NRA Open Thread: Is It Worse to Be A Blood-Hungry True Believer, or Just A Grifter Riling Up the True Believers for the Money?

Much applause from the fellow-grifter seats (remember Erickson’s ‘send Olympia Snowe bags of rock salt, but do it through my Amazon link cuz I need the commission’ days of yore?)…

Turns out, her boss had already shown her the way…

Open Thread: Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III’s “Anglo-American Heritage”


We’re gonna have to turn into a public utility, at this rate:

On 12 February 2018, Attorney General Jeff Sessions delivered a speech to the National Sheriff’s Association at their winter meeting, praising state and local law enforcement while advocating for reduced federal interference in their work. In remarks that diverged from the speech as presented on the Justice Department website, Sessions closed by invoking the “Anglo-American heritage of law enforcement”…

The prepared remarks from which Sessions strayed included an omitted reference to tribal law enforcement, and they did not mention the purported Anglo-American heritage of the Sheriff’s office:

I want to close by reiterating my deep appreciation and profound thanks to all the women and men of law enforcement — federal, state, local, and tribal. I want to thank every sheriff in America.

Since our founding, the independently elected Sheriff has been seen as the people’s protector, who keeps law enforcement close to and amenable to the people. The Sheriff is a critical part of our legal heritage.

Critics have suggested that Session’s use of “Anglo-American” implies that law enforcement is inherently the purview of individuals of white European Christian decent — a perception helped along by the speech’s primary focus on the merits of removing so-called “illegal immigrants” to curb violent crime…

General Repub Malfeasance Open Thread: I’m *Not* Gonna Start Saying Nice Things About Mitt Romney

He *looks* the part of a TV-drama senator, and is not sufficiently interested in human interaction to have committed sexual battery! Yay for our side! Since Navarro is not an idiot, I have to assume this is sarcasm on her part.

It is useful, because a Romney run — and victory — could set an example for other congressional Republicans to follow when it comes to acting as a check on Trump’s many excesses, from his dangerous international bluster, to his self-dealing and corruption, to his contempt for norms and the rule of law. If they don’t follow that example, their enabling of these Trump excesses will be thrown into sharper relief.

That is, this might be the case, if Romney is true to his own past statements about Trump. Let’s not let this get memory-holed: In his big March 2016 speech against Trump, Romney flatly and unequivocally declared Trump unfit to serve as president. Will Romney reiterate this sentiment, when he’s running for Senate?…

Spoiler alert from a Masshole, Mr. Sargent: Nope! Willard will fold like a cheap lawn chair, because that’s his signature legislative tactic. Although he will look very stateman-like as he makes his excuses for letting Trump and the Oval Office Trumplodytes do whatever they damned well choose.

Russiagate Open Thread: Did You Know There Are African-Americans on the Voter Rolls in DC?

The Washington, DC, grand jury, which meets only on Fridays, handed down its first indictments in October, charging Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign chairman, and his partner Rick Gates with money laundering and failing to register as foreign agents. The two are pleading not guilty.

Mueller’s team is expected to bring more charges against Manafort relating to his work on behalf of the Ukrainian government in the years before Trump became a candidate.

Sol Wachtler, the former chief judge in New York, once called for abolishing grand juries because they are so easily manipulated that they would “indict a ham sandwich.”

My source said, “That room isn’t a room where POTUS gets a fair shake.”

“Not that this investigation has anything whatsoever to do with Our Fearless Leader, of course.”

He’s Just Trolling Me Now

He’s on a god damned mission to make me mental:

Fucking hell.

Today’s Must Read- Edits to the Milo Book From His Lawsuit Against Simon & Schuster

It’s amazing. I’ve uploaded the entire .pdf here.

NM- Downloading it is crushingly slow. I have the file- anyone have a pastebin or something to publish it to?

Late Night Horrorshow Open Thread: Cult of Narcissistic Personality

Well, it’s a gift, of sorts. Although I don’t think it’s one Trump actually shares — he certainly riles people up at those rallies, but it’s a self-selected bunch of angry racists eager to feed on each others’ negative energy. As in all aspects of his career, he’s a user, not a generator.

On the positive side, Trump’s too much of a physical coward to kill himself. So, in the ever-Trumpian “second time as farce” mode, worse we’re liable to witness is an all-networks media meltdown where he demands — fruitlessly — that his ‘loyal fellow patriots’ use their Second Amendment ‘rights’ to TAKE AMURKKA BACK from the libtards and luzers.

After which, his most trusted Secret Service agents tenderly lead him off-stage, for delivery to a “secure location” with lots of gilded accessories… and doors that lock on the outside.