Wednesday Morning Open Thread

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From a Watergate prosecutor:

Living Well: The Best Revenge…

Open Thread: Bill Barr Is *Not* having A Good Week

Impeachment Inquiry Clown Car Open Thread: What Is Preznit ‘Reality Star’ Seeing on His TeeVee?…

If he can remember as far back as his ‘glory’ days, I’m guessing he’s seeing a bunch of flailing idiots performing so badly that no amount of post-production editing will be able to frame them as mighty gladiators…

Kevin McCarthy is not very bright, and it shows.

Used to be, the sheer what-next novelty of the Trump Oval Office Variety Show was good for drawing viewers. Now, there’s more market share in pigbladdering the minions. And what minions they are, folks!
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Sunday Evening Sunday Evening Open Thread: Status High, Approaching Severe

(Looks like an overdressed outhouse, doesn’t it? Appropriate!)

Open Thread: Oh, *Now* It’s A Problem…

Professional experience listening to brain-sodden jock-sniffers bellow on AM radio seems to have given Dave Roth a strange key to the Oval Office Occupant:

Trump cannot ever keep his story straight because he never fully knew what it was in the first place. He knows it is about him, and the things that keep happening to him, but beyond that he never knows, and will never know; he is conspiring and scheming constantly, but so ineffectually and in such a state of flummoxed confusion and utterly abject ignorance that the endgame is never anything but unclear. Trump is always trying to get over, to win and keep winning, but also he doesn’t know what the rules are, or what the game even is, and also someone—it’s not important who, it would be unfair to point fingers—has eaten the racecar, the thimble, all of the little plastic hotels, and a third of the cards in Community Chest. It can be difficult to prove that any of Trump’s many howlingly overt acts of malfeasance are intentional because everything he does—from the first grasping moments to his last seething ones, all through his endless expanses of executive time—feels like and fundamentally is an accident.

When the White House released a redacted summary of a phone call that Trump had with Ukraine’s newly elected prime minister—this, oddly, was part of a confusing attempt to short-circuit a scandal that began with the White House’s attempt to bury a whistleblower’s complaint about Trump’s attempt to cultivate foreign parties’ help in his 2020 campaign—the world got to see the master in action…

Trump’s ignorance isn’t a defense, but it is again a decent explanation. Because he is constitutionally incapable of being less ignorant—because his mind is gone and because he won’t read or listen and can’t effectively digest even the smoothest juche gruel that his television gives him—he winds up thinking things that literally no one else thinks. And because Trump is constitutionally incapable of changing his mind, on any topic, he gets stuck on stuff like this and then repeats it and repeats it and repeats it; the job of the cable channel he likes is to tell him he’s right, so quite literally hears this stuff more and more. He doesn’t express himself well enough to convince anyone else of whatever it is that he believes—it’s seldom clear what he’s even trying to argue beyond that everyone is being mean to him for no reason and actually someone else did what he did—but he’s already convinced himself of it, which means that he will never be unconvinced.
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