{Facepalm} Open Thread: A Little, Little Man in A Very Big Job

I think the real “news” here is that the Wingnut Welfare Wurlitzer is apparently trying to make Paul Ryan the new Nancy Pelosi — an all-purpose excuse for their collective failures:

(… because there were only so many futile attempts to subpoena the clouds in Jerome Corsi’s head that even Paul Ryan was willing to undertake… )

Yeah, that’s the problem: America hasn’t slid anywhere near down the economic greasy pole as Russia… and even in his younger fitter days, Donald was nowhere near as physically intimidating as Vladimir:

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Manafort in for 7.5 years

Open thread

Excellent (Mind-Boggling) Read: Turning Points USA Takes Its Grift Across the Pond

You could make this stuff up, but no self-respecting editor would accept it. Big props to Buzzfeed for alerting the rest of us to Charlie “Diaper Boy” Kirk’s latest brand expansion — “Days After Its Disastrous British Launch, Turning Point Has Already Lost One Of Its Star Recruits”:

They were here to start a culture war, and Charlie Kirk was looking forward to the backlash.

“There will be retaliation, there will be protest,” the 25-year-old founder of Turning Point USA, a right-wing student organisation with close links to Donald Trump, said in London recently as he described plans for an assault on British university campuses. “You will see that it takes individuals to go straight into the fire to start a movement.”

But already some of the Tory activists Kirk recruited to launch Turning Point in the UK are having second thoughts about its war on “cultural marxism”, according to several people familiar with their internal discussions. Within days of the launch, one of the “influencers” tapped to front the campaign has distanced himself from the group, BuzzFeed News has learned.

“There was a sense of people realising, ‘Who are these cranks?’,” one source said.

Kirk, with his business partner, Candace Owens, is a rising star on the American conservative scene — a smooth-talking, telegenic salesman pitching Trump’s “Make America Great Again” agenda to a young audience. Now he has radical ambitions to import its confrontational brand of activism to the UK.
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Late Night Freaking-Out Show Open Thread: Rep. ‘Pigmuck’ King Will Not Stop Embarrassing His GOP Clan

Eighteen years and counting in office as an out & proud ‘white nationalist’, and suddenly it’s a big media scandal that Steve King is a bigot.

It’d be one thing if the miserable bastid would just shut up and lie low until the Media Village Idiots got distracted by some other shiny object, but noooo, Steve’s all It’s too late for me to get an honest job, I gotta polish up my Faux News portfolio before the national shitstorm breaks!

Why, yes, I *am* gonna take what delight I can in watching these bottom feeders squirm…

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NC-09 Update

People will be going to jail for this:

Reminder, as Flynn will testify, the first enthusiastic and accurate flipper can get a damn good deal.

Open thread.