Late Night Open Thread: (Slightly NSFW) Like & Share

‘Repubs in Disarray’ Open Thread: Happy Birthday, Lord Vladimir

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Urkranium-1 Open Thread: The ‘Unified Morons Theory’

(Matt Davies via

There is a growing body of empirical support for Marcotte’s theory:

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Saturday Morning Open Thread: Slowly At First, And Then Suddenly

Moral bankruptcy:

Even if this weren’t bullshite, how would Trump know about it? Look at the body language: This is the sorry little sidekick attempting to swagger with the big dogs on the playground at recess. But with global consequences…

Penny-ante autocracy-wannabes…

Whistleblower Inquiry Open Thread: How Fast Can Bill Barr Tap Dance?

Not quite fast enough this time, I’m hoping! He was invaluable when it came to covering up Iran-Contra, and he did yeoman service during the Great Clenis Hunt, but he was younger then. And “we” were more naive about just how irretrievably corrupt the GOP had become…

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