Saint Petraeus was being prosecuted for mishandling intel, Lake thought unauthorized disclosures were nothing less than the “fabric of the national security state”. Now, they’re apparently a threat against the Republic that should be prosecuted under the full extent of the law.

The inconsistency here is so laughable that it’s not worth elaborating on, so I won’t.

I’ve seen this before with a lot of national journalists and pseudo-journalists. For all the lecturing they give people like me about being unserious partisans, you think they might, just for a minute, think about how much of their own agenda is driven by personal hatred and grievances.

Oh, Well, No One’s Perfect, Amirite, Media


The long, gory details on how Russia helped to elect the Trump duma with an assist from clueless and over their head DNC employees (whose names I’ve written down and put in my MARK PENN FAIL TRAIN FILE because they should never fucking work for a Democratic candidate again) and a willing media. Meanwhile, at the Intercept, they’re still not convinced Russia did this and want a document dump so Russia and Trump can figure out how the intelligence services know what they know and/or fuck up any attempt at any future legal action and subsequent prosecution. And if you point this out, I’m sure you hate freedom.

And before you ask, yes, there is a fundamental fucking difference between whistleblowers leaking evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the American government and a foreign power engaging in cyber warfare and interfering in American elections, even though some people can’t seem to figure that out.

Armchair Jacobins

This is kind of hilarious. I followed Corey Robin on FB because I like to see what other people think (a good thing), and sometimes I politely commented. I just got unfriended after this exchange:




That’s just sad and funny on so many levels. And I didn’t change my initial remarks- I initially assumed he was smart enough to go from point a to point b. He wasn’t, so I extended them.

I’ve seen this over and over again with these guys. Zaid Jilani, Freddie de Boer, that Bruenig fellow.


In all honesty, what did I say or do that was so offensive here?