Monday Morning Open Thread: One Can But Hope

But consider the feelings of His Base!…

(Nah, let’s not bother.)

Rude Speculation Open Thread: What Changed Lindsey Graham’s Mind?

There’s been speculation on Political Twitter all week: Why has Senator Graham suddenly reversed himself regarding the Oval Office Occupant? Is it just that Graham knows he’s losing his Senatorial soulmate and foreign-policy twin? Has he lost heart at the realization that Trump is going to treat McCain’s death as one more self-dealing opportunity?

Or — since we know Graham’s emails were hacked months ago — did the GRU decide it was a propitious time to remind him what they knew?

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GOP Criminality Open Thread: Trump Suddenly Very Interested in Prosecutorial Reform…

(One of the Law & Order series? Or does Fox News show Matlock re-runs?)

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(Another) GOP Criminality Open Thread: Duncan, Hunted

In a less news-intensive era, Rep. Hunter’s indictment would have been on the front page for days. I guess his fellow Repubs can take some consolation there.

Heck, in a more ‘bipartisan’ era, people could’ve mustered more sympathy for a middle-class couple getting over their heads financially being repeatedly dinged by usury-level bank charges… if only the GOP wasn’t the ‘Protect Our Vampire Squid Bankers’ Party…

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Wednesday Morning Open Thread: MOAR POPCORN!

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