Repub Values Open Thread: Corey “Leeeeroy!” Stewart

With such a Boss Hogg meat-mugg, I guess ol’ Corey figured he’d be wasting an asset in his hometown Duluth…

Stewart is not a “Confederate Symbols Defender.” Neither is he a “bombastic conservative.” He is an unapologetic public racist, and damned proud of it, who goes out of his way to associate with other unapologetic public racists, who are damned proud of it, too. Here’s a little flashback from The Washington Post at the time of the terrorist attack in Charlottesville:

“All the weak Republicans, they couldn’t apologize fast enough,” Stewart said in an interview with The Washington Post. “They played right into the hands of the left wing. Those [Nazi] people have nothing to do with the Republican Party. There was no reason to apologize.” However, Stewart has made several joint appearances with ­Jason Kessler, organizer of the “Unite the Right” rally that sparked the unrest in Charlottesville. Stewart met Kessler at an event earlier this year to protest the removal of the statue of Robert E. Lee from Emancipation Park in Charlottesville. And at one point during the primary race, Stewart attended a Charlottesville news conference with Kessler and Isaac Smith, founders of Unity and Security for America (USA), a fledgling group that calls for “defending Western Civilization.”

… There simply is not a Democratic equivalent to an outright neo-Confederate’s getting a nomination for a seat in the U.S. Senate. Stewart shows, once again, that the prion disease remains active throughout the Republican Party at every level, and this at a time in which the people who could do the most to recreate the party’s immune system are too timid or too nuts to do it. Doug Jones’ surprise win in Alabama wasn’t enough to keep Republican voters in Virginia from nominating Zombie Jeff Davis, despite the fact that doing so might turn out to be a termination notice for a Republican majority in Congress…

Stewart’s got his defenders, of course…

So, there’s at least one non-political-junkie who remembers the name of HRC’s 2016 running mate.

The other Republicans are somewhat less enthused about Mr. Stewart, per Politico:

The Senate GOP’s campaign arm hasn’t endorsed Stewart, who has made defending Confederate monuments a central plank of his political career. And its chairman said that the committee has “no plans” to spend any money on Stewart in his race against Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.).

“At the senatorial committee we’re focusing on Missouri, Indiana, North Dakota, Montana, West Virginia and Florida. There are great races around the country. [Virginia] is not the map,” said National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman Cory Gardner (R-Colo.). “We have a big map this year, and what I’ve laid out in races that I’ve talked about, Virginia’s not on it.”
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Late Night Cheap Shots Open Thread: Okay, Sometimes I’m Petty

From the hometown paper:

Aversion to dynasties aside, New Hampshire observers speculate that the real reason Bernie Sanders has not weighed in on his son’s behalf is that Levi Sanders is running what most in the state consider to be an inept campaign – and Bernie Sanders doesn’t want to be damaged in the run-up to a potential 2020 campaign of his own.

“Nobody I know is really considering Levi as an option,” said former state senator Burt Cohen, who was Bernie Sanders’ first prominent endorsement in 2016 and is backing a rival of Levi Sanders. “No, it’s actually worse than that: I don’t hear anyone even bringing up his name. People aren’t sure why he is running. If Levi thought he could just transfer the enthusiasm from his father to himself, well he is learning that is just not happening at all.

“It is just silly what he is doing,” Cohen added. “The way to sum up how people feel about the campaign is the eye rolls you get when his name does, infrequently, come up.” …

… Bernie Sanders’ decision not to weigh in has played a role in dampening support for his son, several longtime political observers say. If his own father isn’t backing him, why should voters? Last month, when Bernie Sanders had a conference call with the dozens of people on his New Hampshire steering committee, he thanked them for their work in 2016 and said it was crucial that they get involved in upcoming midterm elections. He never mentioned Levi’s campaign…

Now, if only Levi had access to the old man’s tax returns, he might’ve gotten more paternal respect…

Wednesday Morning Open Thread: Primary #Winning

Some most encouraging / heartwarming individual candidates, too, but we’ll discuss them in a later post. (Add your nominations below!)

