Speaker Pelosi Clarifies that the President Will Not Deliver the State of the Union Unless the Government Reopens

(Screen shot of Speaker Pelosi’s letter to the President regarding the State of the Union)

To follow on BettyC’s post from earlier today, the only way the President, or anyone else for that matter, makes a joint address to Congress is if both chambers pass a joint concurrent resolution inviting that person to do so. Speaker Pelosi has now made it abundantly clear that until the partial shutdown is ended and the parts of the government that are now closed are reopened, there will not be a joint concurrent resolution brought up, let alone passed, in the House of Representatives inviting the President to deliver the State of the Union address. The President needs to come to terms with a simple reality: he is not in control over this matter. Speaker Pelosi is both smarter than he is and a strategic thinker, which he isn’t. He has no power over her. And he has no power over the House of Representatives, provided it is is not being led by a figurative invertebrate, like Paul Ryan, who is afraid of mean presidential tweets, Gym Jordan, Mark Meadows, and the base of the Republican Party. While Senator McConnell may be willing to finish his project of transforming the Senate into a parliament subservient to the President as head of government provided the president is a Republican, Speaker Pelosi is not willing to do that with the House of Representatives. She is also not going to play the President’s games. She said no, she means no, and she has the ability, unlike the President’s other female targets and victims over the years, to actually enforce that no.

Expect more and more presidential petulance punctuated by a temper tantrum or several as the shutdown drags on and that mean lady Speaker Pelosi continues to tell the President that he can’t have his ice cream (the State of the Union address) until he eats his vegetables (does his actual job and agrees to reopen the closed parts of the government) before this faux crisis created by Paul Ryan’s weakness and the President’s petulance actually leads to a real one.

Open thread!

Live Feed: Opening of the 116th Congress

For those not near a TV who want to see Nancy Pelosi retake the gavel as the Speaker of the House, here’s the live feed:

Open Thread: Elizabeth Warren Is Not Here for the DC Press Corpse’s Weak Sauce

Got an email from my senior & favorite Senator this morning:

When Elizabeth first decided to run for the Senate in 2012, she ran against a Republican senator who had a 65% approval rating, $10 million in the bank, and a cool pick-up truck…in a state that had never in its history elected a woman senator or governor.

So we’re used to the tired, beard-stroking opinion pieces masquerading as smart political analysis.

We’re used to being compared to any woman who’s ever lost an election, and we’re used to the anonymous, angsty quotes from “concerned” insiders, and the she-can-never-win garbage churned out by the Republican propaganda machine and recycled by the media.

And you know what? We’re also used to proving them all wrong. Because here’s the truth: we outraised, outworked, and beat – by eight points – that Republican senator nobody said we could defeat…

If you get frustrated when commentators spend more time covering Elizabeth or any woman’s “likability” than her plans for huge, systemic change to make this country work for all of us, do something productive about it:

Chip in $5 right now to becoming a founding member of our Elizabeth Warren 🧐 Fund. (We’re calling it the “You Know it When You See It” Fund because, well, you know why.)…

Open Thread: Elizabeth Warren for President(ial Candidate)!

I’m selfish enough that I’d love to keep Warren as my own personal Senator, yet I’d be perfectly happy to see her in the Oval Office (and not just because we’d all be happy to see any Democrat in the Oval Office, considering the current squatter). But it’s not a small thing that every minute the Cosplay Socialists and their MAGAt playmates and the Media Horse-Race Touts spend attacking Warren — Pocahontas! Schoolmarm! Fumbling! SKREEEE! — is a minute they’re not targeting Kamala Harris / Kristen Gillibrand / Amy Klobuchar / Beto O’Rourke / AnyOtherDemocraticCandidate. I wasn’t 100% convinced about her potential candidacy until I attended one of her (many) town halls last fall; she’s damned impressive in person, and I suspect a lot of the Savvy Cultists are gonna be unpleasantly surprised at how many primary voters aren’t impressed by their ‘wisdom’ regarding her.

What I see as her greatest liability, right at this moment (apart from interference by foreign nationals, of course) is that Warren seems like she could lose the nomination and happily go back to her objectively pleasant life with no regrets. There’s a bias, among the media and it *seems* among the most committed primary/caucus voters, to assume that any candidate who won’t wake up suicidal the morning after their loss is a candidate who ‘just doesn’t care enough’. Which is, IMO, no doubt a good way to pick this year’s winners for The Voice or Dancing with the Stars, but a very bad way to pick one’s leaders…

New Year’s Role Model Open Thread: Dance Like You’re Sitting in the President’s Seat