Black angel’s death song

Who killed the GOP brand for young people?

Here’s (via) a table of how Dems fared among voters under 30 in the last few elections:

Gore (2000) +0 18-24, +3 25-29
Kerry (2004) +13 18-24, +3 25-29
Obama (2008) +32 18-29
Obama (2012) +23 18-29

To be clear, the +13 among 18-24 is already quite anomalous, given that Kerry lost by 2.5 among all voters. If you leaf through the last 10 elections, there aren’t many examples prior to that where one age group votes more than 10 points differently than the population at large.

Maybe everything that dies someday comes back, and maybe the white hot intensity of a thousand Watergates has caused Bob Woodward’s long-dormant erection to return. But all the scandal bullshit isn’t getting the youth vote back, I’ll tell you that. Neither are Rubio’s references to Tupac.

If you got bad news, you wanna kick them blues

Stories like this are sure to put a dent in Obama’s approval rating:

While our consulate in Benghazi was attacked during the night of September 11 of last year, our fearless leader was allegedly hiding away somewhere getting “high as a kite” on cocaine. This is the speculation of Kevin DuJan, a self-described “gay conservative political analyst” writing for a publication called HillBuzz. DuJan states that his claim, which he appears to make based on knowledge and experience of drug addicts, explains the president being missing for most of the evening during the attack on Benghazi.

Keep fucking that chicken, wingtards.