North Korea’s 70th Anniversary Parade

Is just about to start. I’m not going to try to embed the video because there are several possible channels, and some probably won’t work. Or they may put the parade on delay, as they did last year. I’ll post information as I get it and embed if I can. IIRC, the state channel doesn’t embed, but I could be wrong about that.

The big questions are how many missiles will be in the parade, and will any of them be new.

Meanwhile, for informed commentary, follow these folks on Twitter:


Hashtag is #JucheFest2018.

The police have cleared the route.


Update: Looks like they kept it to themselves.

A number of the Twitter follows I gave in the opening post are very sharp analysts of the photos of the missiles. Sometimes North Korea uses mockups in the parade. We don’t know what that says about the production status of the missiles – they may want to use mockups for other reasons, like not damaging the streets. North Korea doesn’t like it when the analysts point out the mockups.

There were several network news people in Pyongyang. They were taken away before the parade began, perhaps to meet Kim Jong Un.

I’ll write a post tomorrow. Going to bed in a little bit.


LIve Coverage of Trump-Kim Summit

Enjoy. From Channel NewsAsia. Trump and Kim will be meeting within an hour.

Primaries Thread

West by god Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina, and Indiana are holding primaries today.

West by god Virginia – Congressional and state legislature

Ohio – Congressional, governor, attorney general, and state legislature

North Carolina – Congressional and state legislature

Indiana – Congressional and state legislature

Yes I know the links are to the very unfavorite New York Times. I like their election coverage when they don’t use those damn needles. Sue me.

Looks like Blankenship and Kucenich are doing badly. How are things in your district?

North Korea Has A Parade

Another live event starts at around 7:30 Eastern time. In honor of (or to upstage) the start of the Winter Olympics in South Korea, North Korea will parade some of its military might. Wonks love this, because North Korea frequently uses their military parades to show off new missiles. Or, with screen caps and close examination, the wonks can learn details of existing missiles.

We don’t know what tonight’s (Friday’s in North Korea) parade will bring. If there’s a live feed, I’ll update this post with it.

A number of experts on North Korean missiles usually tweet their comments on the parades. Here’s a good list to start:











Don’t forget the hashtag.

I’m not a missile expert, but I occasionally add something to the discussion. I’ll post tweets with trenchant comments or interesting pictures in the comments.

Here’s a photo from an earlier parade. I’m sure the White House and the Joint Chiefs of Staff will be watching to help plan the next big military parade in Washington.


Update: I am told that the parade will be streamed on this channel or on YouTube, although there doesn’t seem to be a way to embed it. Livestream from North Korea breaks up regularly.  So don’t blame me.

If Adam shows up and can figure out how to embed the video, please feel free to edit this post.


Tuesday Morning Hearing Thread

Update: Okay, between Google’s inability to return what seems to me to be the obvious and Cspan’s confusing way of presenting things, along with my juggling six things at once, let me do a total remake of this post. Apologies for the confusion and non-embeddedness.


Two big hearings today:

Jeff Sessions before the House Judiciary Committee.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the President’s ability to authorize nuclear weapons use.


Also, open thread.

Wiley Cash – A Land More Kind Than Home – Live Discussion


Tonight’s live chat is featuring author Wiley Cash, whose first book, A Land More Kind Than Home, was just released in paperback.

Wiley has been a friend of mine (and neighbor) for several years, and I am really excited about tonight’s discussion. Feel free to ask anything. For more information on Wiley, please visit his website.

For the record, we photoshopped that picture above a while back because he had the Angelina Jolie leg thrust pose. Little did I know that it would rocket to the top of google images and all his work friends would see it and laugh hysterically. Had I known that, I would have done it earlier.

Election Night Live Blog

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For once, I am asking you to work with me.