Russia, If You’re Listening Open Thread

George Stephanopoulos scored an interview with the Orange Plague, and ABC is teasing it.

Ask Turab Lookman about that.

Lookman has been indicted for lying about his contacts with China and accepting research grants from China. He has pleaded not guilty and could go to prison if he is found guilty.

If, um, Norway (Trump really likes those Nordic folks) offered Adam Silverman some sweet deal having to do with his military interactions and it wasn’t vetted by the proper governmental folks, Adam would be in bigtime trouble too. (Norway is a member of NATO, so it’s entirely possible for Adam to cooperate with some of their programs.) But, of course, it’s not Norway that invited the Trump folks to all those get-togethers.

So yeah, it’s an invitation, just as surely as that campaign speech in which Trump asked Russia to get him Hillary’s emails.


Late Night Open Thread: Mmm, Grilled Cheese…

We all have our late-night fantasies of a different life…

“Get your wallet out, but don’t get your hopes up.”

2020 Election Open Thread: Never Forget

Open Thread: Save the Iowans – Kill the Caucuses!

There are supposed to be no fewer than 19 presidential candidates at the Cedar Rapids Democratic Hall of Fame Dinner this weekend, so there are liable to be some embarrassing anecdotes that don’t involve Steve King…

Campaigns are costly affairs, both financially and emotionally, and Iowans pay the price for this without receiving the benefits. Presidential campaigns cause burnout among volunteers and voters alike, and they fail to make any lasting contributions to our state while they’re here.

Being able to get a selfie with whichever presidential candidate is in town doesn’t outweigh this cost.

In the 2018 midterm elections, I spent a majority of my time volunteering for Abby Finkenauer’s congressional campaign. Her campaign was exciting — a 29 year-old progressive woman against an incumbent Tea Party Republican. I couldn’t have felt more energized.

Not everyone felt the same.

When I would call or knock on the doors of other Democrats to ask them to volunteer on the campaign, I was frequently told that they were still too exhausted from the 2016 caucuses to get back into politics.

MacKenzie Bills, a lifelong Iowa Democrat currently working for the State Department, explained that the situation is basically unavoidable.

“While there’s a great diversity of political ideologies in Iowa, there’s just not a lot of people here,” she said. “Campaigns today are very metrics driven. In order to get the numbers that they want in our small state, you have to try to get as much out of each person as possible.”
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Friday Morning Open Thread: No Sooner Than Time

Happy Pride Month! Per the Washington Post, “‘Wrong, plain and simple’: 50 years after the Stonewall raid, New York City’s police commissioner apologizes”:

A half-century after the New York Police Department raided the Stonewall Inn — prompting a riot credited with sparking the modern gay rights movement — New York City Police Commissioner James O’Neill apologized…

O’Neill was speaking at a safety briefing for Pride Month events. After his apology, there was extended applause.

In the early morning hours of June 28, 1969, plainclothes police raided the Stonewall Inn, a Greenwich Village bar frequented mostly by gay men, with some lesbians and transgender people, as well.

For the patrons, raids and police harassment were nothing new. But this time, they decided to fight back. A crowd of hundreds soon gathered outside the bar and threw coins, rocks and garbage, briefly trapping the officers inside the Stonewall.

Reinforcements were called in to break up the crowd; in all, 13 people were arrested that first night. Unrest around the Stonewall continued for days…

Joe Biden no longer supports the Hyde Amendment:

There will be any amount of discussion about Biden’s choices / timing, but it’s objectively good news that he’s no longer defending a bad law that hurt mostly poor and otherwise victimized women. Especially since it removes one last prop from the ‘electability’ argument — If normal guy Joe Biden supports it, we can’t reject it!

Circular firing squad at the NRA:

Kudos (again) to ProPublica:

Still to be done: Someone needs to slap Chris ‘Mad Bitcher’ Cillizza with a dead fish, repeatedly. His entire article — TBH, his entire career — is an eczema on the body politic…