Election 2020 Open Thread: Redshirt Demands Dramatic Death Scene

Never say never, in this debased world, but I personally estimate Steve Bullock’s chances of becoming our next President as roughly equal to my own — and I ain’t running. Histrionic proclamations from his devoted staff won’t improving his chances, IMO. But his public tantrum gives ‘conservative’ media guys another chance to bring out their favorite Dems in disarray! talking points…

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez is largely unmoved by these complaints.

In an interview with CNN Thursday here in Atlanta, Perez subtly knocked the candidates who have yet to meet the grassroots fundraising threshold and are publicly complaining.
“I think everybody has to be proficient,” he said when asked about complaints about the threshold. “If you want to be President of the United States, you have to develop a proficiency at grassroots fundraising.”

The three candidates at risk of missing the debates are Miramar, Florida, Mayor Wayne Messam, whose campaign has struggled to get any traction; Rep. Seth Moulton, who announced his campaign in late April and has yet to qualify on either threshold, and Montana Gov. Steve Bullock, who has currently not qualified for the debates by either committee standard and whose team is the angriest about the possible snub.

Bullock got into the race in mid-May, relatively late compared to other 2020 contenders. The governor has told CNN that he launched late because, as the governor of Montana, he had to oversee his state’s legislative session, which happens every two years. Bullock did that and the body passed Medicaid expansion. His advisers now believe that the DNC rules are punishing a candidate who stayed at work instead of running for President….

You did your job, Gov. Bullock. Waddya want, a cookie? Would neglecting your current responsibilities have made you a better contender for such a sought-after promotion?

And here I didn’t think it was possible for me to wholeheartedly approve of anything Tom Perez says.

Sidebar — I’m beginning to wonder whether Seth Moulton is hoping to be recruited by his natural allies in the anyone-but-Trump ‘sensible Republican’ demographic:

The one candidate who is not antagonistic of the DNC despite finding himself on the verge of missing the first debate is [Seth] Moulton, who has publicly admitted he is likely to miss the event.

“No, I’m not going to make the first debate, but I knew that getting in so late,” the congressman told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt in an interview this week. “But I think that’s OK, that there’s, this first debate’s going to have 20 people. Folks are barely going to get a chance to speak. This is a long campaign. And it’s not going to be decided by the Democratic National Committee in their debates. It’s going to get decided by the American people. And that’s where the response to my campaign has been so positive so far.”…

Another Mueller/Barr Report Open Thread: Quick Cuts

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A Question For The (Military) Hive Mind

This is something I’ve been wondering about too.

Obviously, I can’t speak for Jon, but this may have been partly evoked by this:

Policy matters

From yesterday:

I am experiencing the frustration of an academic as I have three relevant papers that I can’t say much about right now.

Paper #1 looks at the enrollment changes in the last ten days of the 2017 Open Enrollment compared to the same time period in 2016. The last ten days were the first ten days of the Trump Administration. Policy and messaging matter and we’ll talk a lot more about that when the paper is published this summer.

Paper #2 examines the impact of advertising on enrollment. Unshockingly, it matters a lot. This paper is part of an invited submission for 2020.

Paper #3 we just submitted for the first time last week. Pricing matters and odd pricing situations matter a lot. In this case, the Trump administration’s policy implementation helps enrollment out.

There has been significant barriers to access for Medicaid. There have been significant barriers erected to the exchanges. Policy matters. A policy choice to actively and positively use the current framework to decrease the uninsurance rate has a reasonable chance of achieving that goal. It did over the last six years of the Obama Administration. A policy choice of either benign indifference or active obstruction of the goal of decreasing the uninsurance rate will, unshockingly, not achieve that goal.

A Beginner’s Guide To Twitter

Howard Schultz, the former CEO of Starbuck’s and another rich white guy who thinks that is enough to be president, joined Twitter today. He has three tweets so far.

Look at those ratios! I am much less worried about his candidacy than I was this morning.

Open thread!