Congrats, UK, You Morons


I often think about how in 2016, when almost anyone who mattered was dying (Prince, Bowie, Carrie Fisher, Alan Rickman, I kept thinking “Man this is the worst year ever.”

Cold Grey Pre-Dawn Open Thread: Abasing Himself Before the Preachers

It’s not exactly Henry II abasing himself before the bishops, but showing up for the hardcore Talibangelicals’ big “Day of Prayer” sans spray-tan and combover would seem to indicate that Lord Smallgloves, or his advisors, will indeed be leaning heavily into his ‘religious’ base during the upcoming election. (As a different Henry is supposed to have said, Paris is worth a mass.) Typical of the man’s slipshod ways that he couldn’t be persuaded to take the effort of changing out of golf togs. At least take off the cleats!

Roger Stone says Trump’s never looked better!

And you could have a change of heart

Who is your favorite Trump Chief of Staff candidate? Some people like Newt, but I’m all about Rick Santorum. Not only is he crazy, he’s also very, very stupid. I know he said “no” once but I’m still holding out hope.

Disappointed no one has mentioned Scott Baio.

New York City Meetup for 29 July

NotMax sent me the following:

Following up about a potential NYC area meet-up.

Commenter satby, who will be in town, suggested July 29th. Sunday
works for me (don’t have to go to work on Monday) but maybe not for
others? If a Sunday, maybe set an afternoon start time? Say, 4-ish or

As for locale, wide open to suggestions. As people expressed a
definite preference for a place close to mass transit, will mention
one possibility.

Tír na Nóg, at 31st and 8th, practically spitting distance to Penn Station.

Their site:

Yours in jackalry,


You all in the metro NY City area know what to do in the comments.

Open thread!

There’s another Georgie deep inside

What’s up with Kellyanne’s husband turning on Trump?

George Conway, a high-profile attorney and the husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, on Thursday appeared to once again question claims made by President Donald Trump’s legal team.