Trump Crime Cartel Open Thread: Roger Stone Not *Yet* in Jail

Expert observers give it a week, allowing for scheduling delays. Because, paraphrasing comedian Ron White, Stone has the right to remain silent, but does he have the ability?

At a hearing on Thursday, Stone took the witness stand to apologize for his Instagram post that took aim at Amy Berman Jackson, the federal judge assigned to his case.

Donald Trump’s former confidant suggested he was broke and stressed, which led him to post the photo on Monday and a rant that called his case a “fix” and special counsel Robert Mueller a “Deep State hitman.”

“How hard was it to come up with a photograph that doesn’t have crosshairs in the corner?” Jackson asked…

During the hearing, Stone deflected blame for the post at every opportunity. He said that he didn’t believe the image he posted next to Jackson’s head was crosshairs. He also named Gateway Pundit reporter Jacob Engels as his aide, claiming that Engels may have had his phone at some point.

“My house is like a headquarters. I have many volunteers,” he said, naming Engels and Proud Boys street gang leader Enrique Tarrio among his volunteers. “I’m sorry I don’t recall the others.”…


Stone will remain free pending his trial, but US District Judge Amy Berman Jackson warned that any violation of her new gag order would land Stone behind bars. Stone was getting a second chance, the judge said, but unlike in baseball, there would not be a third one. Stone will be allowed to solicit donations for his legal defense fund and assert that he’s innocent, but that’s it, the judge said…

The judge issued the new gag order after Stone took the stand Thursday to apologize for the post and defend himself. He repeatedly used the words “stupid” and “egregious” to describe his decision to post the photo and said it was the result of the “extreme stress” he was under. But he also continued to insist he didn’t see the image in the photo as crosshairs at the time he posted it — he said it was the logo of an organization that had posted the image, and he thought it was an occult or Celtic symbol…
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How About Just Not Being a Fucking Clod

WTF is wrong with these people:

Men attending the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, this year were worried about a lot of things. A global economic slowdown. Threats to cybersecurity. Populism. War.

And, several acknowledged at the meeting this past week, mentoring women in the #MeToo era.

“I now think twice about spending one-on-one time with a young female colleague,” said one American finance executive, speaking on the condition of anonymity because the issue is “just too sensitive.”

“Me, too,” said another man in the conversation.


Pat Milligan, who leads research on female leadership at the consulting firm Mercer and advises multinational companies on gender and diversity issues, said many of her clients had voiced concerns over saying or doing “the wrong thing” since #MeToo drew broad international attention.

“A number of men have told me that they will avoid going to dinner with a female mentee, or that they’re concerned about deploying a woman solo on-site with a male,” Ms. Milligan said. “People are concerned and have questions.”

“If we allow this to happen, it will set us back decades,” Ms. Milligan said. “Women have to be sponsored by leaders, and leaders are still mostly men.”

WTF is going on at dinners that I am missing? When I go to dinner with people, we order food, eat it, pay the bill, and leave.

Today in Presidential Politics

I was texted this today from Our Revolution:

“Whether he wins or not…”

There are kids in cages and federal workers at food banks and these fucking guys STILL. DON’T. FUCKING. GET. IT.

In other news for people who are not going to win, this fucking guy:

Former West Virginia State Sen. Richard Ojeda on Friday dropped his long-shot bid for the White House.

“I don’t want to see people send money to a campaign that’s probably not going to get off the ground,” the Democrat said in a video provided to The Intercept. In a subsequent statement posted to Facebook, Ojeda lamented how big money still dominates politics and, as such, it was difficult for him to gain traction and attention.

To recap, Richard Ojeda won a state Senate seat in WV, where every Democratic vote is sorely needed. His big issues allegedly were marijuana legalization (which would be great for this state from a revenue standpoint and to help lower our reliance on pain meds and heroin), teacher’s and public employees, and blue collar issues. He promptly resigned his seat, allowing our Republican governor, Jim Justice (last seen offering the WV Capitol to Trump for his SOTU), to appoint… a coal lobbyist to his seat. Oh, and btw- the Republican led WV senate is now debating marijuana legislation (trying to kill it by passing it off to localities) and introduced a massive education bill aimed at… union busting and making teacher strike’s illegal.

So, yeah.

MAGAt Scions vs. Peace Warrior Nathan Phillips: I Blame the Parents

Apparently there is a volk custom where busloads of milk-fed suburban high schoolers are shipped into Washington DC every year to bulk up the numbers at the “National Right to Abuse Women Life March.” The teenagers, of course, treat this event with all the seriousness they accord every field trip. It’s up to the chaperones to ensure the kids, in their youthful exuberance, don’t forget the moral codes and social boundaries their parents have done their best to instill.

By that standard, the adults around Nick Sandmann and his peers seem to have failed in their duty of care.

Self-respecting adults don’t go into a public place and treat strangers this way. And if the Covington Catholic parents haven’t been able to get that simple concept across to their offspring, for whatever reasons, they need to provide better supervision than that of Monseigneur HereForTheGrift and Coach StandsWithAThumbUp.

Most succinct summary I’ve seen so far, from Josh Marshall at TPM:

A Native American group (The Indigenous People’s March) had marched to the Memorial earlier earlier in the day. Later a group of teenage boys from a Catholic High School in Covington, Kentucky were also there. They were in town for the March for Life, an anti-abortion march. They had apparently congregated at the Memorial as a staging point to wait for buses to leave. While these two very different things were happening, there was a third much smaller group of so-called “Black Israelites” – maybe half a dozen men – who had been there seemingly for most of the day haranguing both groups…

In any case, at some point late in the afternoon, the Black Israelites are yelling at the High School kids and vice versa. The more aggressive language, at least at the start, is coming from the Black Israelites, using homophobic slurs and using the N-word directed at one of the High Schoolers who’s African-American (seemingly the only one.) It’s not totally clear to me who started what here. But you’ve got the hyper-aggressive black supremacist group and this crowd of white high school boys in MAGA hats. So I’m not sure much of a spark was needed.

It’s this situation Phillips described as getting out of control when he decided to intervene to settle things down or at least try to put himself between the two groups. Phillips walks between the two groups and into the group of students. The group of students parts around him and pretty quickly he’s surrounded by high school students who are variously laughing, jeering and chanting. The one student whose face you’ve no doubt seen doesn’t move aside like the others and that’s where you have the standoff captured in the original viral video.

As this is happening, the kids surrounding the two are taunting Phillips and laughing and variously goofing off like high school guys do. The entire tableau is defined by the fact that Phillips, the Native American elder with a dark complexion, is surrounded by lily white teens probably half of whom are wearing MAGA caps. They’re all laughing, taunting and doing ‘tomahawk chops’ in response to Phillips. I’ve seen various people claiming in the light of the new videos that the kids might simply be milling around or laughing uncomfortably or even chanting in unison with Phillips’ drumming. That’s a stretch by any definition and the ‘tomahawk chop’ hand motions put any such claims to rest. It’s already a pretty riled up situation. But it’s crystal clear their reaction to Phillips is one of jeering and racial taunting…
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This Fucking Guy

I got nothing.