Late Night Primaries Open Thread

Polls have closed in California, and results are already coming in elsewhere. The Washington Post is posting updates as they come in here. They also have some general notes:

Polls have closed in all eight states holding primary contests Tuesday, capping the biggest single day of primary elections this year, encompassing 85 House races, five gubernatorial seats, five Senate seats and hundreds more state and local races.

Tuesday’s results are expected to provide new insight into Democrats’ chances for retaking congressional majorities in November — especially in California, where President Trump is deeply unpopular and scores of Democrats are running for House seats.

California polls closed at 11 p.m. Eastern time, so much of Tuesday’s high-profile races won’t be settled until late this evening — and, perhaps, not even then. Some tight races may have to wait for mail-in ballots, which won’t be fully counted for days.

In the early hours of Tuesday evening, the biggest surprise was in Alabama, where incumbent Rep. Martha Roby failed to win 50 percent in the primary for her own seat and now faces a runoff. Roby, first elected in 2010, angered constituents in 2016 by un-endorsing then-candidate Donald Trump after the release of the “Access Hollywood” tape in which he bragged about groping women.

In the GOP runoff for her seat, Roby will now face Bobby Bright — a former Democrat, whom Roby defeated to take the seat eight years ago. Bright has now switched parties and become a fervently pro-Trump Republican. In this race, he attacked Roby for turning “her back on President Trump when he needed her the most.” The two will now meet in a July 17 runoff…

Anybody got local wisdom to share with the rest of us?

Monday Morning Open Thread: This, Too, Is America

Remember to vote in your primary tomorrow, Californians!…



Repub Venality Open Thread: Domestic Terrorist Kris Kobach Doubles Down

Sure, voter suppression and quasi-legal intimidation have worked well for Kobach in the past, when it came to ensuring that only the Right people — his clan! — got to vote. But if he has to escalate to actual armed intimidation, well, he is happy to oblige his biggest fans. Just look at that shit-eatin’ grin!

From the Kansas City Star:

Kris Kobach made his way through a parade in Johnson County Saturday morning, waving from an American flag colored jeep with a large gun mounted in back.

The city of Shawnee later issued an apology for Kobach’s display.

The sight of Kobach, a Republican candidate for Kansas governor, in the vehicle at the Old Shawnee Days parade stunned some onlookers and quickly sparked criticism on social media.

“It was pretty shocking,” said pastor Johnny Lewis of Shawnee Community Christian Church. “There were audible gasps from the folks we were sitting by.”

Lewis said he respects the views of people on both sides of the Second Amendment debate, but found the display inappropriate in a crowd filled with kids at a time when many of them, like his 6-year-old daughter, are scared that they might be victims of a school shooting…

Kobach’s campaign was quick to defend the candidate’s decision to wave at the crowd standing next to what appeared to be a .50 caliber machine gun.

“The gun is a replica,” Kobach spokeswoman Danedri Herbert said in a text message…

Repub gun safety: Always use a (realistic) replica weapon when engaged in public interaction with your potential voters!

Wednesday Morning Open Thread: Good Work, Georgia Dems!

Fresh faces with compelling life stories prevailed in Democratic primaries across several southern states Tuesday, beating candidates with deeper political pedigrees and more governing experience in several key races…

Voters in Kentucky nominated Amy McGrath, the first Marine woman to fly an F-18 fighter jet, for a key House seat in Lexington over the candidate favored by party leaders, a two-term mayor who ran on a promise to bring “adult supervision” to Washington.

In Texas, Democrats nominated two lesbian candidate with military or law enforcement backgrounds, one Latina and the other Filipina, for key races. And Georgia voters gave former State House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams a shot to become the first black, female governor in the country…

From beloved (okay, indefatigable) commentor Raven:

And this one is especially sweet, she’s an old friend and wasn’t given much of a chance: It’s almost unheard of to beat a sitting judge, but public defender Lisa Lott ousted newly appointed Superior Court Judge Regina Quick, and it wasn’t even that close, 55–45.

Meanwhile, the other party’s Dear Leader on a hot mic…