Late Night Petty & Venal Open Thread: Why Trump Is Mad At Debra Messing

She (and her Will & Grace co-star, Eric McCormack) are threatening the two things he cares about most — his current grift, and his access to the company of real celebrities / rich people:

As so often happens, Tang the Conqueror only drew more attention to the event he’d been trying to keep under the radar…

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That’s One Way To Spend Your Sunday

I went to the park to do some reading today. On the way there, I passed by some folks having a normal and good one, throwing us a MAGA rally across the street from Trump Tower. House left we have a sign that calls for the imprisonment of Hillary Clinton. You can’t see it, but the next MAGA hat over was wearing a shirt that said, “Hillary Lost, Ha Ha Ha.” They seemed to think mentioning the loser of the 2016 election was better than mentioning the winner.

You might notice, on the far right, the flags of Israel and South Korea. They were also chanting “We love Israel!” as I walked past. In other words, it was as coherent as any other right-wing rally I’ve ever seen. Sad!

I’m kind of surprised they used the correct Korean flag. At any rate, I soon moved on to better views.

How are the dregs of the weekend treating you? I did my writing this morning, so now I’m playing Kerbal Space Program. I bought the new expansion and started a new career mode game; I’m trying to make it to (and, the tricky part, from) the Mün.

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Schadenfreude Open Thread: But It’s His TURN!!!…

No doubt I will pay for this later. WORTH IT!

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This Is How You Do It

I applaud this woman. But I also remember that last year someone was stabbed while doing something similar, so each situation is different.

I am ashamed to say this happened in Colorado, but happily, another Coloradoan stood up and the sheriff arrested the offender.

BTW, if you’re on twitter, follow @_SJPeace_ StanceGrounded, he’s a good guy: “Also, if you don’t know a Muslim or have one as a friend, more than welcome to follow me. Trying to dispel Muslim stereotypes and End the hate. One Love”

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