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This appears to be real.


I’m speechless.

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Update. Check this out too — “EXTREME INEQUALITY: Learn about the burdens of the Ultra-Rich” (one of the recommended links for people interested in this book).

It’s over, people. We had a lot of good years. I hope my wireless reaches to the make-shift bomb shelter I built this evening.

Irreparable damage

I understand the criticisms of Holder’s decision to consider prosecutions of CIA torturers. It seems to me that the fault lies not with low-level operatives but with administration higher-ups. But this from Broder (you can get his column early with the search function) is simply astounding, even for him:

In times like these, the understandable desire to enforce individual accountability must be weighed against the consequences. This country is facing so many huge challenges at home and abroad that the president cannot afford to be drawn into what would undoubtedly be a major, bitter partisan battle over prosecution of Bush-era officials. The cost to the country would simply be too great.

When President Ford pardoned Nixon in 1974, I wrote one of the few columns endorsing his decision, which was made on the basis that it was more important for America to focus on the task of changing the way it would be governed and addressing the current problems. It took a full generation for the decision to be recognized by the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation and others as the act of courage that it had been.

I hope we can avoid another such lapse. The wheels are turning, but they can still be halted before irreparable damage is done.

This is from a columnist who was a vocal supporter of impeaching Bill Clinton! It’s simply astounding to me that the Village thought it was urgent to drop everything and impeach Bill Clinton for a blowjob, consequences be damned, are so concerned about what would happen if we prosecuted people for the violation of basic human rights.

I’m sorry to keep repeating myself about this, but it blows me away every time I consider it.