Late Night Open Thread: Celebrate the Wins


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Russiagate Open Thread: Saturday Night Cold Dish


“But wait,” cries the Mad Bitcher, “Some of us love chum!”…

Further Russiagate Open Thread: A Caution from Kindly Uncle Ben…

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That being said…

Late Night Open Thread: What Might’ve Been…


I refuse to believe the mess the current Oval Office squatters are making is unrepairable, because Goddess knows we’ve survived worse — from Warren G. Harding to Andrew Johnson.

But if not for a relative handful of traitors in the Republican party, imagine what we could be doing right now…

Saturday Morning Open Thread: Ever Get the Feeling You’ve Been Cheated?

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…Yeah, not without good reason.


Apart from remembering we’re not alone, what’s on the agenda for the day / weekend?

Saturday Morning Open Thread: We Persist

… Because we must. From Politico:

Former presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, in California as part of her 16-city book tour, said Monday that Sens. Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren will need “a high pain threshold” if they run for president in 2020 because of the way female candidates are treated.

When asked what she would say if she were advising Harris (D-Calif.) or Warren (D-Mass.) on a run for president, Clinton said she would counsel that “you have to have a high pain threshold, because the double standard is alive and well … this is endemic to our political system, to business, to the media, to every part of society. So don’t be afraid to talk about it and take it on.”

“[J]ust be prepared … to have the most horrible things said about you,’’ Clinton advised. Based on descriptions on some websites, she explained, “I’m … the most amazing serial killer you ever met.”

“There’s a particular level of vitriol, from both the right and the left, directed at women,’’ she said. “Make no mistake about that.” …

“Everyone, regardless of political parties, should be disturbed that Russian agents used Facebook and Twitter and Google to place targeted attack ads … not only to hurt my chances, but to fan the flame of divisions within our society,’’ Clinton said. But Vladimir “Putin is not just interfering in our discourse because he’s bored … he’s got a strategy,’’ she told the audience, which greeted her with wild cheers and applause. “His goal is to undermine and perhaps even destroy Western democracy itself. Their weapons of choice may not be tanks or missiles. But let’s not mince words. This is a new kind of Cold War, and they are just getting started.”

She noted that new findings show that “Russians posed as gun rights advocates,’’ civil rights advocates and LGBT activists to stir up dissent on social media sites like Facebook — and that Facebook has acknowledged it sold $100,000 worth of ads that were “seen by at least 10 million people in crucial states” like Michigan and Wisconsin — two of the states that “decided the election by razor-thin margins.”

Clinton said Russia’s hacking activities during the 2016 election, which also involved “getting into voter rolls and looking for weaknesses,’’ may be a worse transgression than Watergate. “Watergate was a good old-fashioned physical burglary’’ between political adversaries, she said. But Russia is “a foreign adversary.”

Clinton said that while some critics, even in her own party, have suggested she get off the stage and retire into private life, she has no intention of muffling her voice on such issues. “I’m going to do everything I can, going forward, as an active citizen to speak out.” …


Apart from staying strong, what’s on the agenda for the day?

Speaking of persistence:

To celebrate 100 years of women’s suffrage in the state, the Museum of the City of New York’s new exhibit focuses on New York’s contributions to the women’s rights movement. The exhibition will chronicle the struggle leading up to women’s suffrage in 1917 and through the 2016 presidential campaign. Divided into four periods, it will feature Eleanor Roosevelt’s handwritten speech from 1932, a signed Shirley Chisholm campaign poster, and one of Clinton’s pantsuits among other photos, costumes, and ephemera. The exhibit also looks to the future with an interactive installation that will prompt visitors to voice their opinions on issues women face today. Beyond Suffrage: A Century of New York Women in Politics opens this week and is on display until July 22, 2018…

Maybe a little too on-the-nose, sometimes…

Saturday Morning Open Thread: There Will Be Another Woman to Break the Next Glass Ceiling

I kept it together until Miley started sniffling. Young women like her are why Hillary Rodham Clinton isn’t going away — even though she’ll probably never run for office again.

Fallon asked if Clinton would have felt differently about losing the election if her opponent had been someone other than Trump.

“I would have. Yeah, I’ve thought about that a lot,” she said. “If I had lost to another Republican — somebody who I disagreed with, but who I thought was temperamentally capable of being president, who would take the job, and the awesome responsibility seriously — of course I’d be disappointed, but I wouldn’t be so worried about my country and the world as I am now.”…

“You may not lose a presidential election, but you may lose somebody close to you. You may lose a job you want,” she continued. “There’s all kinds of challenges in life, and so I want not only individuals — and so many of them as they’re coming to my events are telling me that it has helped them — but I want our country to understand how resilient we are. We are such an extraordinary collection of people, and energy and all sorts of great potential. And I don’t want people to get depressed, and worn out, and tired because they see things they disagree with that are contrary to who we are. There is something for everybody to do.”…


Apart from keeping faith in the #Resistance, what’s on the agenda for the day?