Cold Grey Pre-Dawn Open Thread: Rudy Pounds the Table

There’s an old legal proverb: When the facts are on your side, pound the facts. When the law is on your side, pound the law. When neither the facts or the law are on you side — pound the table!

Or it could just be sundowning, but a lifelong grifter like Giuliani would try to make ‘sundowning’ work for him, ala Vincent Gigante.


Blue Wave — Arriving

The 116th Congress is currently being sworn in.

The gavel is being handed over.

The Blue Wave arrived.

Open thread

Image of one of the Healthcare Gavels from Napa Valley Register

Let the motherfucker burn

Pretty good article on how the Republicans’ scummy shenanigans are firing up liberals in Wisconsin and Michigan: GOP power grabs pour gas on ‘resistance’ in key Midwest states: Republican legislators in Wisconsin and Michigan have reignited Democratic energy since the midterms in two narrow Trump states.

Burn, motherfuckers, burn.

Give here to the Wisconsin Democratic party.

Goal Thermometer

Give here to the Michigan Democratic party.

Goal Thermometer

Realistically, either Trump gets blown out (and loses AZ and NC) or it comes down to these two states. So let’s keep on it.

Here’s some numbers, text them maybe

Maze Dancer emailed to say that PostCardPatriots has moved onto texting voters, since it’s too late to send more postcards. Here’s what else she said:

Pat yourselves on the back, Balloon-Juice. If your wrist isn’t too sore.

We sent out 12,000 PostCards over 27 days.

Have to say, I have been in Advertising for decades. Have helped launch businesses and new products global, national, and local.

Never seen anything like those skyrocket-in-flight results. (Little DougJ homage using a lyrical reference.)

Democrats are sizzling hot, determined, will not be stopped.

If for some unknown reason – cheating, lying, voter interference to name three – we do not prevail, it won’t be from not trying.

And now – texting!

What’s better for people who like to write PostCards than texting to voters? (Well, possibly, phone banking because only 1 in 20 people ever answer their phone.) has been retooled with links to text for Beto, Claire, Florida Dems, and across the nation. We’re declaring every Dem a BJ Candidate now.

We also have some phone banking links.

You do not have to use your own phone number. And it’s all really easy.

And after the election, we have some ideas about how to keep the Power of PostCards going.

But for now, well done, Balloon-Juicers, well done!

Thank you for a funky time

Jesus, I’m not going to be able to take all the centrist porn about the awesomeness of Nikki Haley.

You know what will make us all feel better? Giving some money to the Balloon Juice More More More fund. Forty-seven candidates — almost entirely in 2nd and 3rd tier races — selected by the readers. You can give to just one or two candidates if you don’t want to end up on too many mailing lists.

Goal Thermometer

You can send some postcards too.