Late Night Fustercluck Open Thread: Billy Bush Goes to Canossa

… and he didn’t even have to kneel in the snow for three days. Color me not impressed!

In fact, Billy’s relationship to the Bush Crime Family is the only real point of interest, as far as I can tell. For all the vast social ineptness of various politically-oriented Bushes, they have demonstrated a keen sense of what the zeitgeist requires, whether that involves banking gold for the Nazi Party or volunteering to shoot down Japanese warplanes. If Billy thinks it’s time to make a public show of renoucing Donny and all his works, it’s a strong indicator that the Permanent Republican Party (such as it is, in these fallen days) still thinks it can shake off the Trump/”populist” (racist) stink with the aid of a few well-placed sacrifices. Since the Bushes have been intimately involved with the CIA since it was the OSS, one can but assume they have some knowledge of what’s been going on behind the Putin curtain…

STFU Susan

I honestly don’t know what got my blood pressure running higher, the aforementioned Nazi profile or this Susan Sarandon interview:

Still, I think while there was vast political error on both sides, the inability of Sarandon and her ilk to embrace the lesser of two evils permitted the greater of the two evils to rise. And yet I like Sarandon. It takes real courage to go against the mob. Her inconsistencies are a little wild, but in the age of social-media enforced conformity, I have never met anyone so uninterested in toeing the line.

Did she really say that Hillary was more dangerous than Trump?

“Not exactly, but I don’t mind that quote,” she says. “I did think she was very, very dangerous. We would still be fracking, we would be at war [if she was president]. It wouldn’t be much smoother. Look what happened under Obama that we didn’t notice.”

It’s been a year since the Trump election, and even having seen the daily parade of horrors brought on us by the malignant orange narcissist in the WH, this fucking dolt still is proud to think Clinton would have been worse.

After some thought- Nazis are gonna Nazi. This idiot pisses me off more.

Late Night {Face*Palm} Open Thread: Horseshoes, Clown Shoes

Why do we make the mistake of chewing on each others’ ankles, when there are “professionals” like Stoller to do that for us?

The horseshoe theory of politics states that theorists out towards the far end of opposing ideas eventually start to bend towards each other — thus, far-right authoritarians and far-left “purists” may have more in common with each other than with those of us closer to the center of the bell curve. And you didn’t even know that horses could wear clown shoes!

As for Atrios — whose post set Young Stoller off — IIRC, he’s an economist, and therefore disappointed in President Obama’s solutions to the Great Recession. I also think he’s wrong about how “history” will view Obama’s tenure. While he may have been unduly respectful of both the Republican opposition and his “centrist” so-called allies, I still think President Obama is going to end up in the Top Ten Presidents list if only for what his enemies chose to label Obamacare… among other things.

You’re Not Helping Brosef

Sitting Ohio state Supreme Court Justice and soon to be former Democratic candidate for Governor Bill O’Neill:

So basically a Supreme Court Justice doesn’t know the difference between consensual sex and sexual assault/harrassment/rape. Awesome.

Heterosexuality needs no defense. It’s quite popular. But as I have said elsewhere, no one is trying to stop you from being heterosexual or a “man” or even a disgusting general pig. If you’re girlfriend or wife wants you to simulate feeling her up while wearing body armor and pretending to be asleep, go fucking crazy. We’re just trying to stop you from inflicting it on uninterested and unwilling others.

No Cure for Stupid

Well, this is only mildly depressing:

When Mike Sylvester entered a career training center earlier this year in southwestern Pennsylvania, he found more than one hundred federally funded courses covering everything from computer programming to nursing.

He settled instead on something familiar: a coal mining course.

“I think there is a coal comeback,” said the 33-year-old son of a miner.

Despite broad consensus about coal’s bleak future, a years-long effort to diversify the economy of this hard-hit region away from mining is stumbling, with Obama-era jobs retraining classes undersubscribed and future programs at risk under President Donald Trump’s proposed 2018 budget.

Trump has promised to revive coal by rolling back environmental regulations and moved to repeal Obama-era curbs on carbon emissions from power plants.

“I have a lot of faith in President Trump,” Sylvester said.


What many experts call false hopes for a coal resurgence have mired economic development efforts here in a catch-22: Coal miners are resisting retraining without ready jobs from new industries, but new companies are unlikely to move here without a trained workforce. The stalled diversification push leaves some of the nation’s poorest areas with no clear path to prosperity.

Federal retraining programs have fared better, with some approaching full participation, in the parts of Appalachia where mining has been crushed in a way that leaves little hope for a comeback, according to county officials and recruiters. They include West Virginia and Kentucky, where coal resources have been depleted.

But in southern Pennsylvania, where the industry still has ample reserves and is showing flickers of life, federal jobs retraining programs see sign-up rates below 20 percent, the officials and recruiters said. In southern Virginia’s coal country, participation rates run about 50 percent, they said.

“Part of our problem is we still have coal,” said Robbie Matesic, executive director of Greene County’s economic development department.

Even if you thought coal was going to maybe one day come back (it isn’t), why not take job retraining to keep your options open. If only there had been a candidate in 2016 who had a serious plan to address the coal issue in Appalachia.

Just Words

I get that Flake’s speech was something else, but they’re just words.

They voted to confirm all his nominees and the lunatic Gorsuch.

The only Republican exhibiting anything close to courage is Susan Colins, and she’s at 80%. So let’s not get all excited here.

Also, this:

They haven’t, fyi. Because with the GOP, it is always party before principle and party before country. Being a Republican means hating Democrats more than loving your country, always. So my apologies if I am not rushing to buy some kneepads to get in line at the Jeff Flake glory hole.

Late Night Open Thread: NRA Fairy Tales of Dark Monsters

Trump’s unearned “success” has made the NRA’s plumpest pigeons complacent. SAD!