Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Reasons for Hope

Also… a commentor is trying to help find a new home for two senior Siamese / Balinese cats in (I think) North Carolina… here’s the FaceBook link.
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Monday Morning Open Thread: Aspire!


And then the twitter-whinging started…

It is a foine jacket, as my Irish granny would say — a very fine jacket indeed, and I hope President Harris wears it to her Inauguration just to troll the haterz. Dave Weigel leaves off courting the far-left ‘progressives’ to write the kind of sensible report I first started following him for:

… [T]he lasting image was the rainbow sequin jacket she bought at Styled by Naida, a boutique on Columbia’s Lady Street, whose owner had come up from poverty. A member of the press corps had spotted the jacket as the senator talked with customers. It was as frivolous as these photo ops get, and it sparked a conservative media backlash, but Harris asked reporters to see the meaning of the visit.

“This is the classic story of women in America achieving economic success,” Harris said after visiting a few more woman-owned shops. “These are incredible stories of women who were in foster care, who understood what it meant at a very early age to struggle, but who also had dreams about what they could be.”
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Saturday Morning Open Thread: Sisters Are Doing It…

Stacey Abrams continues to impress!


And it looks like Kamala Harris is very popular with the people who count (so I added a fresh new category for her):