It’s Going To Get Worse

Donald Trump and his toadies feel that the Mueller report, or the way they can spin the Mueller report, now allows them to go into full autocracy mode.

They have distributed a blacklist to the media.

Sarah Sanders is mocking, with government funds and megaphone, individuals she disagrees with.

The Department of Justice refuses to defend the ACA.

The Acting Secretary of Defense is offering up some of the Department’s funding to pay for Trump’s wall.


All of this is enraging. That is part of the point. We have to stay calm and act. Talk to like-minded friends to support each other and develop ways to deal with this and your mental health.

The House will continue its investigations. I think the administration is going to wildly overreach. Mock and laugh at them wherever you can. Call your members of Congress as appropriate to offer support or to vent.

Because You Were Not Stressed Out Enough

Life needs to stop fucking with us:

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had two cancerous nodules removed from her left lung Friday at a New York hospital, the Supreme Court announced.

There is no evidence of any remaining disease, says a court spokesperson, nor is there evidence of disease elsewhere in the body.

The 85-year-old justice was hospitalized last month after a fall in her office, in which she fractured three ribs.

Get well, RBG.

I Had to Leave the House Today. It Went Poorly.

I need to work on my people skills.

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He’s Just Trolling Me Now

He’s on a god damned mission to make me mental:

Fucking hell.


I grew up in Bergen County and I must differ with Lucinda Rosenfeld’s attribution of Jared Kushner’s entitlement to his growing up there. I was there somewhat earlier than she was, though.

The neighborhood I grew up in was ethnically mixed, although yes, white. Czech, German, Irish, longer-time American, and, overlaid, Jewish and Christian. We were Democrats and Republicans. We were too working-class to aspire to the heights of New York society. We kids would have disdained that anyway. We had the local playground, the railroad tracks that our parents wished we wouldn’t frequent, and buses to get to the next town. Who needed more? We had good schools that continue to be good.  The diversity mix has changed, but diversity there is.

It particularly pains me when I read that Kushner attended a private school in Paramus. Paramus was, for me, a magical place. Read more