Watch NANCY SMASH! And Chuck Schumer OWN Donald Trump

This will warm the cockles of your heart. Start at about 6 minutes to avoid Trump’s bloviating.

It looks like Pelosi and Schumer did some serious preparation for this meeting. They handled it brilliantly and walked Trump right into owning any government shutdown that may occur.

Also note Pence, who looks like he would like to sink into the ground.

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(hat tip Mr. Pierce)

Meanwhile, across the aisle…

For the sake of my extremely modest 401(k), I take comfort in WaPo economist Jared Bernstein’s advice:

So: tune out the market volatility, keep on eye not just on recession probabilities but on slowing growth, watch oil and its impact on real wages (+) and investment (-), and for Keynes’s sake, don’t listen to Trump!

Nevertheless She Persisted: The Cuteness, It Burns!!!! Edition

This is absolutely adorable!

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