Monday Morning Open Thread: I Am HERE for This Particular Reboot…

Justice Ginsburg was the honoree at a Columbia University event yesterday, being interviewed by CNN’s Poppy Harlow, and she was (as always) awesome:

Harlow and Ginsburg held a wide-ranging discussion that also touched on sexism during the 2016 presidential campaign, attacks on the judiciary, the First Amendment, the Equal Rights Amendment and even blindspots on the current court.

Asked directly whether sexism played a role in the last campaign, Ginsburg said, “I think it was difficult for Hillary Clinton to get by, in the macho atmosphere prevailing during that campaign … And she was criticized in a way I think no man would have been criticized,” she said.

“Sexism played a prominent part,” Ginsburg said but stressed that she thought America was ready for a woman president and “will be the next time.”…

The Hill has the video of the whole hour-and-a-half conversation; Ginsburg shows up around minute 12.

And it reminded me — I hadn’t yet found a space to post the report from her previous speech, as reported by the Washington Post

The tote bag Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg carried on stage Thursday night had the words “I dissent” on the outside. Inside, there was a diary entry by German Holocaust victim Anne Frank pondering why women are thought inferior to men. The tiny 84-year-old jurist said America still needs to make equality explicit.

“The genius of our Constitution is that this concept of ‘We the people’ has become ever more embracive,” she told a reverential crowd of 1,400 that greeted and sent off Ginsburg with standing ovations. “Think about what it was in the beginning. … I’d like to see in the Constitution a statement that men and women are people of equal citizenship stature. I’d like to see an equal rights amendment in our Constitution.”…

… Ginsburg gets a personal kind of love from Jewish crowds, which was largely the case [Feb 1], when she filled the huge sanctuary of Adas Israel, a synagogue of the Conservative movement in Northwest D.C.

Introduced Thursday by a female rabbi who painted Ginsburg as a hero of the marginalized in a “dark moment” — ostensibly a Trump moment — the justice also was the subject of a prayer published this week by the feminist Jewish blog Lilith. “A Prayer for RBG’s Long Life” was read on stage:

“You have helped us remain clear — not just on the foundational principles of a nation, but on our Jewish mandate: to welcome the stranger and never to stand idly by. The Hebrew words on your office wall in calligraphy read, ‘Tzedek Tzedek, tirdof: Justice, Justice shalt thou pursue.’ You have. And we’ll keep trying.”…

Just three more states would be needed for full ratification. I know some people argue it’s a distraction, but women have been trying to get this Constitutional validation since 1923. If some people can demand a giant military parade to mark the centenary of the end of WWI, why can’t we demand that women get our own centennial celebration?

Open Thread: If It Weren’t for Their Mommy Issues, These Hipsters Would Have No Issues At All

So the grown-ups at Vanity Fair decided, during this (usually) slow-news week, to let their Bright Young Things make a clickbait twitter video about how much they despise that Hillary Clinton woman. If you haven’t already tripped over it, you can click on the link above. I try to remind myself I said some very dumb shit when I was that young… but I was never that irresponsible.

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