Cold Grey Pre-Dawn Open Thread: The NYTimes Is Very Concerned About Seth Moulton’s Presidential Chances

… or perhaps they are just worried that, without a sufficient number of nearly identical white men on the debate stage, mere Democrats might be enticed to make a wrong choice of candidates? As they did (according to the NYTimes) in 2016?

If Seth Moulton has more brains than ambition — and I’m told he’s a very bright man! — he’ll dedicate the months after September 2019 to winning back the support of his current constituents. As will Bill deBlasio, Tim Ryan…

Cold Grey Pre-Dawn Open Thread: Getting the Mule’s Attention

It would greatly simplify the Media Village Idiots’ job if we could all pretend that the Oval Office Occupant actually got more votes than Hillary Clinton. But it would not be true.

Among the many delights of the day when a woman (Harris? Warren? Klobuchar? Gillibrand?) faces a (no doubt fuming) John Roberts on Inaugural Day… will be watching people like Chuck Todd and Jonathan Karl earnestly inquire of each other how ‘The American voter could possibly have made such a counterintuitive choice!’…


I haven’t been posting because I’m in the heartland, taking care of my elderly parents. And, as we all know from the Times, we don’t do anything here except vote for a bigot for President every four years.

Today I was fetching the newspaper (yes, on real paper, old people still read it that way), and the front page story was from a local journalist who apparently writes a weekly column about his experiences. This one explained that he doesn’t join local organizations so he can retain his “objectivity”.

Perhaps we can quibble with this use of the term, but I’d say that he used “objectivity” in a sentence much better than the average DC journalist. “Objectivity” isn’t some kind of balancing act where saying the same amount of the same kinds of words about either side of an issue magically balances a heavenly scale that keeps track of some abstract and useless notion of fairness. Instead, a big part of good journalism (“objective” or otherwise) is not becoming involved with your sources.

The journalist in the local paper understand that it’s a problem if your covering the White House and Cindy McCain praises you as a journalist but above all, a friend. Kelly O’Donnell apparently doesn’t understand something that’s obvious to a heartland goober.

Make friends with your neighbors, keep in touch with old school mates, but don’t buddy up with the people you cover. Why is that so god damned hard?

Late Night Creepshow Open Thread: Nobody “Needs” Mark Halperin

… except for a handful of his fellow Media Village Idiots, and the Pale Male Oligarchs who enjoy his very special attentions.

But they have money! So — bygones?



So here’s a center-left white dude of somewhat more consequence that Seth Moulton about to render the latter’s candidacy yet more risible:

Former Vice President Joe Biden will join the crowded Democratic primary field with an online video announcement on Thursday, followed by an event with union workers in Pittsburgh on Monday, NBC News reported Tuesday.

I think Joe’s making a big mistake here.

He’s the Muskie of this year’s cycle (I’m an old) — the instant front runner whose candidacy will not survive much contact with the primary process.

The dynamics are fascinating, if likely depressing. Does the media now treat the D race as Biden v. Sanders? Some will…though I think that the narrative frame that so many in the elite political press have labored so long and hard to preserve is beginning to fracture.  In my hopeful moments, I see this as a cage match between those two that allows the best of the others to rise.

I should add — there’s lots I like about Joe, and lots I don’t, and while I’d be fine with him as president in place of the incumbent, we can do better.

Right now, for me, that’s Warren, though Harris is impressive as hell too.  I’m interested in Castro, and really will walk over broken glass for any of them (barring Gabbard) come the day.

But Joe, Joe, Joe…you had a chance to be a queenmaker.  You’ve given it up for a third, likely doomed bite at the apple yourself.  Alas.

Image: El Greco, St. Peter in Tears, by 1596